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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland is once again in the spotlight. The town has suspended five police officers without pay as a result of ongoing investigations.

Town Manager David Hollis and interim Police Chief Mike James informed the following officers of their suspensions today: Deputy Chief Karl Smith, Lt. Bill Kozak, Lt. Rick Dellapia, Officer Michael Landen and Officer John Blasingame.

“It’s been going on for some time and just recently we received some information that led us to this point right here,” Hollis said. “We will continue with the ongoing investigations until we have all the necessary information to make an informed and final decision on these officers and their further employment with the Town of Leland Police Department. We feel strongly that the actions we have taken today are warranted based on the information we have thus far received.”

James says there are several allegations of policy violations, but could not give any more details because of the ongoing investigation.

“We want the citizens of the Town of Leland to know and understand that we are dedicated to providing effective and courteous law enforcement,” James said. “The level of service required of the police department by the town and the citizens will not be diminished by the actions taken today.”

“This is fairly indefinite until we can get the full information from the investigation,” Hollis said. “I’ve asked that the investigation be expedited so that we can come to a conclusion fairly soon.”

Hollis and James say the ultimate goal is to re-establish trust and move forward to changing the perceptions people have of the police department.

“To be able to do that, we have got to check ourselves and make sure that we are following the same rules and laws that we expect everybody else to do,” James said.

Last year, during an audit of documents and training files, state regulators discovered Blasingame had not completed his mandatory in-service training in 2009 due to his military commitment. Training and Standards said then that Blasingame should be relieved of his duty immediately.

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  • Guest45679098

    If there secrets how do you know??? I have a secret too!!!

  • Leland Gal

    It is for sure that we don’t need the Union in Leland. We have enough trouble as it is, why want more… This way when they do wrong out the door they can go…

  • Guest3278

    Are you kidding me Justice for Leland 5. How about all the others that were recently let go. Where were you for the firing of Bost, Ernest,and the Officer who shot the alligator. My understanding is this is a right to work state and they can fire you for almost anything. Y’all bitch about unions but this would never of happened if the Police Departments were represented by one.

  • chris

    anyone know what happen on sat night around 12;30 i counted 18 police cars going sout on rt17 passed wal-mart .. and the bird in the sky ,,, what happen do we have to worrie about some one running ?

  • SecretIndicment

    Duh the details aren’t being released because that’s how silent indictments work. Hold on Justice for Leland 5. wait for the arrests and charges., which are coming soo very soon. All will be revealed then.

  • Grand Ole Party

    You’re watching entirely 2 much television.

  • Guest34534

    Take a look at the picture of the front door of Leland PD above. Anyone have any idea who the two – probably cops – people are in image? If it’s an old pix, are they members of the “gone cops” club?

  • Jerry Jerry

    Forget Mrs. Boozeman. Let’s hear from Mrs. DellaPia and Mrs. Blasingame!

  • I know

    Hope you don’t beleive these stupid people, My self and several other people I know went to you complaining and you did what you do now, you go to the manager and have him check it out just like you did for me back a couple of months ago. Guest whoever you are, what do you expect the officials to do ignore it when someone goes to them with a complaint. Grow up!!!! Oh wait you must be one of those kids that when mom said don’t touch it’s hot, you endedup at the er with burns. So quick to make a judgement
    Keep up the good work Ms B and Council. You’re a good team

  • agentman

    One department down, now its time to hit the DAs office and Sheriffs office and get rid of all the Good Ol Boys. Bring in the SBI and hit them all hard. Brunswick corruption at its best.

  • Guest10111213

    Each time you were arrested??? You sound like a great person!!!!

  • Polly II

    Quote for the day “THIS TOO IN TIME SHALL PASS”. What do you think about that now Gordon? Will Ms. Dellapia survive from this one? Guess not! Will Nosak go to Afghanistan? Will Cry Baby Landen get his wish to become just like his supervisors and will Karl get a neck? Will the steroid King get more drugs? Stay tuned! Same Bad station, same bad timing. Just saying!

  • Guest 987

    Mayor Bozeman, could you give us a comment now on the Chief and officers you “trusted” so much. Oh wait a second, I know what you’ll say, it goes something like this, ” Well….(long pause), I can’t, I, I, I just can’t” Pity you and Walter Futch used up all your energy conspiring with these very officers and others to get rid of your former Chief Sanders but couldnt bring yourself even to comment on this. You’re one term and done.

  • Keep Asking!

