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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — John Edwards’s campaign has repaid $2.1 million in public matching funds received after the North Carolina Democrat dropped out of the 2008 presidential primary amid a sex scandal.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Election Commission confirmed Tuesday that the agency had received the money. The bipartisan election commission ruled unanimously last year that Edwards was improperly paid the taxpayer money after he suspended his campaign on Jan. 30, 2008.

Edwards appealed that ruling, which the FEC upheld March 12. The campaign was given 30 days to send a check to the U.S. Treasury.

Edwards faces a criminal trial set to begin Thursday on unrelated campaign finance charges over nearly $1 million paid by two wealthy donors to help hide his pregnant mistress during the race. He has pleaded not guilty.

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3 Comments on "Edwards campaign repays taxpayers $2.1 million"

2015 years 8 months ago

I hope johnny’s house of cards keeps crumbling down around him. How great will it be if he ends up broke.

2015 years 8 months ago

[John] “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest and most silver-tongued of them all?”

[Mirror] “Why that would be you, master.

[John] “And what else, Mirror?”

[Mirror] “You’re ten feet tall and bulletproof!

[John] “That’s right Mirror, and don’t you forget it or I’ll break you up into ten thousand tiny glass shards!”

[Mirror] “You’re soooooo right master, I’ll make sure I say that first next time!

2015 years 8 months ago

Thursday with jury selection.

He’s taking a pretty bold chance that 12 jurors will find him innocent versus how a Judge, appointed by the White House occupant, will rule on his case.

And it was reported he turned down a plea deal, some months ago, which would have allowed him to serve 6 months, with time off for good bahaviour, and retain his law license.

Now, if found guilty, he faces something like 30 years, $1.5 million in fines, and loss of his license.

Does he really think he can pull this off or escape with house arrest at Figure 8 or Bald Head?


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