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Commissioners vote 3 to 2 in favor of accepting family planning money

READ MORE: Commissioners vote 3 to 2 in favor of accepting family planning money

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- After weeks of public and even national outrage, New Hanover County Commissioners have voted in favor of nearly $9,000 in family planning funding. Last month, the board unanimously voted against accepting the money.

“When there is public outcry, when people are frustrated about a choice that local government has made, then the board of commissioners took another look at it and voted in the correct way,” said Patty Dillon, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood.

Public outcry is an understatement. Since Commissioners voted against accepting grant, the opposition has been incredible, even being reported on several national news sites.

“It's unfortunate that they had to revisit the vote, but I really respect commissioner Davis’s decision to do that,” said Brandie Stork, who spoke during the public discussion portion of the meeting. “I think it was a good decision and just a good day for everyday.”

Commissioners voted three to two in favor of accepting the money to be used on IUD’s, a long-term form of birth control and the initial use proposed by the New Hanover County Health Department. Commissioners Jason Thompson and Brian Berger were the only ones who voted against accepting the money.

“It sends a message that the government, the board of commissioners respect women and allow women to make family planning choices for themselves and their families,” Dillon said.

Chairman Ted Davis, who was originally very vocal about not accepting the funding, apologized to all the people he offended and says the board did the right thing by reconsidering the vote.

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the cost

It is only $9,000. The average cost of an IUD is about $500. Do the math. 9,000/500=18. Which means 18 women can possibly get an IUD. So there is a chance that 18 women won't get pregnant. I wonder how many condoms they could buy with $9,000? Probably enough to prevent 1,000 babies from being "accidentally" created.
The commissioners made a bad decision last night. They should have stood their ground and voted NO again.
If you do not want children, DO NOT HAVE SEX!

My tax money and your tax money could be better spent.


Easy for you to yell "DO NOT HAVE SEX". Unlike you, some people really enjoy it.

Be Responsible!

Have all of the intimate relations you want. Yet, if you are mature enough to have intimate relations, you should be mature enough to provide your OWN birth control. Your pleasure is no one else's responsibility. For True Women and Men's Health - only Abstinence and condoms prevent AIDS, STDs and Pregnancy.

Davis&Catlin=Corrupt and No Guts

I can forgive Barfield-he is a tax and spend Titan friend. So no surprise he reversed course. This vote was not about pro or anti woman, it was about best way to use grant. Catlin and Deavis who spoke out most loudly and offensively last time with their own views which looked down on women piut their hands in the air and reversed course hoping to starve off Democratic foes in November. WE WONT BE FOOLED- NO MAS DAVIS AND CATLIN -THEY ARE CLASSLESS POLITICOS. I give credit, though I disagree with Thompson and Berger on some issues they voted what they thought was right which given nin info presented by Mr. Rice from health Board was a reasonable vote.
Davis+Catlin---- NO WAY IN NOVEMBER!

Here's an about

Here's an about women take responsibility for their own reproductive systems and use a condom or other cheap and widely available method of birth control, instead of expecting tax payers and the government to fund it for them? I'm a woman and I've managed to do the aforementioned perfectly fine without any assistance. I'm so sick of the entitlement attitude. It's RUINING our country. Stop with the frivilous handouts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This happened the first time

This happened the first time with Adam and Eve. The man did what the Woman said to do. That was wrong then and it is wrong today. NHCO has an all male board. You had it right with the first vote. Then you gave into a Female attack. Again, Man has layed down his God given Authorty to Lead the Woman to the right path. You have been tested and found wanting. Recieve your Reward.


Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.

oh wow

"God given Authorty to Lead the Woman to the right path." ?? lmao Man wrote the bible...... what does that tell you?


Is your remarkably sexist drivel intentional, or just some horrible mistake?

You do know that the first two evangelists that God sent out to tell the world the "good news" were women, right?

Adam and Eve is an

Adam and Eve is an allegorical story, it is not factual in content. Plus you write that all of men's problems are traced to women. That is certainly avoiding responsibility for one's own problems. You ideas are better placed in the 50's--the 1750's.

See how much control the

See how much control the public still has? Citizens need to make it known when public officials do stupid things like this. Way to go, ladies! Now, how about a demonstration about high gas prices!

The Right Decision

Thank you three men who respect women enough to allow them to have some choice in what happens before during and after men have contributed to putting the woman in a very difficult position.

Davis and Catlin - how do you even stand erect?

I'm absolutely amazed that politicians can discard principles as quickly and easily as they would discard a paper cup. Absolutely NOTHING changed in this debate. The money will be used for women who are too stupid, too lazy, or too irresponsible to use one of the several birth control methods already available to them. That was stated quite clearly as the original justification, and is still the basic, underlying truth.

The only thing that changed is that Davis and Catlin can't take the heat and stand behind what they so loudly proclaimed just a few weeks ago. Those "mean ol' girls" came after them, and the boys ran scared. (Ladies, enjoy your victory. You will ALWAY triumph over wimps.)

Interesting to note that "man-most-hated" Jason Thompson and "crazier-than-a-loon" Brian Berger managed to stand up to the pressure and stand by their convictions. Perhaps they are the only commissioners who possess convictions.

