FIRST ON 3: 17-year-old dead after falling from truck on Cape Fear Memorial Bridge

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Submitted: Sat, 03/31/2012 - 3:59am
Updated: Mon, 04/02/2012 - 1:20am

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A teenager is dead after falling out of a truck bed on the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge Friday night.

Wilmington Police say the 17-year-old victim had been riding in the back of a pickup truck driven by his foster father, Jerry James Highsmith, 62, from Willard. Investigators say the victim had been attempting to secure a box spring and mattress in the bed of the pickup truck by laying on them.

When the truck reached the top of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge just before 8:15 p.m. Friday, Highsmith said a gust of wind lifted both the mattress and box springs, with the victim, out of the bed of the pickup truck and onto the bridge span. The boy suffered fatal head trauma, but was not hit by any other vehicles.

Witnesses told investigators the truck was going well below the speed limit

Wilmington Police Department traffic investigators, after consulting with the New Hanover County District Attorney’s office, will not pursue any criminal charges, once the crash report is complete.


  • Guest-Elizabeth says:

    Could everyone stop debating laws and complaining about the WPD and start praying for the friends and family of this young person who was tragically taken! I myself don’t understand how it could happen but it did and the family needs support right now. Not a bunch of debaters trying to justify what’s right and what’s wrong about the laws!

  • DWH says:

    I Agree with skier. This is the first time I can recollect hearing about someone killed this way. I do recall however, every year a number of high school athletes perishing.
    I never thought seat belt laws made any sense. Perhaps it too should be a privlidge, maybe if you get a ticket the sheriff should go to your house and cut them out of the car!

  • Guest2264 says:

    From what was posted on the Star News….the guy was sitting on top of a mattress and boxsprings that were laying in the truck sideways, and a gust of wind blew it all out, including the guy. Sounds to me like the driver had an unsecure load, and should at least be charged with that. It’s a shame that the guy died like that.

  • Chris Paladino says:

    Once again I am truly amazed by the Human Race!! You all should be ashamed of yourselves… How dare you attack this situation. I was there on the bridge administering CPR to this boy who by the way could have been anyone of our kids…. But to Viciously Attack these parents at such a tragic time you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!! To be on that bridge was absolutely horrible it was a tragic accident, at first I was also appalled by the situation Why was he in the back of that truck, He is in the states care, Why did it have to happen, Why wasn’t there anything that they could have done to prevent this,Why couldn’t I do more to bring him back???? Why Dear Lord Why?? To the Parents I am so so so Sorry this happened to your son, He was not on the bridge long before people arrived, seconds actually,He did not suffer!! and he was with people who cared prior to his passing and during his passing we did everything we could considering the circumstances. To everyone who loved Frank I extend my sorrow and condolences. To all of you negative hateful people REALLY get a F@%$ing Life and again put yourself in someone elses shoes before you open your mouth, we are talking about a boy, a son, a friend, a HUMAN BEING for crying out loud! There is truly a lesson to be learned from all of this…. Not one of us is promised tomorrow Cherish everyone and everyday! Thank You Frank for refreshing my memory on that RIP Young Brother!!!!!!!

  • Tragic says:

    But you cannot save people from themselves. Imagine what $2 worth of rope would have saved…

  • RSimmons says:

    Please excuse my naivety!

  • Guest1234 says:

    There is a LAW in the state of NC that you can ride in the back of a pick up truck if you are 16 years of age. This boy was 17 he fit into that category if you didn’t grasp that, maybe I could paint you a picture. This man who was his foster parent did nothing wrong and I am sure today he is just as sad as the mother however, the child was in a home provided by the state because the mother must have done something where she was unable to provide for the child or take care of the child. Someone else was taking care of her child for her at the States expense and now she want to file law suits, the man driving the truck did nothing wrong freak accident! This just goes back to the little girl that died on the school bus, she was in a state provided home and the mother was the first to blame. TYPICAL!

