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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Seventh District Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano is calling out his opponent state Sen. David Rouzer.

Pantano held a news conference today to show video of Rouzer discussing his role in support of amnesty for illegal aliens. Pantano claims he has hounded Rouzer for six months trying to get him to admit the truth.

Last night during a Republican Congressional candidate forum Rouzer admitted he worked with farmers to provide a solution to their work shortage problems. Pantano says that hurts the conservative movement.

“Taking a career in Washington as a public servant and then using that influence and power to personally profit to try to move forward an agenda that hurts the very cause you claim to support is the ultimate of hypocrisy,” Pantano said.

Jessica Wood with Rouzer’s campaign, released this statement:

“The only thing that is shocking is the way Ilario Pantano is desperately distorting the facts to draw attention to himself. Sen. Rouzer has been consistent about this issue – he worked with farmers around North Carolina to help them solve the labor shortage problems they were facing.”

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  • Lewis Friend

    Pantano doesn’t care about Illegal immigration. He cares about getting that job as a Congressman and now he is scared because Rouzer is capable and he will be the nominee and Pantano knows that is it for him. He has been campaigning for three years and he is still in debt. That is not the conservative way either. You are not a Conservative or a man if you don’t pay your own way. As far as immigration Rouzer wants a real guest worker policy to track the workers and at the same time get rid of the ones with criminal records that must go. Pantano never says send them back. He always says secure the border just like David Rouzer. If Pantano wants to be a real Republican and serve this district then support Rouzer and let him replace McIntyre.

  • Guest1776

    As with most things Pantano, there is little “there” there. Here’s hoping those who are sipping his Kool-Aid will wake up & see their emperor has no clothes, and no clue. Voters are seeking responsible, stable, adult leadership. Obviously Mr. Pantano doesn’t fit the bill, and this so-called press conference is another log on that fire.

    Back to the soup line for you, LT.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    He’s facing the same problem against Rouzer that he faced in 2010 against McIntyre: When your political beliefs are so similar, it’s hard to find issues to campaign on. 2010’s campaign hinged on “He has a “D” behind his name and so does Nancy Pelosi.”

    This “immigration issue” against Rouzer is a tempest in a teapot. The simple fact is that this country NEEDS migrant farm labor and currently, many of them are here illegally because it’s simply so easy to be here illegally. However, it’s a totally separate issue from illegals entering urban areas with the intention to live here permanently and collect benefits. Pantano’s attempt to link the two is weak, at best.

    The simple fact is that we probably need half or more of the illegals that are currently here to provide migrant and cheap labor. No one can provide an accurate assessment of that need because the government hasn’t even looked at the issue.

    Instead of distorting Rouzer’s record, Ilario should develop a workable plan to seal the Southern border and manage the number of people allowed here on work permits.

  • robo

    This is a very sore spot for Rouzer, and one of his weaknesses. His press secretary does little to explain what is meant by working with farmers to relieve their labor problems.

  • Guest Redneck Across the River

    As long as big business wants cheap labor, the illegals will stay, regardless of who is elected. Big business runs the nation.

  • Guest21

    Why can’t unemployed Americans and welfare recipients fill the needs of farmers who need seasonal help?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Courts have ruled that you can’t make welfare recipients work as a condition for collecting payments.

    Some unemployed people are starting to work farm labor, but only those who are accustomed to physical labor and low wages. You’re not going to see unemployed degreed professionals harvesting squash. Jeez, you can’t even get them to move to where jobs are available – you want them to bend over and pick vegetables!?!?

    If we sealed the border and arrested every illegal alien, we’d have a massive food shortage in this country. We need millions of them every year, but we need to manage their presence as we used to do forty years ago.

  • SurfCityTom

    because they are not willing to work at very, physically challenging jobs which pay less than they receive in entitlements.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ….are not used for farm labor. They are used for professionals possessing a highly technical, specialized knowledge and training.

  • Guest234

    Granting H1B visas to aliens for seasonal farm worker jobs is actually quite regular and more common every year as farmers are unable to fill the jobs with residents. This is the most out of context story I’ve heard in a long time. Illegals are one thing but this particular issue is not even a political problem. Resident farm workers have disappeared and the growth of the H1B visa program has allowed farmers to have seasonal workers to continue harvesting crops. To insinuate gotcha politics with this is disingenuous and sleazy of Pantano.

  • Pa of 4

    Rouzer finally confesses that he lobbied for amnesty with the AG Jobs amnesty bill in 2007. Sorry, Jessica,you have it wrong, Pantano didn’t distort the facts, the facts are the facts, Rouzer tried to skirt around the truth again and the documentation is on record to prove he lobbied for illegals to have amnesty. I feel that Rouzer sold me out by making thousands and thousands and was willing to compromise my future for his special interest group had this bill passed. This would have been detrimental to conservatives had this bill passed like Rouzer wanted it to. Barack Obama is still advocating for illegals to be given amensty, and why do you think, obviously it is so illegals will vote democrat, another democrat voting block, this would be detrimental for conservatives as well as the future of this country. I am fed up with career politicians, lobbyists and establishment politicians selling the citizens of this country out for their political and financial gain.

  • Really?

    He has No Plan thats why he has to attack Rouzer.Tell your man to give us a plan! So tired of his attacks on everyone when he doesn’t have a job.Oh wait he goes to peoples house for Meet and Greets hoping to raise money for his campaign (his lifestyle).Pantano wouldn’t pick fruit if his family would starve.His arrogance makes me sick!

  • Guest757

    Mr. Rouzer is part of the problem we have going on in this country right now. When he gets called out on something he back tracks and we never get a real answer. Mr. Pantano is the only man that can beat McIntyre..

  • Sick Twisted Freak

    Well said! Rouzer just exposed himself as a typical politician. He would latch onto the establishment from day one, and that’s bad new for our district, our state, and our nation.

  • lloyd mckeithan

    I suppose most of the people who dislike Mr. Pantano would volunteer to protect this country as he has. The men he killed (legal or not; I was not there) would probably turn on this country for a few bucks as the rest of the world has done. Personally I am tired of supporting the world while our own country goes without. I have been over to third world countries and seen how they help each other. They don’t period. Look at the pictures of Haiti for example; the people giving are the ones doing the work. They are carrying the bags of rice, water, etc. while the people it is meant for sit on their behinds and watch waiting for the handouts to begin. I am so terribly tired of supporting the world (part of this country included) with money I personally worked for and seeing the very same people with county vouchers (plastic cards) driving new vehicles, having cell phones, and living the life of a person who actually earned the right to do so! People you better wake up before the ones who earned these rights are doing without because our great minds in politics have given it away (in their name) and no one has anything. No politician is right all the time but lets try to let the ones who have earned the right to represent us do so. At least give them a chance; if they don’t produce throw them out>>>>>>>>>>>>


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