ONLY ON 3: Pro Amendment One billboards vandalized

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Submitted: Fri, 04/20/2012 - 3:26am
Updated: Fri, 04/20/2012 - 3:36pm

Brunswick County, NC (WWAY) — Early voting started today, including voting for the proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

The debate on the issue seems to only be getting hotter. Two billboards in Brunswick County supporting the amendment were recently vandalized and that has one minister speaking out.

Anthony Clemmons is a minister and Brunswick County coordinator for the group “Vote FOR Marriage NC”. He helped to raise money to put billboards up around town. One along Highway 17 in the Anglers Marine Lot and another off Highway 211. Both are to help raise awareness and support for amendment one, which is against same-sex marriage.

Both of the signs have been vandalized in the past month.

Last week, Clemmons discovered one sign was spray painted with the phrase, “Only God can judge”. Clemmons says although the vandalism is discouraging, it will not affect what they are fighting for.

We contacted the president of the Wilmington Pride to get a response. TR Nunley said in a statement, “This amendment was born out of hate and fear, and although we do not condone the actions of vandalism, we do empathize with their feelings of frustration, because this amendment strips away dignity and rights of all unmarried couples, straight or gay plus all civil actions and domestic partnerships.”


  • civilityispossible says:

    Sounds like there are loose cannons on both sides of the issue. Our street had 4 Against signs and one For until this AM. Now just the For is up. It is a cowardly and desperate act to vandalize and steal others signs. I am Against this Amendment for Biblical reasons ( I am still eating shellfish and wearing cotton:) ) and to me common sense ones. This Amendment is being condemned by conservatives, medical associations ( NC Pediatricians just released a statement against the Amendment ) and isn’t impacting my heterosexual Christian marriage in any way other than potentially negatively impacting the fiscal environment if it passes. This Amendment does not improved education, bring jobs, improve healthcare or cut the debt. It adds restrictions to tax paying citizens of this state and adds more Government. Nope. It is not for me but everyone has the opportunity to figure out what works best for them. Please take the time to look into both sides of the Amendment to make a fair and educated decision and to whomever stole my sign…it didn’t help your cause bc I’m talking even more about the Amendment now.:)

  • SusanK6461 says:

    I agree that vandalism is unacceptable, regardless of which side of the fence you sit. However, to judge all for the acts of a few is the epitome of discrimination.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    I’ve been opposed to this amendment because it goes too far. It goes beyond the issue of marriage and basically denies gays and Lesbians rights that you and I enjoy.

    However, I have to ask myself why I’m concerned about the rights of gays and Lesbians when they apparently aren’t concerned about the rights of the people who own or rented these billboards.

    I understand that it is likely the work of only one or two individuals, but you’d better leash your dogs before you drive away people who are on your side.

  • Guest28470 says:

    I am so tired of people using religion as an excuse, just because they don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle. I just don’t see what business it is to anyone how someone chooses to live their life. As long as they are not hurting anyone, it is no one elses business. And just because it might go against someones values or morals, is not the same as being hurtful.

  • Civilityispossible says:

    My theory is YOU must make a choice everyday about to whom you are attracted bc I don’t think about it. I am attracted to the opposite sex. There is no choice about it for me. That was how God made me. It makes no logical sense that someone who chose to be treated as hatefully as gays and lesbians are treated by folks claiming to be Christian. Real Christians know God is the judge.

  • Guester says:

    Religion (Christianity) has always had an influence. In God We Trust.

    These days, everything is more about money. When you marry with a marriage license, you grant the State jurisdiction over your marriage. When you marry with a marriage license, your marriage is a creature of the State, it is a corporation of the State, therefore, they have jurisdiction over your marriage including the fruit of your marriage, in which the fruit of your marriage is your children and every piece of property you own. Should one person die, the government, through the inheritance tax, will demand the surviving party to “buy them out” – usually a 28- 35% tax.

    Worship the Government if you want.