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    You’re supposed to tie mattresses and box springs down wth ropes and lashings, not stack people on top of them to hold them down. What a very unfortunate use of judgement. More valuable entries for the Darwin Files, one survived…one didn’t.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    What horrible freaky way to go. Its unbelievable the stupidity in this world….Guess they never heard of rope.

  • Fed up says:

    For everyone concerned about the law for kids riding in the back of a truck, why not be more concerned with the fact that a minor died because the people trusted to take care of him used him to hold down a mattress rather than using something such as, oh I don’t know, ROPE!!! It amazes me the concern humans show for gross negligence when it comes to children. Guess that’s why DSS doesn’t do any more than they do. Nobody cares until someone dies…

  • Jason says:

    I can’t understand why the driver of the truck wasn’t charged with failing to secure a load and misd. death by motor vehicle. Maybe the Officers and District Attorney needs to pull out their Chapter 20 laws. Ie, the story says, no charges are expected to be filed. If I was the investigating officer, I would have charged the above, without consulting the DA. The DA is not an investigator, that is left up to the Law Enforcement Officer on the scene. If they aren’t trained to investigate traffic accidents without having to first consult with the DA, they shouldn’t be put in that position!!!

  • justin says:

    Anyone bother to check the actual winds speeds along the Cape Fear River at 8pm that evening? You’d be surprised…

  • Caring for kids says:

    People are so easy to sweep it under the rug cause it is a 17 year old legal to be in the back of a truck.But that man was a foster man then he should have know to tie the mattress to the truck and let the kid ride in the car. He was someones son and maybe there was neglect on the foster care man. Maybe that is where the boy had to be not by choice.

  • What really Matters says:

    My condolences go out to this family. A family working together for something they needed……a bed when tragedy sruck. I am sure as a parent there is no words I can say to help that hurt right now. I have rode in the back of a pickup truck, my children have, most Americans have it was simply a terrible ACCIDENT. Please know that there are many that arent worried about passing another law. That aren’t pointing fingers, that have you in their thoughts and prayers at this time. Truth is we are born to die and everyone will pass away a different way, but if we lived in a bubble we would die of something still when our time was up.

  • Guest6969696969 says:

    First, My TOTAl condolances too the Family of the 17 year Old.
    It was a absolute trady/accident.. period.

    For those saying tie down matterises’ etc.. Let me suggest…
    WALKING across the CFMB at the center span..
    ON a CALM day… As your walking along the “rail” you will notice the Harmonic/wave(s) walking in that part of the Span,, IT BOUNCES…
    you’ll feel like your in a small boat in the ocean.. BOUNCING, I’ve had to “grab” the rails as 18 Wheeled trucks cross, as they WILL bounce you almost off the side railing, (where you can walk & cross).
    Coupled with wind, even Walking across this bridge, your putting yourself at “Mercy ” & Nature… I know, I’ve walked across numerious times. As well as ridden across, once on mattress’s & such, TIEed down in the back of a truck, as this young Man was doing.. I myself was almost blown out then Myself. With “Light” SW 10~15 MPH winds. I learned My lesson LOoong ago, riding in the back of trucks..1986
    Riding in the back, with the “Cab” full, I was forced to ride in the bed… The driver, coming towards the Bridge, came upon the corner,curb,coming up onto before running up the bridge, @ 70 MPH, throwing Me out the side, as I tried to hold on, trying to climb back into the bed, the rear tire grabbed me by my left foot, “yanking me out of the truck”..The driver/passenger(s) never knew, until they looked back and i wasn’t there.. Turning around finding Me along side of the road.., Thinking I just had “road Rash” they went on “Partying” until they realized I wouldn’t wake up. My left arm the size of a basketball because of internal bleeding..They then took Me to NHMH. Thankfully, i wasn’t run over.. I was 25 then, sometimes STILL i wish I never survived, becoming a Amputee, that suffers from Phamptom pains/attacks every DAY of My life, unable to use a Prostesis, suffering from “Later” pains in places long thought healed and a messed up back. Many of you Wilmington people have MET & seen Me before, working on your car or truck.. Or Commerical Fishing.. I worked harder than most, yet I was told, “I was *expendable*, because of employers feeling sorry for Me”.eg WORSLY Co.& Precision Tune. * OR DMF* (Division of Marine Fisheries), “tageting” Me, because I busted My azz, bringing in the same amount of “catch”regular people did, despite being a Amputee, accused of doing “Illegal” things, resulting in the Loss of My commerical Fishing License?Because I had the DRIVE, to PROVE Myself, amongst others..To provide for My 2 Daughters, a Single Parent, I HAD at one time something to prove, but NO more…
    Doing so just, in my later years, (I’m now 50), has brought PAIN in My body EVERY DAY of My life.. Some days, I just want to *end it*…Thankfully, I have a “compassionate” Doc, that realizes My “history” plus numerious MRI’s, x-rays, (yes i “glow”), prescribing Me medication to get by on my worst days..
    I was LUCKY, remember a few years back, the feller thrown out of a Truck Bed moving at 25MPH and DIED… At Carolina Beach..
    I PRAY this young Man didn’t suffer… He is in the Lord’s arms now.. I thank the Lord He will NOT/or would not be put through, jobs and socitey, women, interviews, looking at you with “disgust”, etc, etc.. As I have, If He had lived..
    RIP Young feller, I pray for you…In addition……
    How many times on “commutes” across this Bridge you’ve seen “derbis” furniture, etc that has been “blown off” trucks etc, coming either way off the bridge?Even “tied down”????? More than once I bet..
    Though, NOT being part of the nanny state, be safe people, have a strap/rope whatever, to keep you “secured”, in advent of a tragic accident, it shouldn’t be “law” but, please, USE COMMON SENSE.
    I don’t wish ANYONE to live life as I have, after being thrown out of a truck, and “surviving” …..Peace,

