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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — The Governor’s Highway Safety Program says state and local police across North Carolina caught nearly 13,500 lead-footed drivers during a weeklong effort to reduce speeding.

Program director Becky Wallace said Thursday that police recorded more than 39,000 traffic and criminal citations because of the stepped-up patrols during Easter Week.

Nearly 10 percent of the speeding citations were handed out in Wake County, which led the state with more than 1,200. Wake was followed by Mecklenburg, Guilford, Onslow and Forsyth counties.

During a similar campaign last year, police cited roughly 12,500 drivers for speeding.

In 2011, there were 428 speed-related traffic fatalities on North Carolina roads, including 412 in which victims were not wearing their seat belts.

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  • Guest28451

    Lets be honest the fines for speeding are 25 the court costs are 200. You tell me whats really the purpose of the speeding tickets. Oh BTW many studies have shown those driving 10MPH over the limit actually have a lower rate of accidents then those who drive at or slightly below the limit. The fact is speed limts were set where they are now based on cars whos suspensions and what not were nowhere near where they are today.. Europe has much higher speed limits on avg (not counting the Autobahn) with much lower fatality and accident rates. In addition it has been shown repeated that a majority of speed limits are set in order to generate traffic revenue to fund through speed taxes. Its a joke and it always will be.


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