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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Warmer weather earlier in the season means more people are already making their way to the beach. That’s boosting business and morale.

The Shell Island Resort at Wrightsville Beach says it has been booked for the past couple of weeks and through this weekend. Managers say they usually are busy, but not this early in the season.

Now they are making adjustments to handle the surplus of visitors, but they say it’s a good problem to have. The resort has hired more employees to help cover the surge.

“We’ve kind of pushed hiring a lot,” manager Heidi Bass said. “We have a bigger staff right now than we usually do this time of year just to answer phones especially.”

Shell Island Resort is booked throughout the Easter weekend, which they say is normal.

With a promising forecast for next week, they expect the visitors to keep coming.

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  • jd

    Yeah– Just what we need is more tourists.

  • Guest 10101

    Can’t even begin to count how may times I’ve seen this before ……….

  • anne

    Being in a beach community and owning a business, I have some tourists as my customers. I have seen the good and the bad. My favorite is the ones that come in, get nasty, and then tell me if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have a business. Excuse me – you are wrong! I have a business because 12 months out of the year, the locals support me. They are the ones who are willing to give my name out to others, and they are the ones that recommend my business. They are the ones that support me during the year, not you. You are more than welcome in my business and I will do my best to serve you as if you were my regular customer, but please, don’t be condescending and act like you are the only reason I am here. You are not! Come and enjoy the area and have a good time. But remember – many of us live here yearlong and we still have to go to work, so we are not on your time, and one more thing – you are here on vacation and don’t have a certain time you have to be somewhere – I do so give me some consideration while you are on the road.


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