  • heartache says:

    You know this is such a tragic accident! I hear so much about the things that are dangerous now that were not dangerous 10 years ago from the kind of paint you use in a child’s bedroom to the way your baby sleeps at night! I have rode in the back of so many pick up trucks holding china hutchs, mattress’s, bicycles and no telling what else! I have a 17 year old as well and I could see myself doing the same thing with him, however you always try to tie things down to a certain degree. I am not familiar with this family at all, but I am sure that there is so much pain today in so many people’s hearts! What I should have done but what I did not! My prayers as a mother (divorced as well) is pain and always the question of ‘why”! No matter what is done this child can not be brought back, I hope that we as parents will learn from this as well! Prayers going out to you all! My heart aches over this entire situation and I will continue to lift you all up in prayer!

  • guest observation says:

    I’m surprised, all mama wants to do is talk blaming someone else…She’s already announced that she will start the lawsuit Monday morning…please mother, let your son get buried before going after money…You gave birth to that “behavioral problem child”, I bet you coddled him and never made him mind, so you finally let the state “take the problem”…oh yeah, while suing for money, just think of all the food stamps and medicaid that the state gave you all along the way…just sayin.

  • guesty says:

    You don’t have a clue as to how law enforcement works. Even if the officer decided not to consult with the DA and charged the driver, the DA could then just dismiss the charge.

  • Maggie says:

    Your comment was wicked and heartless.

    Not one time has the parent mentioned that she is going after money. She wants to get to the bottom of the matter;why her son was sitting on the back of that truck in the first place. Why did the Police Department and DA did not press charges???

    Got it?

    If you cannot say anything positive about this sad situation, go somewhere and ask God to have mercy on your cold-hearted soul, and to teach you how to keep your ignorant mouth closed!

    This woman lost a son for goodness sake!

  • Dee Dee says:

    It’s obvious no matter what happens people will be heartless. A child a human being life was lost from a accident. I don’t think their is on (PERFECT) person in this world.Life is giving & taken by the most high.To those who have made sarcastic remarks I don’t think you would appreciate that to well if it had been your loved one.Let this family mourn peacefully if you feel a certain way thats you but somethings are better kept to self. Sure it was a accident but unfortunately everyone’s not a weather man & woman. Send a prayer to the family instead of sarcasim. This accident can help the next person be aware & prevent something like this from happening again but have a heart for a moment for the resting soul & his family…My Prayers go to the family.

