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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Newt Gingrich clearly has no plans to get out of the presidential race. When a reporter pointed this out after a rally at UNC Wilmington Wednesday, Gingrich said, “I want to commend you. You’re the first reporter to state the obvious.”

Despite lagging in the polls and delegate count behind Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, the former Speaker of the US House plans to plod on and stake his hopes on upcoming primaries in Delaware and North Carolina. His speech in front of a full house at UNCW’s Lumina Theatre was the first public appearance by a GOP candidate in the Tar Heel State so far. Gingrich says it’s the first of many visits in the coming days to a state he says wants a true conservative in the White House.

“Folks came up to me afterward and said, ‘Please stay in. Represent our values. Fight for conservatism,'” Gingrich said. “I think there’s a feeling that they want to send a signal from North Carolina that they want a more conservative platform, a more conservative candidate.”

Gingrich says despite how negative the Republican campaign has become there’s no doubt that when it’s over, all the candidates will stand united to try and unseat President Barack Obama.

“Ultimately this fall it’s a straight-forward choice: Who do you think is better for the future of America? The Republican nominee or Barack Obama?” Gingrich said. “And Romney and Santorum and I have all discussed it, we’ve all talked about it together, that if Santorum is the nominee, Romney and I will support him. If Romney’s the nominee, Santorum and I will support him. If I’m the nominee, Santorum and Romney would support me.”

Still, Gingrich is not ready to say Romney is the best man for the job, and he believes even those endorsing Romney are backing him because they think he’s the inevitable nominee.

“I think my job is to say, ‘Wait a second. We have every right to campaign until it’s over,’ and it’s not over till it’s over,” Gingrich said. “So people say, ‘Why don’t you drop out?’ That’s exactly wrong. This is a great state for sports. You expect basketball teams to play the entire game. I mean, if they came out and said, ‘Well, gee, we really had a bad first half. Why don’t we quit at halftime?’ people would think they were crazy.”

Gingrich said he hopes North Carolina will be a springboard to an open convention, just as it was for Ronald Reagan in 1976. Of course, Reagan eventually lost that race to incumbent Gerald Ford.

Gingrich says he has events planned in Raleigh and eastern North Carolina Monday and Tuesday. He said he will then begin criss-crossing the state later next week.

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14 Comments on "Gingrich hopes NC is springboard to open convention"

2015 years 9 months ago

Gingrich doesn’t need help to be “trashed”. He is trash enough!

2015 years 9 months ago

Gingrich is such a junkpile that he’d make NHC Republicant leadership look half intelligent. A complete waste of time and resources to even listen to him pass his verbal gas. Too bad the taxpayers have to pay for this sleaze-gasbag’s security.

Guest 10101
2015 years 9 months ago

Just read the same post as you and didn’t see anything at all about hating him or trashing him. All I saw was a post about a lack of adequate facilities and the perspective that this couldn’t possibly be of any help to him. Perhaps, if it’s no trouble, you could enlighten me on what I apparently am missing.

2015 years 9 months ago

Newt is wasting his time and his contributor’s money. The guy doesn’t stand a chance!

2015 years 9 months ago

The parking situation was a completely Charlie Foxtrot. The general public had to scramble to find parking that wasnt anywhere near the event because it was held at the Student Events Center. Handicapped Parking was an even bigger fiasco as there was non available and it seemed UNCW has their own requirements for HC parking that the general public doesnt need to abide by (Saw zero legitimate HC parking placards or plates on cars parked in these spots which should have been automatic and should have been available to anybody with a legitimate HC placard not just students). The venue was obviously way too small as hundreds were turned away due to spacing in which WPD, UNCWPD, Secret Service,NHCSO and whatever other Law Enforcement agency chose to show up well surpassing any necessary security for a venue of barely 300 people not to mention the media. Leaving maybe 2/3s if they were lucky for public/students and other UNCW folks to be able to join the event. I dont know whos is to blame be in UNCW or Gingrinch’s staff but it was a complete fiasco for those who wanted to attend. If it did fall on campaign staff its no wonder Newt has been able to get any traction with this kind of incompetent staffing and planning its hard to get any traction.

Youxia Lei
2015 years 9 months ago

Just because you hate Newt doesn’t mean you can trash him!

2015 years 9 months ago

I would like to make a quick couple of comments regarding this post. 1) You imply the media took up 1/3 of the room, which is completely false. The media that I saw present were all standing with their cameras and not using any seats. Just because you are upset that things didn’t go 100% perfectly for you doesn’t mean you should make up facts to make a what was a good event sound bad. 2)This was student organization sponsored event (not going to mention which one). Renting out Lumina Theater is 100% free to student organizations and doesn’t require much in terms of time or paperwork to do so. Renting out some of the larger venues such as Kenan Auditorium or Trask requires loads of paperwork, insurance, money, and it’s simply just a royal pain to do so. Given the fact that most student organizations are privately funded through its members and this event was not a fundraiser that would naturally cover any cost, it’s reasonable to understand why they held it at Lumina. 3)It’s my understanding that UNCW does give students with handicaps special tags that allow them to park in privileged lots, such as faculty lots. For instance, I have a disabled student and she is allowed to park in the same lot that as I due to her disability. However, there are still plenty of handicap spots in the area of the venue and you didn’t get one because you got there too late and they were all full (common sense, duh!)4)Judging by your post and the fact that you complained about parking implies to me that you are not a student or faculty on campus. Had this actually been a UNCW sponsored event (which it was not because state law require campaign events on campus to be sponsored by a student organization), chances are is they would have reserved parking for the public. I see ‘Reserved for Event’ parking signs quite often on campus. Just so you know in the future, anytime you try to come to an event on campus during business hours, come early because parking on campus is truly a pain and EXTREMELY limited if any at all. Even during normal days without events, it is extremely difficult to find parking, especially in these heavily populated parts of campus. Parking is however much more friendly in the evening. 5) And one last thing, I don’t know if you got into the event or not, but this is a Presidential candidate we are talking about. You should have known there would be a lot of people and space would likely be limited. I got there an hour and a half before the event started and there was already a long line. So if you didn’t get in, don’t try and stick the blame on someone else because you got there too late. I will only agree with you on one thing and that is the advertisement of the event was very poor considering that no one knew about it until the day before and that is likely both the student organization and the campaign’s fault. Other than that, it was a really good event and I’m happy I got my pic taken with Newt!! :-)