    So glad you revisited that in the end of the article. WHY didn’t Leland do what they were told to do by T & S regarding Officer Blasingame? Kblue said “all he did was lie” about his dates of service. How dare this department trivialize lying and the falsifying of military and service documents! WHO helped him with the creation of those documents? Isn’t lying about military service a federal offense? Fix Leland was onto something big. This is just the tip of the iceberg with the level of cover-up that went on regarding this particular officer. The old comments are still available. The lady doth protest too much methinks.

  • deputy 25

    hey Blasingame, i wonder if they are going o take you off the ‘in serfvice’ ttraing film that come out this year about PTDS the state requires us to sit in a look at for 4 hrs.????? sounds like your blaze and game is over. i fel there are charges coming soon!!!!!!!! tarnished badge come to mind?????? watched it last year in in service training. your corrupt good ole chief aint there to save you!!! now2 i guess Leland has the highest unemployment rate in the Brunswick county area now!!!

  • Ten Can

    Some of the comments here appear to know what those guys did? If not why the enthusiasm for their suspension? Could it be they were not aggressive enough on writing tickets and generating revenue for the town? One guy here said he hated road side stops so do I but that comes from the higher ups not the grunts. Anyway just what did they do?

  • John Carpenter

    Way to go Mike! Keep up the good work. I knew you were the right choice to clean that place up!

  • guesty

    Just make sure to finish the job and don’t let any of them weasel their way back in. Fire them now.

  • PublicAvenger

    I hope only the bad ones are fired or demoted. If they were wrong, beyond any doubt. If this does bring openings, I hope an effort will be made to invite back Foss, Lewis, Bost, and several others, who were wrongly treated, by the LPD.

  • Citizen of the Republic

    Isn’t it possible to find professional law enforcement officers?

    It would seem that after all the bad publicity, that things would tighten up, and work properly.

    Leland is changing, and the services of the police need to change with it. Get on the program, there are too many officers looking for work in this country to continue to have these problems.

  • david white

    And like i told them each time i was arrested,,, I will have the last laugh,,so this one is for you hahahah suckers!

  • Guest5050

    This has been needed for a long time.

  • gordon hobbs

    freedom of speech is protected in the constitution and I applaud wway tv 3 for furnishing a forum for citizens to express their views.however, I do wish people who comment would be required to use their own names. This would prevent a few cowards from making their slandering and poisonous remarks under the cloak of anonymity.when you are not proud enough of what you say to sign your name to what you say then don’t say it.

  • Old Guy

    PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vengeance is mine saith the LORD!
    They hurt a lot of individuals and families. Good riddance to bad trash!

  • Guest3458867

    This is probably a really positive sign that the “old boys club” is coming to an end in Leland PD. While we will likely never find out what these cops were suspended – I suspect gonna be fired – for due to NC’s “personnel privacy laws”, they likely don’t do this without thinking it through. I, like many, have never really had any direct dealings with Leland PD other than the frequent roadblocks.
    Being that I drive – alot – I run into these roadchecks in many locals. I don’t drink and drive, and my car is properly reg’d and insured, so I have zero to be concerned about at them. Overhead light on at night, license and reg in hand, and they are the only ones that consistently have a really nasty attitude.
    I did have a conversation with Mike James a little while back, and from what I gathered from the guy, he didn’t like what he was seeing in the department, and was “all ears” for the residents concerns.
    Really happy to see he’s actually following through.
    One thing I find interesting in the quote above is that “The level of service required of the police department by the town and the citizens will not be diminished by the actions taken today.”
    They’ve suspended five cops, and they can still provide the same level of service. That means that these five were probably not doing anything useful.

  • Guest123

    Actually I think it means that the Town of Leland was spend too much money out of the town’s budget to pay for officers we don’t need. ESPECIALLY if the town will not lose any level of service with them gone. If they are not effective or doing the wrong thing or whatever, but we will not lose any level of servise, why don’t we save some of the town budget and fix a road or clean up something or just put the excess money to good use (FOR ONCE).

