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WILMINGTON NC (WWAY) — A brush fire started Monday afternoon in the woods near 17th Street and George Anderson Drive.

What started as a small fire grew to about 60 acres, causing evacuations and damaging three homes.

The Wilmington Fire department rolled out with all they had and thanks to an array of resources they knew where to take the fight.

“As you can see all this area here is already burned out we’re really not too concerned about that because it’s not going to go anywhere we are trying to get to the head of the fire.”

It was a rough day but by 8 pm good news, word came down that the fight was going their way.

Battalion Chief Tim Smith made the announcement.

“I just checked in with the command post this fire is 90 percent contained the Forestry Service has lines all the way around the fire.”

All in all it was an enormous effort 75 or so fire fighters with more coming in to replace those leaving. The work of 12 fire companies 9 support vehicles and of course the NC Forestry Service especially their air support.

It is good news but Battalion Chief Smith says this is not the all clear.

“This fire is going to be smoldering for weeks unless we get a significant down pour so you are going to see smoke in this area for quite some time.”

While the fire is contained winds could rebuild the flames. One threat that remains is smoke, Battalion Chief Smith says people in the area who suffer from respiratory problems should remain indoors.

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  • Guera

    I just moved to Wilmington 2 weeks ago and am living in a neighborhood that was threatened by that fire yesterday. I was seriously impressed at the way that all those involved, worked so hard. AWESOME job to everyone, and thanks so MUCH!

  • Guest22284

    What a childish on-air rant from Tim Smith for WECT getting his title wrong. Spend a little more time worrying about the public’s safety and a little less on your ego.

  • Don’t give him the satisfaction. It’s like my mother always used to say….ignore it, it will go away. No more attention for the negative, okay?

  • Guest?

    This is a man who worked hard for the title he got. He and Frances are friends through the Citizens’ Academy; I heard their exchange and I certainly didn’t detect a hint of animosity. After getting that fire under control yesterday, he and all the others deserve our praise, not put-downs. You are the childish one.

  • We are blessed to have the WFD and WPD!!!! They were so on top of this! Thanks to you all!!

  • Beach Bum

    Good job to WFD and WPD? Where was the prevention division from WFD or the prevention of vagrants with patrols from WPD???

    Atta boys should be given to the North Carolina Forestry Service Rangers for actually being the ones to save the day.

    WPD too worried about traffic stops that lead to other stuff instead of answering calls that pend for hours.

    WFD…you are too easy to make fun off. WFD’s chief never worked as a paid firefighter a day in his life.

    I will take my chances elsewhere. WPD and WFD can keep their service, I don’t want it.


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