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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After a surge in unemployment across the region in January, new numbers released today show better a jobs picture for the Cape Fear in February. According to the Department of Commerce’s Labor & Economic Analysis Division the unemployment rate in the Wilmington area was 10.7 percent in February. That’s down from 11.3 percent in January and 11.2 percent in February 2011.

Overall, unemployment decreased in 84 of North Carolina’s 100 counties from January to February, including all five of our counties, and in 81 counties compared to a year ago. In our area only Pender County, where the unemployment rate was 11.7 percent in February 2011, did not see a decrease from year to year.

"A majority of North Carolina’s counties have lower unemployment rates compared to last year," NC Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Dale Carroll said in a statement. "While the over-the-year numbers are positive, we must continue our focus on job growth across the state. We have employment service offices statewide to assist customers with job search opportunities and other workforce related programs."


February January Change
Wilmington Metro 10.7 11.3 -0.6
Bladen 12.7 13.2 -0.5
Brunswick 12.2 13.0 -0.8
Columbus 13.6 14.2 -0.6
New Hanover 9.8 10.3 -0.5
Pender 12.0 12.1 -0.1


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  • GuestMan

    I guess the “job creators” that pay less tax than me are not doing that good of a job.

  • cintrek

    I’ve got a question for the ESC-Why can someone who has been fired for being intoxicated on the job & making costly mistakes collect unemployment benefits? I know a lady who is right now-she doesn’t deserve it. I thought those who had been laid off received unemployment benefits, would you save more money that way?

  • Numberslie

    Could the numbers be down because people have used up all their unemployment, working part time at far less pay or not working at all? Bureaucrats like to throw out numbers that don’t tell the entire story and only claim they are responsible for the positive spin…


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