  • Guest2020 says:

    God does not create people to be homosexuals any more than He creates people to be thieves, murderers, kidnappers or rapists.

  • Guest21992 says:

    God Didnt create Homosexuals. if homosexuality was ok in Gods book then it would allow for reproduction since the first command in the Bible was for Adam and EVE to be fruitful and multiply. also the fact that God wouldnt go against His own teaching is why homosexuality is wrong. If he said it was wrong why would he create them. your ignorant and since Christianity is an umbrella for many religions, you need to clarify the “Christianity” or false “Christianity” you speak of

  • Guest462475 says:

    Regardless of whether you’re a believer or not, the church and state in this country are separate – the state does not exist to enforce the laws of the church. Writing Christian belief into law is religious extremism and tyranny.

  • jj says:

    I am so tired of people with type of lifestyle trying to push it down everyone throat. Lets have a vote and the majority wins. Then shut your mouth about it or move to another state that accepts what and how you live.

  • Gay Boilivian says:

    Sodom and Gomorrah? Do you know your bible? It was the sin of in-hospitality! The old testament says many things that have been ignored for a couple thousand years. We only ask that you keep your book out of our lives. In this case you are using it as an excuse to deprive us of our civil rights. Rights are RIGHTS and are not up for your opinion of what who should get them or not!

  • Guester says:

    God has everything to do with it if you are a believer. If you aren’t, then thats up to you. Sodom and Gomorrah?

  • SusanK6461 says:

    This is a religious issue not a civil issue: Government has no business denying civil rights based on specific religions’ beliefs. There are many Christians who do not agree that this is what God would want us to do, and I can’t seem to find in the Bible where God says we’re supposed to disparage any of his children. We’re all God’s children, and God just happened to create some in a way that many can’t (and refuse to) understand.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    In-hospitality? Really?

    Genesis chapter 19 records the two angels, disguised as human men, visiting Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot met the angels in the city square and urged them to stay at his house. The angels agreed. The Bible then informs us, “Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom — both young and old — surrounded the house. They called to Lot, ‘Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.'” The angels then proceed to blind all the men of Sodom and Gomorrah and urge Lot and his family to flee from the cities to escape the wrath that God was about to deliver. Lot and his family flee the city, and then “the LORD rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah — from the LORD out of the heavens. Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, including all those living in the cities…”

    In light of the passage, the most common response to the question “What was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah?” is that it was homosexuality. That is how the term “sodomy” came to be used to refer to anal sex between two men, whether consensual or forced. Clearly, homosexuality was part of why God destroyed the two cities. The men of Sodom and Gomorrah wanted to perform homosexual gang rape on the two angels (who were disguised as men). At the same time, it is not biblical to say that homosexuality was the exclusive reason why God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were definitely not exclusive in terms of the sins in which they indulged.

    While being a homosexual was not the ONLY reason the cities were destroyed, you can bet it was not in-hospitality.

  • Guest555555 says:

    Inhospitality is a sin? And homosexuality is not? Are you serious? Man, some people will twist anything around to try to justify and convince others that what they’re doing is OK.

    I bet you WOULD like Christians to keep “the book” (the Bible) “out of your lives”. Because it accuses you of doing something wrong, and you can’t handle that. It makes you feel uncomfortable. You’ve lied so much to yourself that you’ve actually begun to believe that God Himself condons what you’re doing. He doesn’t.

    You may “know” the Bible (or not), but you obviously twist around what you want to believe (or not). It’s against the law in the State of NC. Why should you have “rights” when you don’t even obey the law?

  • Guest28470 says:

    Funny, I don’t see the gay community pushing their lifestyle down anyone’s throat, what I see is people trying to push their religious views onto everyone else. All the gay community wants is to have the same rights as everyone else

  • W Sutton says:

    You have to remember GOD DID speak up about it…
    Old Testament AND New Testament. He Spoke – We Ignore.