2015 years 9 months ago

Why, thank you for your comment, Huffington Post. (Or is it Daily Kos?) Lets set this straight, Gingrich was never found guilty of any ethics violations, but “settled” for a censure to stop the insane law suits that liberals were filing against him to bankrupt Gingrich and upset his work. None of his marriages ended due to an extramarital affair. Rather, Gingrich found someone else before the divorce was complete. I think the worst you can say about Gingrich in that sense is that he’s a little needy when it comes to relationships. Gingriches ideas of colonizing the moon called for a *reduced* expenditure by the government and more private initiatives.

Guest not for Newt
2015 years 9 months ago

Four words: pompous, arrogant, immoral, blowhard.

How he can claim to be socially conservative is beyond me. From what I understand, he was censured by the House for ethics violations, is on wife # 3, and had extramarital affairs while married to both of the 2 previous wives. This is not exactly compatible with the Conservative Christian beliefs he claims to uphold.

That and he tells Floridians he wants to colonize the moon. With our budget deficit where it is, proposing such an endeavor is completely irrational from a fiscal point of view – or maybe he was blatantly pandering to the crowd and is a complete liar. Take your choice.

In my opinion, he irrelevant to the race as it stands now and I have to wonder why he is still campaigning. He would be a poor choice for president even if there is a brokered convention. He would never get enough votes from women, moderates, or independents to be able to beat Obama. He’s just too polarizing.

Cindy Alvey
2015 years 9 months ago

The event was sponsored by UNCW’s College Republicans, and the parking rules and regulations fall solely on the outlines with the UNCW college themselves.

There was a tremendous turn out with over 300 students and other attendees.

Please see this 3 minute video interview by WWAY3.com and you will find that Newt Gingrich will be spending a lot more time in North Carolina in the coming weeks, before the April 24th election. I hope you get the chance to see him on one of those other days.


You can find out more about Newt Gingrich’s plans for a 21st Century America, and how he plans to bring the economy back to a prosperous state and create jobs for all American’s at http://www.newt.org/solutions/ and this video log of his plans for Energy Independence at http://www.newt.org/solutions/an-american-energy-plan/.

A personal note from me:

My vote for a Conservative Republican nominee is with Newt Gingrich. His experience working in Congress as a Congressmen on the floor, working with Congress and Presidents as Speaker of the House, and working to get laws changed and implemented for the good of all the people of America was not an easy task, as you can see with our Senate and House of Representative’s, and Barack Obama today. But, Newt Gingrich has a prove record that he can get both sides to come together for the greater good of the people and get stuff done. No other candidate has this record. Not one. Creating jobs for America, is not the only thing American’s need.

We need someone who can lead from all corners of the world, from all aspects of policies, with all people of all nationalities, and for all the people who are American’s or want to become American’s.

I hope you will set aside any discernment’s of his past infidelity history, for which his first wife has forgiven him for, and for his wife now, Callista, whom he has been married to for almost 13 years now. JFK, Bill Clinton, and others all encompassed a philandering history, in their Presidency, but, none exemplified an inability to demonstrate and execute the responsibilities of their Presidency. They were still good President’s who commanded their seat with the utmost diligence, and I have no doubt that Newt Gingrich is no different of a man, but in this, has since seen his waverly ways and has changed his course and future in a faith driven and humbling way.

I hope you will consider voting for Newt Gingrich for President in the April 24, 2012 Presidential Primary Election. He is the man with the real soul that looks at your future in it, and how he can make your future better then you could even imagine.

Thank you.

Cindy Alvey
A Newt Gingrich Volunteer and Supporter

PS: I invite you to subscribe to my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/NewtGingrichSupporter

2015 years 9 months ago


2015 years 9 months ago

It is great to hear of large attendence for Newt, who Inspires with Ideas, Solutions, and Experience. When the GOP starts to consider the only vote that counts on NOV 6, then Newt must be on ballot to win. If Romney is resulting in record LOW turnout now among the GOP, Then what will be result with the General Election in terms of Independents, Reagan Democrats and Deep conservatives. The Establishment support of Romney reminds me of the Titanic. Arrogance’s result is so obvious.

2015 years 9 months ago

Arrogance isn’t the problem here unless you are talking about the gasbag and the altarboy. Romney is a viable candidate with intelligence and accomplishments AND the ability to run against and defeat the incumbent President.

Newt’s wasting time AND money. He needs to go home and leave this race to a hopeful winning candidate. The x-treme right-wing has to stop passing its noxious gas and step aside if it has any hope of seeing a Repubicant in the Whitehouse again.

2015 years 9 months ago

this man has the knowledge and ideas we need .. love his ideas on jobs , energy , economy .. check him out …


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