So in addition to losing my vote and more importantly, my fianncial support, Davis and Catlin can rest comfortable in the knowledge that they did their part in proliferating the believe that people need not have any concept of personal responsibility, that society must carry them and compensate for their sloth.

When an indigent woman is too lazy to show up for her Depro shot, too careless to remember to take her pill, too stupid to carry condoms for when the Mister Right d'jour comes along, and just can't bring herself to say, "No," Uncle Ted and Uncle Rick will be there to take care of her!

Ted Davis said that the original vote was due to a lack of information.

It's painfully obvious that this vote was due to a lack of backbone....


You're not going to start embarassing yourself talking about Depo-provera again are you? Latex sensitive women can't use condoms, and not everyone can take the pill. Why your mother didn't use birth control is the biggest travesty of this whole discussion.

You do realize there are

You do realize there are non-latex condoms? As for women that for whatever reason are unable to use these birth control methods and do not want to risk pregnancy, there are other ways to have a fulfilling sex life without intercourse.

However, since this money has been accepted, I choose to look on the bright side. These women are pitching a fit over having someone else pay for their birth control, they'd be doing the same to have the taxpayer pay for an unwanted child. Society pays for the irresponsibility of individuals in many ways so I figure we came out ahead on this one.

geez Common's

Guess what? There are NON LATEX condoms...doh! You 2 men might need to sit this one out. lol

Thank you Das...

...and while I had not mentioned non-latex condoms, your point simply strengthens my argument that we already have numerous methods to prevent pregnancy, and the perpetually broke state need not spend another half-million we can't afford.

It's not really about contraception, however. It's about adding another facet to the never-ending festival of coddling and carrying the worthless societal leeches. What's next: If they don't like living in public housing, do we rent a house on the beach for them?

However, in the spirit of compromise, I'm willing to accept paying for IUDs as long as we fit EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM with IUDs. The day they apply for TANF, an EBT card, or any form of public assistance, we fit them with an IUD.

The best "War on Poverty" is doing everything we can to discourage the poor from producing the next generation of poor.

Talk about embarrassing!

How many women can't use all three, Einstein?

Once again, thanks for making me look good.


Im sorry, I should know better by now that I'm not as smart as you.


First, that's Mr. Einstein to you. Second, you're so smart why don't you figure it out. the information is right on line. Third, you have got to be mentally challenged if you think you ever look good on here. This was a very logical argument(?) you put forth as always, Depoman.

Same old, same old

You avoid the difficult questions and simply fall back on the fourth grade insults.

Thanks for playing...

One simple question..

Why in the hell is it my responsibility to pay for protection for someone else's sex? Why can't people pay for it themselves. And don't throw me the weak a$$ mess about better to pay for it now than later! It is NOT my job to pay for your sex or the result thereof period! Grow up and be responsible for your own damn actions! Wow....

A few more simple questions...

Why the HELL is it MY responsibility to pay for food for someone else? Or bike paths I don't use? Or a $40 million baseball stadium (none of you good ol' boys are yelling about that one) that I will NEVER go to? It is not MY JOB to pay for these things either, but that is what our elected politicians decide to fund for the COMMON good of the community. This is a public health issue, not a morality issue.

I do not like my tax dollars paying for this

I do not agree with this and believe they made the right decision the first time. If women want respect they need to use their brains.

Mr. Ted Davis, You have

Mr. Ted Davis, You have demonstrated true Politics. You had it right the first time. Your Disire to protect your apperance is more important than your convictions. How does it feel to be a Harlet??? One day you will realize that you are not in charge of anything, But you had a responsability to respond correctly with everything. You will stand alone.

"How does it feel to be a

"How does it feel to be a Harlet???"

probably like it feels to be a Harlot.

Wake up, Guestitisashame

Silly me, I thought by going to the local public health department and utlizing the family planning resources made available to them, in an effort to avoid an unintentional pregnancy, women WOULD be considered using their brain.
Additionally, if you knew anything about this specific incident, you would know it's not your "tax dollars paying for this", as your heading suggests. This is grant money, free money, given to the health department because of outstanding performance.
I'm trying really hard to respect you, but your moronic statement is making it difficult.

you're not in Oz any longer....

Guestitisashame...wake up...wake up you are dreaming! You were dreaming there's a world where there's "free money".

And this person most likely votes! You all should be afraid of that thought!

Just a side note here.
Mr.Obama was on television today chastising our Supreme Court members for doing what they were appointed and SWORN to do for our country. Define the bounds of law.

It's people like Guestitisiashame voting that we get this kinda Marxist in office. WE have to stop Obama!!

I don't believe there is free money

Sorry I don't understand your reply to me. I do not believe in free money and my statement does not say that. So why the reply "you were dreaming there's a world where there's "free money". There is no such thing as free money.

Grant money

"Additionally, if you knew anything about this specific incident, you would know it's not your "tax dollars paying for this", as your heading suggests. This is grant money, free money, given to the health department because of outstanding performance."

>And where do you think "grant money" comes from...the tooth fairy? It comes from the taxpayers...and the Fed printing press.