FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Deputy Leland Police Chief resigns

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Submitted: Tue, 04/17/2012 - 3:01pm
Updated: Wed, 04/18/2012 - 2:40pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — One of the five Leland Police officers suspended last week has quit. Leland Town Manager David Hollis says Deputy Police Chief Karl Smith resigned effective this morning. Smith had been suspended with pay Friday while an internal investigation continues.

WWAY was the first and only media outlet for weeks to report on ongoing personnel and policy issues within the department. Those issues eventually led to the firing of Police Chief Tim Jayne 90 days after Hollis took over for as town manager for Bill Farris, who retired.

Smith served briefly as interim chief after Jayne was fired and before Mike James was hired as interim chief.


  • Guest 12345 says:

    I’m lost. What did they do?

  • Retired Firefighter says:

    Painfully obvious, judging by the comments on here, none of the people who are glad the gentlemen are out of work and no longer protecting and serving, have ever served in any capacity anywhere.

    Otherwise, they wouldn’t be ranting on and on, like kid blue and a few others, about how glad they are justice is finally served and reinstate Lewis etc…

    Go get trained, get hired and make change from the inside if you are not a coward.

    By the way, weather in Florida and South Carolina is nice. Glad they are willing to accept my money…Lots and lots of jobs there too.

    Perhaps some of the Lelandnites, Wilmingtonians, and Scott Pickey should flush their headgear out for rectal cranial inversion.

  • Leland Gal says:

    When leaving the great city of Leland and the State of North Carolina: Don’t look back and I hope that the door doesn’t hit you too hard. If they have to be police officers then they have to be honest and fair to all,

  • GuestTikiHut says:

    OK, so if K. Smith, DellaPia, and Kozak all turned on Jayne for promotions … while H. Smith and Spence were forming an alliance of their own for THEIR spots … does this mean Sgt. Keel is Kblue? Hmmm. This is a game of Survivor.

  • u never know says:

    You seem to have it all figured out. Again another extremely inteligent person. you seem to have an answer for everything everyone did on the dept that was wrong. if you were aware of all this why didnt you bring it to someones attention over a year ago…or did you just need to wait for an article to cowardly put people down…your just as guilty if the accusations you post are true when you turned a blind eye to it. funny how some of these ppl arent even within the dept anymore, shot in the crotch you failed to mention with what… way to make it sound so graphic…grow up old man

  • guesty says:

    …would be to completely clean house of any officers involved in any criminal or other activity’s that has brought or will bring an unfavorable look to the department.

  • u never know says:

    perhaps i am sad for that reason…maybe you should go and be the chief, run patrol, serve a warrant, or scrape a body off the pavement after being hit by a vehicle…if you took such offense to the comment perhaps the shoe fits my friend

  • Guest2020 says:

    There are plenty of law enforcement officers who have done all of those things and they aren’t dirty. Having to endure those things is no excuse for bad behavior. If you can’t stand the heat then you need to stay out of the kitchen.

  • Old Guy says:

    We guess YOU will never know how it feels to be degraded, lied about and schemed against. This man was the so called Supervisor over the shooting of Offier Sherry Lewis. He laughed when she was getting shot in the crotch. He discriminated against all of the officers that he didn’t like and he recruited Kozak, Dellapia to see to it that it was carried out. They in turn recruited little cry baby Landen to actually carry out the shooting. All four need to be arrested, tried and convicted. They showed no respect for the badge what so ever. It was all about them! Once the ball got rolling they couldn’t stop it. Now that he has opted out he doesn’t have to answer any questions by anyone. And you thought he didn’t have a brain.
    All of you people that are sad to see this happen it is absolutely true that “what goes around comes around”! They made their bed now they can lie in it! LMAO!

    P.S. Karl never did any of the things YOU describe!

  • SurfCityTom says:

    to the circus; they always need clowns & animal doo-doo picker uppers.

  • guesty says:

    I’m guessing the heat was getting a little to warm for him. Good luck ever being employed in law enforcement again. One down, 4 more to go.

  • Old Guy says:

    OK everybody there are not 4 to go but 9 more to go. You are forgetting their little rats that helped them do their dirty work. Keep going!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest6543 says:

    Reading about the Justice for the Leland 5 – which I guess will have to be renamed – and the blissful ignorance that they have believing these thugs have any shred of decency or ethics, Smith at least did the honorable thing and resigned. I doubt the rest will since they don’t have a retirement from another agency to fall back on or any shred of integrity. I’m sure in their minds that abusing their position and powers were justified – THUGS!! It really is said that Smith allowed himself to be swept up in this mess after a very good and respectable career but he picked his allies to side with, so anxious to be the next chief. I don’t think this clears him of allowing all the sins that happened in Leland by looking the other way and hedging his bets, but I have more respect for him the Tim Jayne, who has disgraced his name, Leland and his family … And what about the people forced out? Where is there justice??

  • retiredgcsd says:

    Chief James, Keep up the good work we need more men like you.

  • jedi1975 says:

    10 to 1 Karl has lawyered-up and is talks to turn on all the others.

    Place you bets……..

  • Truth Teller says:

    The other Smith lawyered-up. How do you think he kept his job? Lower pay grade and eventually a lower rank. Karl is going to be charged soon with Obstruction of Justice because of the other Smith. Turn a light on a bunch of roaches and watch what happens! Go FBI, GO SBI! Ra ra ra

  • david says:

    did they do?

  • u never know says:

    sad to see how judgemental and how ignorant of a world we live in yet apparently some seem to have it all figured out

  • guesty says:

    So are you upset because you are ignorant while the rest of us have figured out what is going on in the Leland Police Department?

  • Guest2020 says:

    Your insult of clowns breaks my heart. Unlike dirty cops, clowns are way above pooper scoopers.

  • Getsomet says:

    Each and every officer that was forced out, resigned terminated during the the ferris/James era needs to get together and file wrongful termination suite. Defendants should be ferris, Jayne, Bozeman, town of Leland and district attorney david. Let me suggest ward and smith in wilmington. They will make it right. Shame is it will cost the citizens but it is the only right thing to do to protect future officers and employees from such idiots.

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