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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The City of Wilmington is taking steps toward providing city services to annexed Monkey Junction. But one area annexed by the city more than a decade ago still is not receiving some of those basic services.

“The taxes are enormous, and I get no services,” said Sandra Hankin, who has lived off Seabreeze Blvd. in Masonboro for more than 32 years. In 2000 the City of Wilmington annexed the area. She says despite paying her taxes and the city’s many promises, she still does not have city water, a city sewer system or many other services.

“The city has not done more than temporary, or shall we say baby steps towards addressing that,” Hankin said. “It’s something to keep me quiet, but nothing that really is effective.”

The city says the problem has to do with easements.

“There are about one percent remaining that do need to get water and sewer hookups, and the reason that that hasn’t been done is basically because we have not been able to get easements to the properties,” city spokeswoman Malissa Talbert said.

Residents say problem is the city is low-balling them for access to their soundfront property.

“They at first offered us $11,000,” resident Madeline Scully said. “We’re in negotiation. It’s not going to fly.”

People who live off Seabreeze Blvd. say residents in Monkey Junction have every reason to be worried about annexation.

“I know those people in monkey junction have great concerns, and they need to, because there are promises that have not been kept,” Hankin said.

Residents we spoke with said they approached the city about a rebate on their taxes, but the city said no.

The city says the long-awaited services are probably a year or two away.

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  • Natice Wilmingtonian

    Have you noticed the sidewalk being put in on Market street near 23rd? Well that section was annexed into the city in 1963. They are just getting “round to it”. Be patient and keep waiting.

  • Guest757

    Can the State do something about this greedy little city we call Wilmington.. It just isn’t right they grab as much land as they can and then can’t supply the poeple city services… Come on… There has to be something done to stop them again…

    Saffo and his lackeys just want more and more on the tax payers dollar.. ENOUGH is ENOUGH !!!! Have they forgotten they work for the people?

    If just hope the people of our city all come out and VOTE !! they all out…

  • Guest Reply
  • Jim Rocket

    Why don’t the people who are paying the larger taxes for no service find a young hungry lawyer and take the city to court for fraudulent taxation or something similar. It would be a great way for a group of young attorneys to make a name for themselves, assuming they win.

  • bjones

    I was just reading several letters about parts of Wilmington that have been annexed and not received all the vaunted city services. Maybe the foes of annexation need to take a new path and have the legislature force the cities to provide all the services including sidewalks before they can tax. It is amazing that they can’t provide basic services or balance their budget but can build convention centers and nown possibly a baseball stadium. Sometimes my memory escapes me…how many city council members are in the commercial, or residential real estate business or are financed by the homebuilders association? I think it is great that a number of property owners have contacted the city about selling their land at a reduced price. That is great! Let Mandalay have the deal so the property is taxable.Why would the city want to buy the land itself and make it non taxable? Food for thought.


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