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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Fire Department says the brush fire at 17th street between Independence Blvd. and George Anderson Dr. is now contained. This does not mean that the fire is extinguished and crews are still concerned about possible hot spots and unburned fuel in the fire area.

Battalion Chief Born advises that there still is smoke in the area and will be for quite some time. The Fire Department will remain on scene throughout the night to monitor the situation and respond as needed.

There was a flare-up is inside the containment area Tuesday afternoon, crews were able to control that.

The Wilmington Fire Department and NC Forestry did a controlled burn around 11:00 a.m. to help cut down fuel to the wildfire in Pine Valley.

We will bring you the latest information on WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 11:00.

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  1. WillyWOnkee

    The roof… the roof.. the roof is on fire.. we don’t need no water let the moth………

    for millions of years, fires come and go (more so now that people play with fire) but without fire in a brush area, new vegetation could never grow…
    AND the EW benefit.. It burns the homeless out of the area!!!!
    That’s the best benefit of all!!

    just remember.. Fire is healthy to woodlands.. Bums and homeless people.. not so much….

  2. Guest Reply

    The WFD and all associated with putting out this fire did an amazing job! What else is amazing is, there’s no mention for the cause of the fire…how it started.
    I will go out on a limb and say there is a good chance some homeless individual(s) “may” have started it…that area behind Food Lion is where they are known to live.
    Seems with other news coming up daily…this story is fading away, without some answers…at least about an ongoing investigation.

  3. Guest103

    If this was caused by Homeless cooking has anybody thouht to check on the them to see if they made it out?

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