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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A trip to Texas may have saved one woman’s life when a car plowed into a Wilmington business this morning.

Police say a woman was on her way home from an 8-hour shift at UNCW when she lost control of her vehicle. Investigators say Gloria Wheeler smashed into Interim Healthcare on Dawson Street around 7 a.m. They say Wheeler does not remember anything after making the turn.

Interim’s owner Stephen Smith says there is normally someone at the front desk around that time of day, but that employee is on vacation.

Now Smith is trying to pick up the pieces.

“Obviously our priority is to get the building secured, and then so we’ll be looking at a temporary working situation,” he said.

Wheeler was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Police say she has no serious injuries. She will be charged with reckless driving.

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  • Guest28403

    If she doesnt remember making the turn th en there is somethingelse going on either medicially or pharmacologically with her.. People dont just black out for no reason. One of my wifes co-workers was on his way to work got pulled over for suspicion of being drunk by one of Lelands Finest (cough cough) thankfully it wasnt one of the usual morons who are on suspension or it might have cost him his life.. Turned out his pacemaker had malfunctioned and it was seriously affecting his consciousness level.. Knowing those idiots Blasingame or Delapia they would have assumed he was some drunk old man and arrested him and they would have found him dead in a holding cell probably


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