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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The City of Wilmington wants to replace its current recycling bins. It will come at a cost.

Tonight, City Council is expected to pass a resolution authorizing the city to spend $1.1 million on new recycling bins. A city spokeswoman says this will actually end up saving the city money in the long run.

Currently Wilmington residents use 18-gallon for recyclables. The idea is to get rid of these bins and replace them with bins that are the same size as the current trash bins.

City spokeswoman Malissa Talbert says the larger bins will allow the city to pick up recycling every other week, instead of every week. That will let the city cut five positions, which will save about $200,000 a year.

Residents we spoke with think the new bins are a good idea.

“Oh, I think it’s a very good capital expenditure,” Deanna Mummert said. “It would be well worth it if people were able to fill those up rather than for it to go into a landfill.”

The city says costs to residents would not go up. It would take about five years to pay off the bins. After that, the city would start saving money.

Talbert says the city will not layoff anyone. These are positions that have not been filled yet, so they would simply be eliminated.

City Council meets at 6:30 p.m.

Also tonight, City Council will again look at extending the hours on downtown parking meters. Back in October, Council tabled a proposal to extend enforcement hours on the meters from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

Talbert says city staff is not recommending council approve the move. One reason: revenue. The city is now earning more money from the extended hours on the parking decks, so right now extending the hours on the meters is not necessary.

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  • Robo

    Most would not argue that larger recycle bins are necessary, but why does the City try to deceive people by justifying the bins on elimination of jobs which do not actually exist? Tell the people the truth. This will cost the city more for at least five years.

  • Guester

    Are you crazy? How much do you think it costs us taxpayers to fill the gas tank in those recycling trucks? Savings in gas alone will be a lot.

  • Brian

    We’d save a LOT more if those five open positions were filled with welfare / medicaid recipients. Get them working and off the public dole.

  • Erlkoenig

    Going from welfare to government job is not a saving. They are basically the same thing.

  • Guester

    Who do you think pays for the salary & benefits for government workers? You seriously want to create 5 jobs that would have saved the city almost 1/4 million per year just to take 5 people off public assistance?

  • Guest350

    Wilmington can surely come up with some novel ways to waste taxpayer dollars. Forget recycling and put all household refuse in the same container. Total nonsense.

  • Guest2012

    The City of Wilmington Roll-Out Recycling Carts are an excellent addition to their City Services.

    Let’s face it, recyclables can really add up, especially in the summer/beach/picnic seasons, which are basically year-round in Wilmington!

    To have a streamlined, small footprint cart on wheels is wonderful. No more heavy lifting, just roll it to the curb.

    The City has always been exceptional when it comes to providing
    re-cycling services and this is another move in the right direction as we all want to keep as much trash out of the landfills.

    County Residents should HAVE it So Good! I am one of those County resident tax-payers who have to load the back of my SUV with bins full of recylables every Saturday morning to HAUL my own (trash), uh, I mean, recyclables to a centrally located parking lot that is convenient for the COUNTY to pick up.

    I wonder how many County Residents are tired of doing the County’s job for them, and just automatically QUIT recycling?

    This is a novel and progressive approach to encourage recycling at the residential level. The City KNOCKED this Ball out of the Park, and scored a Home Run! Way to Go!

  • Das Weibstück

    “That will let the city cut five positions, which will save about $200,000 a year.”

    5 positions that do not exist…… aww the trickery.

  • Guester

    They did exist in the city’s budget. All that means is they don’t have to hire anyone new or lay anyone off. I imagine there is a high turnover in that department. Doubt that 1/4 of a mil is all salary – probably trucks, maintenance and gas included in that savings. Not to mention reduced landfill costs (taking stuff to the landfill isn’t free). I think it’s a great idea.


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