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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington City Council voted Tuesday night to spend $1.1 million for new large recycling carts. Mayor Bill Saffo says this will save the city money in the long run, as well as offer residents some immediate savings.

“We will recover the cost pretty quickly, but immediately there is about a $222,000 savings to the city taxpayers in the first year that we implement this, one of the things, trying to save money in regards to picking up trash,” Saffo said.

Citizens will receive a questionnaire about the new recycling program, and it could be in effect late this year. Green residents like Deanna Mummert like the idea.

“I think it’s a very good capital expenditure it would be well worth it if people were able to fill those up instead of going into a landfill,” Mummert said.

In other business, parking came up again. Specifically, should the city reverse its consideration to extend parking meter collection until 9 p.m.? Council voted not to add extra hours to encourage people to come downtown after work.

Mayor Saffo thinks the city is working to give residents what they want.

“I think the council has been respectful of the wishes of the citizens and the business downtown,” he said. “We waited until we made any adjustments to our parking rates downtown, and it seems to be paying dividends.”

Wilmington City Council also voted to suspend closing the 2nd Street parking deck at midnight. They want to keep it open and collecting parking fees 24 hours a day.

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3 Comments on "Wilmington City Council votes to implement recycling plan and not extend parking meter fees"

2015 years 9 months ago

The City of Wilmington Roll-Out Recycling Carts are an excellent addition to their City Services.
Let’s face it, recyclables can really add up, especially in the summer/beach/picnic seasons, which are basically year-round in Wilmington!
To have a streamlined, small footprint cart on wheels is wonderful. No more heavy lifting, just roll it to the curb.

The City has always been exceptional when it comes to providing
re-cycling services and this is another move in the right direction as we all want to keep as much trash out of the landfills.

County Residents should HAVE it So Good! I am one of those County resident tax-payers who have to load the back of my SUV with bins full of recylables every Saturday morning to HAUL my own (trash), uh, I mean, recyclables to a centrally located parking lot that is convenient for the COUNTY to pick up.

I wonder how many County Residents are tired of doing the County’s job for them, and just automatically QUIT recycling?

This is a novel and progressive approach to encourage recycling at the residential level. The City KNOCKED this Ball out of the Park, and scored a Home Run! Way to Go!

Guest CommonTater
2015 years 9 months ago

This welcome news as my recycling bin is overflowing every week!

I have always thought it was backwards as it is. The big green bin should be for the recycle and the smaller container for what must go to landfill. The list of things that can be recycled should be expanded as we are filling up the wrong can!!

2015 years 9 months ago

Not to say recycle is a bad idea,but why should the taxpayers have to pay all the cost of the bins.common sense is who profits from this?
The recycle companies that use these products do ,at no cost to them.
Or does the landfill sell this material and make large profits at the cost of taxpayers?why not do a trail and see where the money and cost,profits end up?you can do a news story on that!!!


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