  • ecot says:

    This has got to race driven right….come on Rev. Sharpton, there hads got to be some political gain to be had here……lets junp to conclusions and ignor the judicail process…

    Tragic accident, but honestly, we are talking about a 62 year old man driving the vehicle….where is the common sense.

  • Guest32 says:

    The 62 yo Father and driver of the Truck from Wilard is a Dumb AS-. He should give up his License and never venture out of wilard again. It’s more than he can handle.

  • Beach Bum says:

    Wait a minute…The Bridge was not wearing its’ I am Trayvon issued black hoodie.

    Guess we need to tear down the bridge now instead realizing that bad things happen. No rhyme or reason. They just do. Even to good people.

    That’s why they are called accidents. I really feel bad for the driver. Got weight on his shoulders.

  • ignorance is not tolerated says:

    You are an idiot, and a very ignorant one at that! A life was lost, and not one person has said anything about it being the bridges fault they said it was a freak accident ya moron! Furthermore I fail to see the connection to Trayvons tragic end! Leave it to a back ass hillbilly to say very ignorant things about two teens who lost their lives in tragic events. If you can’t pray or send condolences to the loved ones then keep your negative and heartless comments to yourselves. That goes for more than just you too. Two teens lost their lives in two completely different situations that are not for you to pass judgement on or to speak on with your obviously uneducated ignorance. I will pray for you because it is obvious that quite a few of you need it!

  • ignorance is not tolerated says:

    You are an idiot, and a very ignorant one at that! A life was lost, and not one person has said anything about it being the bridges fault they said it was a freak accident ya moron! Furthermore I fail to see the connection to Trayvons tragic end! Leave it to a back ass hillbilly to say very ignorant things about two teens who lost their lives in tragic events. If you can’t pray or send condolences to the loved ones then keep your negative and heartless comments to yourselves. That goes for more than just you too. Two teens lost their lives in two completely different situations that are not for you to pass judgement on or to speak on with your obviously uneducated ignorance. I will pray for you because it is obvious that quite a few of you need it!

  • dittos says:

    This is the biggest BS story I’ve ever read!! LMAO!

  • Gabie says:

    If you new Frank like his friends at PHS did, then you’d know he probably wanted to sit in the back, little did he know that would be his last ride ever and im sure that if he knew that the wind and the bouncing would be so bad, im sure he probably would not have done this but if you knew Frank he was always one to show off during class just to be able to tell you that “yeah i did that once and this is what happened” and he would tell you these long stories of him doin these crazy things even if it wasnt the whole truth he stilled had a way of making you smile about it.I know that most people probably think it was stupid of the father (i say this with all intetions because when he said dad he didnt put FOSTER DAD or MY FOSTER FATHER that was his DAD) to allow his child to ride in the back but hey he did it a million times and probably didnt think that would be his last it was Frank and we all know he loved to help weather it was wanted or not he was just that kind of person. Frank was a great person if you got to know him and i hate that, that happened to him i bawled my eyes out when my best friend called me conferming the news, i just cant believe that he’s gone (so unreal). So please to all the negative thoughts out there; If its not helping its not needed so please dont talk about OUR FRIEND like that or his dad. We all loved Frank!!!!! and please i would like to know when the service is and where its gonna take place

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    Riding in the back of a pickup truck isn’t dangerous as long as you sit down low and drive slowly through the country or your farmland. Sitting on the side or sitting on the tailgate can easily get you killed. Being involved in an accident can have devastating consequenses for those in the back of the truck.

    Now, not realizing that a mattress and boxspring turn into an airplane wing at 30 mph. Well…nuff said ’bout that. We all (at least most of us) know the answer to that riddle!

  • Citizen of the Republic says:

    I’ll be sure to tune in at 11, don’t really see how that could happen but there’s a first time for everything.

