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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — UNCW students held a silent protest this afternoon against the sale of some controversial t-shirts.

The UNCW Women’s Studies Department and the university’s LGBTQIA Resource Office held a panel today selling shirts for $15 that read “I had an abortion.”

Three students stood outside the panel room wearing what they say were equally shocking t-shirts. One read “I haven’t killed a baby” and another reading “I euthanized my grandpa” They say the abortion t-shirts are out of line and embarrassing to the uncw student body.

Jimmy Eastman, spokesman for the student protest, says he hopes people realize how serious abortion is and see how unpraiseworthy it is.

“It’s still a very controversial issue,” he said. “It’s not about the abortion or pro-choice. It’s about ending a human life and that’s the real issue here. That’s what we’re trying to get at.”

Those who support selling the shirts say they are simply trying to destigmatize the word abortion in hopes people realize that it is OK to talk about it.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    The shirt clearly states, “I had an abortion…”

    The Atlanta Braves shirt you reference doesn’t say “I am an Atlanta Brave…” or “I play for the Atlanta Braves,” does it?

    Apples and oranges. If you didn’t have an abortion, why ***LIE*** about it?

  • GuestMan

    Just because you wear the T-shirt doesn’t mean you had an abortion. I see people with Atlanta Braves T-shirts and it doesn’t mean they play for them. It is freedom of speech, like the people that protest at 16th and Medical Ctr Dr. that don’t believe in abortion.

  • Guest327

    It is freedom of speech that is at issue here, not abortion. Can Right to Life or I chose life shirts be worn without controversy? If so, these should be allowed as well. Let it run its course. All the shirts will be gone in a week or so.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ….to date the ones who put out.

  • robo

    This is very poor taste on the part of the students and the university. To indicate that one is proud of having an abortion is disgusting. Glad I don’t have a child in that university.

  • WilmingtonMAJ

    Why shouldn’t one be proud of having an abortion? It’s legal and the right thing to do in many many cases. More people should have them quite frankly, there are are too many people in this world as it is. What if all the crack heads and trailer trash that live off the government had abortions instead of breeding…a whole let less children living off the government…be proud of it ladies!

  • Disgusted

    So I guess its now ok to advertise to all that you are proud to have murdered a child!? That is just wonderful. I for one will not support UNCW at all!!! What poor taste. I can’t think of a more vulgar way to express your rights to free speech. Pro-choice??? Please… just stop having sex or for crying out loud use protection. Hey maybe those with STD’s will also be proud enough to wear shirts stating they have them….hey why not then everyone can have fun parading their promiscuity! !!

  • Beach Bum

    Hey disgusted…perhaps we’d of been better off if your dad had pulled out.

    Take a pill and chillax. The idea of education is to education so people can make an informed decision based on education instead of emotion.

    If the county commissioners had not reveresed their deicision to accept the funding from Obama on the “free” birth control crap, actually used some common sense and said no, we would not have I had an abortion T shirts.

    Oh yeah one more thing…you definitely should of been blow job.

  • Guest7969

    only THEIR parents exercised this option…

  • notababymurderer

    You might as well wear a swastika. You’re no better than the Nazis who killed people that they considered to be less than human. Anyone who kills innocents is disgusting.

  • JP Prichard

    “Trailer Trash” has a couple of problems. 1) She’s a crack head. 2) She’s pregnant.

    Which one of these problems is the CORRECT one to address for her benefit and the benefit of society?

    If she has an abortion, isn’t she still a crack head that needs help?
    If she has an abortion, wouldn’t she have one more thing she’ll hate herself for doing, if she wanted keep the child but for her addiction?

    What about us? What kind of people are WE for telling her, or anyone, that the ‘right’ thing to do is to kill her child so we won’t be burdened by her and her brat? What kind of people are we that we wouldn’t pull out ALL the stops to help her get clean in light of the fact there are now two people that need her to?

    All of my friends that were adopted after being born into difficult situations deserve to live. As well as all the kids that were adopted that I’ll never know. And all the kids whose parents kept them in the difficult circumstances. If someone were to suggest that we’d all be better off if they hadn’t lived, it would be very hurtful to them. Makes me have a very visceral reaction. Similar to the one I get when I think of the people that would spit on Vietnam vets – people that were also targeted because America didn’t want to address the real issues, and harmed THEM for their association instead. Just like that babies targeted by abortion.

  • GuestMan

    It is still a freedom of speech issue, like you being able to say what comes out of your feeble mind… Now cry because I didn’t talk nice to you.


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