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SHALLOTTE,NC (WWAY) — What comes around goes around. Alfy Hill originally committed to a Southeastern Conference school in 2009. The former West Brunswick Trojan committed to the University of Alabama in September of 2009. Hill received another SEC back in September even though he won’t be eligible to play at the University of South Carolina or any other division one school until 2013. As it turns out Hill verbally committed to the USC Gamecocks last week after making a visit to Columbia accompanied by West Brunswick football coach Jimmy Fletcher.

Alfy Hill currently attends Los Angeles Valley Community College. The Road from Shallotte to Los Angeles to Columbia has been a strange one though.

In September of 2009 Alfy Hill chose Alabama. Hill actually attended summer school at the University of Alabama in the summer of 2010. He passed three courses, but the NCAA ruled Afly Hill to be an academic non-qualifier because of an online course he took at West Brunswick his senior year in Shallotte. Hill was forced to leave Alabama. He then decided to enroll at East Carolina, but he wasn’t going to be eligible to play at East Carolina right away due to NCAA guidelines.

West Brunswick football coach Jimmy Fletcher said things didn’t work out for Hill at East Carolina. “He then went to Itawamba Junior College in Mississippi,” Fletcher said. “That did not work out. Now he’s at Los Angeles Valley Community College in LA.”

The former West Brunswick Trojan received an offer to play in the SEC for USC Gamecock head coach Steve Spurrier last September. Six months later, Hill said yes to the Gamecocks, but there’s still one more hurdle for Hill to clear. “If he does not graduate from LAVCC, then he’s finished” according to coach Jimmy Fletcher. If Hill does graduate from LAVCC, then he should be eligible to play division one football in the fall of 2013. “I tell him he’s the most traveled college student in America,” Fletcher added.

Alfy Hill intends to play football at LAVCC this fall. At USC he’ll have two years of eligibility.

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  • concerned parent

    why is fletcher helping this guy, isnt he paid to help the current students at WBHS, this guy is NOT a student. fletcher, are you going to pack your bags and go with all your players to visit colleges or just your favorites. Hill has been gone 3 years and been through 3 or 4 colleges, so isnt it time to let him help himself? oh and what does “it didn’t work out”, mean???

  • Honesty Speaking

    There has been a long list of players that he has not done the simplest thing for, but then there are guys that he bends over backwards for. No disrespect towards Alfy and his accomplishments but I do side with you, asking why does Fletcher still feel obligated to someone who has graduated three years prior. There have been several students come through West who, though they might not possess the physical or gifted attributes as Alfy they still deserved the same support from their football “coach/counselor.”

  • Javi

    Don’t help a kid?? The coach should be traveling with the tuba player all over the southeast. You guys sound like bitter piccolo players.


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