UPDATE: Pender wildfire contained

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Submitted: Mon, 04/16/2012 - 2:22am
Updated: Mon, 04/16/2012 - 3:29pm

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — For the second spring in a row, there is a wildfire burning in the Holly Shelter Game Land. This time it’s significantly smaller and continues to weaken.

A North Carolina Forest Service spokeswoman says the nearly 500-acre fire is now 100 percent contained. Firefighters believe it started as a property owner’s controlled burn near Hampstead. Crews from Pender, New Hanover and Onslow Counties helped control the fire.

“We were able to get on it with a lot of aircraft yesterday, a lot of tractors. We had 8 tractor plow units on it,” spokeswoman Laura Prevatte said. “We had all kinds of aircraft that we didn’t have available last year.”

No homes are in the path of the fire at this point. No one has been asked to evacuate.

The combination of gusty winds and very low humidity makes for a dangerous situation when it comes to fire. People are advised not to burn in these conditions.


  • Guest123 says:

    A warning ticket was issued….

  • Old Resident says:

    Well, Well…news in the neighborhood is the people burn their trash in the backyard anyway. Common sense would tell you NOT to burn on a freakin WINDY day! Oh….but I forgot, firemen are above the law right??

  • warren chinn says:

    please release the name of the village idiot that thought it was smart to burn in these conditions.

  • What Do I Know says:

    Controlled burn my rearend! The news has been saying, DONT BURN! DON’T BURN! This is what happens when you burn your trash in your back yard! ON A WINDY DAY!!!! Dig a little deeper, you’ll find out who did it and why it’s being called a “controlled burn”….

  • Kay says:

    I sure hope this guy gets fined or has to pay towards all the fire dept resources used to help in this fire. How stupid was he to attempt this so called ‘controlled burn’ all by himself! Lordy! Now it’s going to the place that burned all last summer! Shame on him!!!

  • SusanTK says:

    Once again brave men and women putting themselves in harm’s way to protect life and property of others. Paid or not,these people deserve a huge thanks. THANKS!!!!

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