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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say $150,000 of heroin never made it to the Port City’s streets. Investigators say this latest drug bust has made a huge dent in the local drug trade.

The 7,500 bags of heroin came in from out of state to be delivered to our city’s streets.

“Unfortunately the demand is there, so the drug dealers are going to bring the heroin in, so drug busts like this are a serious step in interdicting that drug trade,” Wilmington Police spokesman Cpl. Kevin Smith said.

Undercover detectives with the Wilmington Police Department’s Narcotics Enforcement Unit say heroin is here, and it’s a big problem.

“Over the past three years, I’d say we’ve seen a significant increase in heroin in Wilmington,” said one undercover officer, who asked not to be identified. “Actually, it’s gone above and beyond crack cocaine.”

But this shipment valued will not add to that increase.

Officers explained this investigation took about two months. It wrapped up Sunday night when they seized the heroin from a van at North Kerr Avenue and MLK Parkway.

Lynwood Nelson, Cathy Mishoe and Ernesto McClain all face various trafficking charges. Wednesday night, police also arrested Carnell White.

“This was one of the most significant drug busts we’ve made in a few years, and it represents quite a dent in the drug trafficking trade here in Wilmington,” Cpl. Smith said.

Nelson, Mishoe and McClain are in jail under a $250,000 bond. White is in jail under $500,000 bond.

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  • Brian

    Stop fighting heroin. The ones who use it will die off soon enough, leaving no further demand, and much less burden on our taxpayer funded social support network.

  • Guest CommonTater

    While I agree that the users will pay the ultimate price most likely, these losers will do whatever they can to get money for their habit. They will steal and destroy and even possibly kill in the act of a robbery to get money or items to sell in order to get their fix. These crimes are against the innocent, could even be you or your wife or children if this is your situation. At any rate it would be sombody’s! IMHO this is what the war on drugs is actually all about. I consider it way too short sighted to think it is simply economics to determine it’s need…..

  • Shocked Guest

    Please tell me that you are not going to compare Winston-Salem State football that plays at maxium of 6 games a year and is lucky to have 500-1000 fans a game to a minor league baseball stadium with over 70 games a year. WWAY’s poor reporting the last year and a half has been shocking but I believe this report may take the cake. If your station doesn’t have anything better to do than spend a couple hundred dollars worth of gas driving to Winston-Salem, donate that money to charity!

  • taxpayer

    with a heroin bust in Wilmington?

  • Guest CommonTater

    That is all….

  • Guest12345

    Not to attack you personally but it seems to me that what little knowledge you appear to have on the subject comes from media fear-mongering or just misinformation. You’re fed from such a young age false facts and opinions about drugs and addicts that you adopt them as your own without any first hand experience. I’m not saying there isn’t a dark side to addiction but the robbing and murdering you refer to, in my experience, is just not happening the way you portray it. The “war on drugs”, as more and more politicians are realizing, is a complete failure. Prohibition does not work. All it does is create more crime and a black market where violence and gangs are the reality. But the truth is that the average heroin users are white suburban kids selling their x-box games to game stop to get drug money. If you don’t agree with drug use, if you think its evil and wrong, that’s fine. You have the right to be offended by it, however you should not have the right to stop me from doing it simply because YOU don’t like it. I have been using heroin for years, I am a college graduate, have a career as an engineer, served my county in a war, and I am not the exception. I don’t blame you for you’re reasoning by the way, just do some research on the subject and form you’re own opinions instead of reciting what you think you’re supposed to say.

  • H_on_mah_block

    You can’t stop that huuuron from production and people using it. If you think that the harsh punishments will stop this so called ”problem” you’ve been lied to and you’re fooling yourself. All that prohibition causes is a black market, violence and trafficking. Take a look at sweden, they’re doing a heroin matainenance program where they look after addicts, and the provide them with Rx grade dope and nurses on-site to administer. The reduction in crime, violent crime, trafficking, black market sales and everythying else related to heroin crime has been reduced to almost NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Dont you see!!!!! FOlks need pain medication, not some self-righteous jackass to tell you what you can and cant put into your body. Now, outlawing tobacco would do the entire public a greater good. Trust me.

  • Httr-74

    …should never of eaten the fruit!


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