  • GuestMan says:

    God has nothing to do with it. This is a civil matter, pure and simple.
    It is about doing the right thing for all people and not disenfranchising a select group of people of their rights because you don’t agree with their lifestyle.

  • TR Nunley says:

    This amendment does not Ban same sex marriage…same sex marriage is already illegal….what it does do is deny rights for unmarried couples for both straight and gay couples. It denies unmarried couples to enter into hospitals to care for their loved ones. It takes away medical insurance from adopted children. Umarried couples insurance, medical benefits will be denied. This Amendment turns domestic violence laws into simple assault laws for unmarried couples! And so then people say that if you want these protections then just get married. Its’ not that simple … Seniors don’t want to re-marry because they will lose their pensions. But they want their next companion to be there for them in the end. So they have to make a choice….lose benefits or lose the right to have that companion in the hosptial room with them in the end. If you are a true christian, then you would be against this amendment. Get the whole truth before you believe what a few people think. Yes this Amendment was born from hate and fear against the gay communtiy but the damages of this amendment are far reaching and we don’t even know all the effects that it will have. And again….it’s illegal to get married for same sex couples already…..sooooo why is this amendment happening? Make sure that you VOTE AGAINST THIS AMENDMENT!

  • Jenn says:

    “Just let everyone vote…”

    Did you happen to notice that this is not an issue that will be voted on during the general election, but instead during the May 8th REPUBLICAN primary? Placing the voting on this day is the epitome of sleazy behavior. Most people do not realize this.

    Keep your religion out of politics!

    As a side note, it is not necessarily a gay person/people who did this. There are plenty of straight people against this ridiculous bigotry.


  • NCresident says:

    Until the police make an arrest based on factual evidence, the public has no idea who actually vandalized the sign. It could have been anyone – straight or gay.

    I am against Amendment One, and I am straight and married. Just because I can’t identify with a lifestyle or situation, doesn’t mean I can’t vote for what’s right. The Amendment goes too far, and is an extremist position with effects far beyond same-sex partnerships.

    I have yet to see anyone on my social networks that supports this amendment (and I have mostly straight friends)… so hopefully the level-headed people of NC will keep this from becoming law. However, I am from a generation that is less likely to use religion to justify bad behavior and condemnation. So I guess we’ll see!

  • GuestMan says:

    I have heard it was some rednecks that did it so it would cast suspicion on the gay community and put them in a bad light. I don’t know how much I believe because most of the people opposed to this amendment aren’t that smart.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    …knows who did this. It would go a long way if that person turned in the names of the vandals to law enforcement. Why jeopardize the support you have?

  • AREADER says:

    It is already obvious Brunswick County wants all LGBT’s OUT of their county! Amazingly enough they continue to move over the bridge from New Hanover County to Brunswick! I personally would not want to live in a county where my life-style was in question. Brunswick County can keep their corrupt cops, power hungry judges, and Ignorance where this matter is concerned to themselves! Thank Goodness I live in New Hanover County where my lifestyle is EMBRACED and not HATED!

  • John Henry says:

    Your lifestyle is not embraced by the God fearing people of New Hanover County. BTW, LGBT acts are still a class one Felony in NC. Embrace that.

  • Brandon Pierce says:

    LGBT acts are the same acts as the Straight community… This felony shows how discriminating NC is.. Embrace that.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    So is having sex with your dog, you better watch out.

  • Brandon Pierce says:

    Amendment One HARMS every family in North Carolina… By voting FOR Amendment One you are stating that no should have there rights… Voting against Amendment One, shows every one deserves there rights… This amendment does not BANNED gay marriage… Get your facts in order before you post and vote… Remember VOTE AGAINST AMENDMENT ONE!!!

  • Guest2020 says:

    Please explain how voting against this amendment is Biblical. The Bible condemns homosexuality and Christians should in no way condone it.

  • Robo says:

    It is sad that those who oppose the proposed Amendment would resort to these extreme tactics to make their case. Breaking the law is wrong regardless of whether one agrees with the Amendment or not.

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