  • samantha crosby says:

    This 17 year old unidentified male was my son. He has a name it is Franklin Crosby. He lives in N.C but was born in S.C which is where I should have kept him. I want to know what kind of people put my baby in the back of a truck to get killed? Why was he back there? He was in a boys home for behavior problems does this mean he is not suppose to be taken care of? Trust and believe N.C and the dept of children services are going to have to deal with this I will personally see to it. This is my mission now we have to have safety belts or get a fine but hey just go ahead and throw a baby in the back of a truck and let him get killed? Then my baby is dead on the side of the road and if you read the statements it says when they noticed he had flew out of the back. How long did my baby lay there dying????????? Someone answer that. How long did it take the losers that out him in the back of that truck to notice????? I want to know and I am coming to find out and I am bringing a lawyer with me trust that he was in the state’s care and it will be the state that answers for it.

  • Guesttoday says:

    Mattresses are not sturdy and coupled with wind it is very easy for them to fall out of a bed and take you with it. How do I know? Because it almost happened to me. The driver was going over Wrightsville Beach bridge and I was in the bed with the stupid mattress. I couldn’t hold it and started beating on the back window to slow down and luckily the driver did. I was stupid for doing that. People tie the mattress down or rent a covered truck. Noones life is worth a stupid mattress! So sorry this young person lost their life.

  • Guest757 says:

    I know there is a law regarding riding in the back of trucks, but why don’t the local police enforce it. There has been many times I was at a stop light with a truck in front of me with someone or a few people in the back, right along side of me there is either a sheriff duty or WPD and nothing happens.. can someone tell me why ???
    Please, don’t tell me I should have called it in, they should have been doing their job. Do they need more training???

    Now with a death involved they will be cracking down again but for how long ???

  • Guest7969 says:

    only applies to children in NC

  • michelle losano says:

    The law states that you have to be 16 years or older to ride in the back of a pick up truck. Law Enforcement does enforce it.

  • michelle losano says:

    Yes, this is a very unfortunate situation …although, the law states that a rider must be 16 years of age or older to ride in the back of a truck. Why is it that people take EVERY oppurtunity they get to slam Law Enforcement? Police Officers and Deputies seem to get ridiculed for everything! When they enforce a law, people complain…when they don’t people complain! It’s even worse when someone is not clear on the law and attacks law enforcement for a very sad and unfortunate event.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    No they don’t need more training, you just need to be more informed. Do your job and mind your own damn buisness.

  • DMAD says:

    Within an hour of the accident there were workers busy underneath the bridge at both towers. Did the bridge suffer damage?

  • WOW says:

    A kid just died and you care about the bridge. -.-‘

  • GuestABC says:

    Bridge work had already been scheduled for days in advance to begin at 9 p.m. Friday night.

  • ufcgurl says:

    The bridge was uninjured….the crew had to clean it.. steel grate+ the impact of a human body traveling God knows how fast = a mess

  • NBW40 says:

    The bridge did not suffer damage, the bridge is scheduled for maintenance all weekend. It was supposed to start at 9pm last night but was delayed until 10pm due to the accident.

  • anonymous45 says:

    If im not mistaken they were supposed to be shutting down the right lane going into wilmington at 9pm for work on the bridge.

  • Dumbfounded says:

    So, you can ride in the back of a truck with NO restraints, or seats even, and it is perfectly legal… if you are over 16. However, you get ticketed for riding IN the car, IN a seat (which is where you are intended to sit in a vehicle)for not wearing a seat belt. Makes perfect sense.

  • Ummm no says:

    “and it is perfectly legal… if you are over 16.” Not Dumbfounded, just dumb… or illiterate… or both.

    “In the state of North Carolina, it is legal for those 16 and OLDER to ride in the bed of pickup trucks.”

    DAMN those lawmakers for trying to force safety on you and keep you alive. The nerve of some people.

    Frankly they should lift all the laws for a bit let Darwinism do what it does best like it did here.

  • Exactly this was my 17 year old son and i will be coming for answers since he was in a group home in care of the state for behavioral problems. So I guess that makes him not as important.

  • Guest2264 says:

    Of course it makes sense, doesn’t it? Then again, I think you have a good point!