  • brent l.

    thats great news. leland has no room for crooked cops, and its about time they start a mass exitous of the ones giving LPD a bad name

  • kblue2221984

    I’ll make this short and sweet, No wait!!! I’ll make this sweet how’s that? I’m going to hit on all my talents tonight as its a good night to do as such right? First? My newest talent, knock knock jokes, ready? “Knock Knock” (20 seconds later), KNOCK KNOCK”!!” (30 seconds later) KNOCK STINKING KNOCK”!!!! Just then a janitor walks by and says, “Knock all you want sunny no ones gonna answer they all got suspended” GET IT????
    Now? a poem,
    Once in a place called Leland
    Lived several Cop demons
    Along came a Chief
    who in only 2 weeks
    Cleaned house and made Leland a GREAT place to live, visit, tour, shop, eat, walk your dog, wash your car, Um, a bit off track I get it. …..Its a work in progress.

    Citizens of Leland take great pride in who I am hoping becomes the new Chief. Mr James? I have heard NOTHING negative about you. I’m hard to impress and you have indeed done just that. Great job looking forward to working with you.. …Say’s who? Say’s I was right all along Kblue!

  • guesty

    Richard, now are you going to have the cook out?

  • Grand Ole Party

    I have no doubt it was time for an overhaul in Leland. However you seem to have a case of verbal diarrhea and mental constipation. If you were any dumber, we’d have to water you. Really I am not trying to be mean, but you are simply a witless idiot. I don’t expect N.W. to have quality officers, the town doesn’t pay enough to hire decent employees. But can you at least pretend? I am sorry cupcake, but I just don’t think the belt goes through all the loops. You’re one peanut short of a snikers!!

  • Brian

    Anyone that has a ticket that was written by any of the named officers should fight it. You’ll win. The ticket will be dismissed.

  • Guest2020

    I made sure to listen closely to the names given tonight and remember when KBlue mentioned them. He might have been nutty in his delivery, but he’s been right all along.

  • GuestUSMC

    Got to hand it to them…they were masters at setting up ambushes on US 17 near Magnolia Greens.

  • Leland Gal

    I can’t wait to see what Kblue and Boom Boom have to say about this. Kblue seems to know a lot of what is going on and Boom Boom justs wants to run her mouth. Hope that the Police Dept will be straighten out soon and Leland can get back to normal.

  • Boom Boom

    Yep, I will Farris gone, new manager, got a real good feeling about the lack of future abuse by exiting department heads.

  • kblue2221984

    Oh wow! 1945 jokes! Cool!!!!!!!! okay can I have a turn el stupido persono??? That’s Spanish for “Gorden’s jokes are Old” Ummmmmmmmmmm you ready for my comeback G.H.? “I know you are but what am I”? Great stuff Gordey………. Keep up the great work and um here is a link for you. http://www.oldpersonjokeupdater.com, or here’s a book you might like “Out dated Joke updater for dummies…….Welcome snookem bear!!!!!!Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Grand Ole Party

    Relax, after all I said I wasn’t trying to be mean haha. But really this coming from a guy telling third grade knock knock jokes? You have hit rock bottom buttercup. We still await the BBQ you promised so very long ago.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Here is a web site for you also http://www.howtobearealcop.com Check it out, who knows maybe it will be a stepping stone for you.

  • GuestReality

    For kblue, unfortunately, immaturity is an ideal, not a defect.

  • kblue2221984

    AWE! My jokes are so bad you use them!!! I’m honored! I’m not mad at u Gordie, I clicked on the web site and it had a photo of your boy with a red circle and a line through it. He was quite the salesmen huh? Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Grand Ole Party

    I am afraid that you lack any real investigative skills, I am not who you think I am moron. However you can call me Gordie if it makes you feel any better Richard. Maybe someday it will all come together for you, I doubt it though.

  • gordon hobbs

    what in the hell are you babbling about k poo!!! I don’t write anything I don’t sign my name on!!!!! I was born in 1943. You are the perfect example of a child in a man’s body! I don’t know what prompted you to sling my name around in this mess but as i told you before I will not engage in a battle of wits with you because you are obviously unarmed.And by the way I know who you are….

  • kblue2221984

    Yes Sir and you are cordially invited. Date to follow “arrest'(s)” Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Grand Ole Party

    I would bet that you will be arrested first for impersonating an officer. I think instead of the blue light bandit, we will just call you the Blue Light Buttercup.

  • kblue2221984

    I want to smack the stupid out of you so bad but I’m so scared their won’t be anything left!!!! This is a joke people, Kblue doesn’t condone violence. Just laughter. Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Grand Ole Party

    Be honest with yourself….Your sentence should have ended like this, “I want to smack the stupid out of you so bad but I’m so scared” The truth will set you free buttcup. Says who? Say’s Richard still don’t have a clue!!!

  • kblue2221984

    You really showed me!!!Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!


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