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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — UNCW students held a silent protest this afternoon against the sale of some controversial t-shirts.

The UNCW Women’s Studies Department and the university’s LGBTQIA Resource Office held a panel today selling shirts for $15 that read “I had an abortion.”

Three students stood outside the panel room wearing what they say were equally shocking t-shirts. One read “I haven’t killed a baby” and another reading “I euthanized my grandpa” They say the abortion t-shirts are out of line and embarrassing to the uncw student body.

Jimmy Eastman, spokesman for the student protest, says he hopes people realize how serious abortion is and see how unpraiseworthy it is.

“It’s still a very controversial issue,” he said. “It’s not about the abortion or pro-choice. It’s about ending a human life and that’s the real issue here. That’s what we’re trying to get at.”

Those who support selling the shirts say they are simply trying to destigmatize the word abortion in hopes people realize that it is OK to talk about it.

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