  • Guest Redneck Across the River says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. Riding in the back of a pickup is dangerous regardless of how you look at it. If the truck turns over, you’re history. If someone else hits your truck, you will be thrown out with the same result likely. Maybe this guy is a candidate for the Darwin Award.

  • GuestRumblefish says:

    Laws are not enacted to make sense. They are enacted to control people and make money for politicians.

  • Skiier says:

    It is my understanding that in Pender County, because of our population and percentage of farms and farmland, it is legal for persons of all ages to ride in the back of a pickup truck, though it is probably not the same for the more urban New Hanover County. But let’s stop continuously trying to legislate good behavior from all citizens – accidents, very unfortunately, happen. If I die because of my own stupid choices so be it. I am tired of our rights to behave as we wish being slowly, deliberately taken away, all in the name of safety. When will downhill skiing being outlawed? I severely broke my leg, had to have bone grafted from my hip into my tibia. Many people die or are paralyzed and definitely severely injured downhill skiing across this nation every year. Should it be outlawed? Of course not. Deaths from motor vehicle accidents in the U.S. are down dramatically – under 30,000 per year now with more drivers and cars, where it used to be over 50,000 per year with fewer drivers and less cars. Sure, we can all walk around in helmets and steel-toed boots, it’s much safer. Of course that would be a ridiculous idea, but are we not slowly marching in that direction with law after law after restriction after restriction continually being added to the law books across this nation? Life is dangerous.

  • samantha crosby says:

    I do not agree with anything you posted just shows how ignorant some are. That was my son you talking about buddy let it be one of yours. Do not ever offer your opinion as twisted as your opinion is. My son had no business in the back of a truck and was in a group home for behavior problems so i guess in N.C eyes he is not so important. Well let see how important it gets come Monday.

  • You have no idea what you are talking about he was 17 years old and should not have been where he was. So maybe when it happens to one of yours you will still have that uncaring attitude but don’t have it with my child save it for your own.

  • WILMYGIRL says:


  • Guest587758 says:

    I so agree with you on this! I can’t count how many times I have ridden in the back of a truck. Maybe laying on mattress and box springs isn’t the smartest way, but it was a choice. We are supposed to be able to make some choices for ourselves the last time I checked. America being a free country is going further and further out the window! I read that every year 100 people die from being stabbed by a ball point pen. I bet there aren’t that many that die riding in the back of a truck!

  • Guest 1911 says:

    You talk about peoples freedoms being taken away and I agree that some laws are getting over protective but this doesn’t just involve an individual’s right. Hey if you ride in the back of truck at your own risk that’s your choice. But when you risk falling out of that truck in front of other car that now swerves either into a tree or a on coming car, well now it’s a matter of safety for the non-participating drivers who aren’t riding in the back of a truck. So don’t compare a skiing accident to a fatal traffic accident. Other people could of been killed due to this tragedy and thankfully they weren’t. Just think about when that poor boy fell out of the truck and what if he landing in front of car that swerved into an coming car and many more people didn’t get to go that night or ever. Just think about it Mr. Freedom.

  • missy says:

    laws ..they are there to protect..where was the law to save this young mans life riding in the back of a truck?

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Well Missy, children die all the time, choking on balloons, climbing trees, being hit by a baseball when playing ball, swimming, you name it. Do you really think we need more laws? Should it be illegal for a child to swim in the ocean? Play a game of baseball? We don’t need more state and federal laws. Good parenting is a start, but in the end accidents happen. Deal with it.

  • Ex-Wilmingtonian says:

    Help me understand this Wilmingtonians….How can you hit the steel beam from the back of the pickup truck? Doesn’t quite make sense to me!! Sounds a little fishy!! Picture this…Sitting…riding across the CF Memorial bridge…and the beam knocks you off the truck??….No?…I can’t picture it either!!

  • guesty says:

    The mattress that he was on in the back of the truck blew out. He landed on the steel decking of the bridge.

