Intruders killed in Jacksonville home invasion; no charges expected

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Submitted: Mon, 04/16/2012 - 6:27pm

JACKSONVILLE, NC (AP) — Police say they don’t intend to file charges in a Jacksonville home invasion in which two intruders were killed.

The Daily News of Jacksonville reported that police Chief Mike Yaniero said Monday that the investigation of the Sunday shootings is in its early stages. He says it doesn’t look like charges will be filed against the occupants of the home, two of whom are Camp Lejeune Marines.

Police identified those killed as Maurice Skinner and Diego M. Everette, both 33 years old.

Police say three residents returned to their home about 2 a.m. Sunday and found two people inside. The residents said the intruders attacked them.

The three were treated at Onslow Memorial Hospital and released, and police haven’t given their names.

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  • About time says:

    I’m sorry to hear that the 3 homeowners were injured but at least the intruders won’t be bothering anyone else now. I agree that it’s a shame that charges were even considered……

  • T41L says:

    They deserve it if they were going to possibly harm the Marines they’re (the marines) are trying to help and protect this country while these two goons are trying to make it harder on their lives. Not cool. But thankfully the people were not harmed. I hate to say it but the intruders got what was coming.

  • guesty says:

    Notice the time of my comment, 9:19am and then notice the time of the story: “Submitted by WWAY on Mon, 04/16/2012 – 2:27pm.”

    That means the story has been updated since it was first posted with their names released.

  • blink says:

    I hope none of their stuff was broken during the struggle.

  • Guest4568777 says:

    The types who would attempt a home invasion likely cost all of us incalculable amounts in policing services, court costs, corrections systems, loss/damage to public & private property, real harm to people, illegitimate children, etc. Millions of future dollars and untold suffering were eliminated for the cost of two bullets.

  • Reader says:

    The names of the criminals are in stated in the article……….

  • guesty says:

    Good job guys, keep taking out the trash. I can’t wait for the names of the criminals to be posted and for their family members to tell us what good people they were and they only made a mistake.

  • Hush Dayum says:

    People make mistakes yall white folks always got something to say yall bad put ya real name and show your pic…hell they human they mad a mistake, if yall whites wouldnt make it so hard they wouldnt have to so such things

  • Guest28451 says:

    :) Nice to see somebody adhere to the true gun control rule which is gun control means hitting where you aim.. Shoot enough of these scummy bastards and maybe they’ll get the message and rethink their life of crime before they lose their life :)

  • Guestfedup says:

    Best news I heard all week!

  • William Hays says:

    Put one in the “WIN” column for the good guys.

  • Wilmington Cab Driver says:

    Getting Real About Cutting Taxes begins at the barrel of a shotgun. And God Bless America for it.

  • GuestUSMC says:

    They made 2 big mistakes……….first, breaking in a home. Second, the home of US Marines. I say, well done and Semper Fi……..The only thing that disturbs me is that charges were even considered.

  • Guest28546 says:

    This is not a race issue! People like you make it about race. Simple fact of the matter is they were doing something wrong & paid the ultimate price. Kudos to the gents that protected their home. Can’t blame em for that.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Both have been in prison, 2nd chance for both. Bummer they picked the wrong house this time.

  • geneslady says:

    Not only do they fight a war overseas, but now fighting a war in their own home! Thank you, Marines! You have eliminated 2 cock roaches from the planet!

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