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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A recent survey recently completed for the City of Wilmington shows city residents are still skittish about being downtown after dark.

In response to the question, “Please indicate how safe you feel in the downtown business district during the day,” almost 85 percent said they felt “very safe” or “safe.” Only 4 percent said they felt “unsafe” or “very unsafe” while there was daylight.


But once the sun goes down, the numbers start to change a bit. In response to the question, “Please indicate how safe you feel in the downtown business district at night,” almost half said they felt “unsafe” or “very unsafe.” Only 3.5 percent said they felt “very safe” and almost 20 percent said “safe.”

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4 Comments on "City of Wilmington survey shows downtown safety perception depends on time of day"

Terry S
2015 years 10 months ago

During a recent visit to Greenville, SC, downtown, after dark, was filled with people. Safety concerns were far, far away as many young families pushed strollers as they walked, dined or had fun playing in the city parks. It’s clear that we have much work to do to revitalize downtown Wilmington into a family-friendly destination.

The addition of a family entertainment venue – e.g., multi-use stadium facility – would go a long, long way towards taking us where we need to be to compete with other cities as a place to live, work and play.

2015 years 10 months ago

That would be the same for every city in the country. GEEEEEEEZ

2015 years 10 months ago

As my ten-year old would say, “Duh.”

2015 years 10 months ago


Why is no one reporting on the mugging of a white man in his late 20’s by 6 African American teens on 4th street downtown last week, at 8:30 on a friday. How can any one feel safe anymore. We have many ladies walking back and forth downtown during early hours of the evening and now they have to worry about innocent misguided teens attacking them..? Is this a hate crime you tell me I think it is.

A few months back another white young man living on the same street was attacked again by young black males with a gun.

I guess a George Zimmerman situation is going to happen here soon as well. Why is no one discussing this. This is close to churches and schools.


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