  • anissa says:

    AND YOU SHOULD HAD HAD CUSTODY OF YOUR KIDS ,, HOW MANY YEARS DID YOU HAVE TO GET STRAIGHT>? LOOK IN THE MIRROR LOWLIFE ITS YOUR OWN FAULT, Frakilin paid the ultimate for your mistakes for years, he didnt get to see his syblings because of you , you had so many chances to get it right, YOU have no CLASS AT ALL,

  • This unidentified make was my son. And he has a name Franklin Crosby and for all the posts the one about life being dangerous let one of your kids get killed and see if you have that same out look. He should have not been in the back of a truck if your grown and you want to do it that is you he was 17. So get facts straight before you start taking up for people that should have been watching over him like the state.

  • Guest175 says:

    Samantha, my heart goes out to you. My daughter was a friend of your sons and she ate lunch with him. I thought you would like to know he was very well liked and loved at Pender High.

  • Millie says:

    I am so sorry this young man died.
    So, If I were driving a vehicle with a mattress that was not tied down, and the mattress blew off my vehicle into another vehicle, and caused that other vehicle to crash; I would not be charged?????

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Maybe you should have been watching over him instead of the state, you THINK??? You are nothing but common trash, blame everyone but yourself right? The State my ass!! No he should not have been in the back of that truck, he should have been home with his real parents. Guess the State had a good reason for taking him.

  • Guest1946 says:

    A lawyer and a fast buck will not bring him back. Sorry for your loss.

  • RSimmons says:

    You should be taking some responsibility for the situation you put him in to begin with. Why are you producing children you cannot control and why should I be paying for them? Why wasn’t he in SC and living on their welfare?

  • Guesttoday says:

    Ms. Crosby I am so sorry for the loss of your young son. I am praying for comfort for you at this sad time. I will also pray that you get the answers that you so deserve. I just shake my head at such a senseless tragedy and my heart is truly heavy.

  • AShley says:

    i agree with that i actually went to pender high with frank he was like my best friend i went into tears when i found out and his foster brother was very rude and i did not like the way the put him down honestly that is not right he was my best friend now hes gone and i agree with he was in a home he should have been taken care of just like any other human being running the streets not treated like garbage but i wish he was still here but he knows he is loved and very missed by us WE LOVE U FRANK <3

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Samantha, how many times are you going to tell the same story over and over? We get it, we can read. Let me sum it up for everyone….You were a sorry parent, lost your kid, he died due to an accident, and now you are looking to cash in. Does that about do it?
    That lawyer you are bringing with you, can you PLEASE let him ride in the back of the truck?

  • Guest2020 says:

    Last week, we buried my cousin who was killed in a car accident. I can guarantee you that his mother’s only thoughts have been of the heartbreak she is having to endure. And the last thing on her mind was how to capitalize on her son’s death. It is a tragedy. His being in the back of that truck was not against the law. The driver was reported to have been travelling under the speed limit. The state is not at fault. And has you lay awake at night with visions of dollar signs dancing in your head, maybe you should give some thought as to why you didn’t step up to the plate and be the mother that your son deserved instead of him being in the care of the state.

  • CCRES says:

    Why was NC taxpayers rasing your child anyway? Why weren’t you taking the burden of rasing your child? I have to work and raise my children. I don’t like working to pay taxes to raise yours. I am sorry about your loss and know its painful. But before looking to lawsuits, consider this: if I would have had my child in my care where he belonged, it wouldn’t have happened.

  • Guest1482 says:

    I am sorry for your loss. However, your baby was 17 yrs old. the person who asked him to ride in the back of the truck was within the laws of the state. Now, that being said, I do not know what type of crime the police could charge the man with other than failing to secure a load. The state would not be responsible. As for you brining a lawyer that would not be my first reaction to this. I would not be looking for a court battle and compensation. You are right on one count, you should have kept your son with you. Again, I am sorry for your loss

  • Guestomg says:

    Your son needs a funeral BEFORE you head up here with a LAWYER !! My god I see you are only worried about making that cash off his death, you are disgusting ! NO wonder he was in a home away from you.

  • CCRES says:

    Maggie, Let go of that tree you’re hugging before you choke the life out of it.
    The boy was 17 years old and “obviously” man enough to make decisions for himself or his behavior wouldn’t have landed him in a group home.
    You huggers are always looking to blame someone else and live off of someone else’s money.

  • Brandon B says:

    Is no one else appalled by this? Someone wrote in the first post riding the back of a truck is safe as long as you’re in the country sitting down low my question is this what if you’re riding up high in town? As a test I put a mattress and box springs in the back of my truck they were perfectly level with the sides. This child was under the direct care of another individual and was deemed incompetent to make his own decisions. Even if you wanted to ride in the back of the truck I can’t help but wonder where this guys tie down straps were that he intended to use at the beginning of the day and at 34Years old I have never hauled a load without my straps this guy’s twice my age. This child was never in a safe situation he was put in harm’s way .fact. If I find out where the foster parents live they will get 5 pounds of roofing nails in there driveway every single day. And for you idiots that say the 17-year-old was able to make his own decisions and was an adult let me ask you this why don’t you go ahead and sleep with a 17 year old and post it on Facebook and see what happens then. lol. idiots. Open shut case of manslaughter. When I was his age I was full of piss and vinegar my ball truck on the ground but you know what I was a dumbass all kids are dumbasses. This makes me sick and you should all be ashamed of yourself I hope you enjoy hell.

  • Maggie says:

    I can only imagine how you might feel right now. Frankie attended Pender High School with my son. My son is very upset about how he died.

    Get a lawyer and bring these wreckless people to judgement and open shame.

    My heart felt prayers and condolences go out to you and your family.

  • guesty says:

    Is this the same child that you gave up to foster care that you suddenly care so much about?

  • Jesus is Alive says:

    First of all I want to say to this mother that my thoughts and prayers are with you along with The Foster family. Secondly I want to be very clear about one thing I knew your son and he was not in a group home he was with a family that loved and cared about him just like he was his their own. This was a horrible accident, I agree very tragic and my heart aches when I think about Franks life ending so young, but this is not our eternal home. I know you are hurt right now, but please don’t think for a moment that your son was not loved and cared for. THIS WAS A HORRIBLE ACCIDENT!!!! Our community is mourning with you and we will continue to pray for peace and understanding.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    You have every right not to agree with the posting’s on here. But unfourtunately for you we also have the right to our opinion and to post said opinion. Your son had no buisness in the back of a truck, he didn’t have any buisness in the a group home either. If you had raised him right it could have all been avoided. On Monday his death will be just as important to the state as it was on Saturday. But good luck trying to cash in and sue. I’m sure that will be right around the corner. Maybe the state will sue you for your lack of parenting skills. How in the name of hell is the state of N.C responsible for your sons death? Do you think they had a crystal ball and knew in advance that he would be in the back of that truck? Yes let’s play the blame game and blame everyone but yourself. Easy road isn’t it?

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    People die in skiing accidents all the time, it happens. It was a fine analogy. What if a car swerves and hits another car killing the occupants? Should we make it illegal to drive all together? Hmmm maybe so. Every time there is an accident, we don’t need the states making more laws. They happen. That’s just part of life. Just think about Mr. Ignorant.

  • Guest1234 says:

    Why wasn’t your son living with you? Couldn’t handle him cause he had discipline problems? Pretty sure the problem was with the disciplinarian here. Might want to ask yourself where you failed him as well as the failure of the foster Dad.

  • Maggie says:

    This woman has just lost a child for goodness sake!
    What kind of wicked brew are you spewing out today?

    You reap what you sew. You don’t know if your child might be next!


  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Sometimes facts are just hard and cold. So let’s go over the simple facts here:
    Option #1) The mother was so sorry the state took him away.
    Option #2) The mother was so sorry she gave him away.
    Pretty simple so far right? This being the case, the mother is just as at fault as the foster parent. It was an accident, those things happen. Had he been in her custody I am sure he would not have been in the back of a truck on this particular day. It might be heartless but it is the truth. If Mommy cared so much, he would have been home to start with. Now all the sudden she is seeing $$$$ signs and suddenly she sure seems to love her baby! I’m sorry but I live in the real world, maybe you should move here too.

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