FIRST ON 3 UPDATE: Three suspended Leland cops fired, another resigns

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Submitted: Sat, 04/21/2012 - 3:34am
Updated: Fri, 08/17/2012 - 3:15pm

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — All five officers suspended last week are now gone from the Leland Police Department. The town fired three of the officers today, and one more quit. A fifth officer quit earlier this week.

The town fired Lt. Rick Dellapia, Lt. Bill Kozak and Ofc. John Blasingame for cause. A news release from Town Manager David Hollis said the details of the dismissals will not be released until each man goes through an appeals process.

Ofc. Michael Landen quit today, joining former Deputy Chief Karl Smith, who quit Tuesday.

“The internal investigation regarding these individuals has concluded, and a summary of the details was delivered this morning,” Interim Police Chief Mike James said in a statement. “We received the resignation letter from Michael Landen this morning prior to being briefed on the findings of the investigation. We will allow the process of appeal outlined in the personnel handbook to run its course before any further information of the investigation is released.”

Earlier this month Chief James asked the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office to help conduct an internal review of every member of the Leland Police Department. The results of that investigation have not been made public.


  • Guest4567 says:

    These five are far from what you are saying they are. I know that Phylicia DellaPia and her mother have sung the praises of Rick (and have also created this Justice for 5 Group) but lets lay out what they have done: They coordinated and targeted Sherry Lewis and assaulted her in an exercise with paint-balls, they forced out one of the only “professional” lieutenants they had there, they targeted officers they didn’t like to force them out and protected those that are now suspended – I mean FIRED – fixing promotion tests, covering their drug use and sex they had with other peoples wives and informants in police buildings and police vehicles on duty, and shot off their weapons while drunk at a new years eve party and tried to cover it up – the same guy who drew his weapon on at least two fellow officers – and lets not forget the bachelor party where the former chief assaulted an officer, where two of the other “5” assaulted a civilian in a parking lot, used their patrol cars to go to Myrtle Beach – these are the “family oriented gentleman that love their wives and children very much”? There is so much more to these “family oriented gentleman” that will never come out but just know who you are trying to defend!! Give it up – these “5” are thugs with long histories of questionable ethics and bending the law to benefit them. This is the Justice for 5; better yet, the justice for Leland – FINALLY! If only Jayne and Farris could be held accountable for allowing these people to almost destroy Leland – that would be TRUE JUSTICE!

  • you never know says:

    Your clever callin me caps lock very intuitive…you can call me caps lock…ypur daddy….or whatever you like…perhaps one day when you get a spine you would stick up for good ppl too or are you a typical bandwagon kinda guy or girl

  • kblue2221984 says:

    Kblue facebook page???? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmSay’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • deputy 25 says:

    hey Blasingame hard headed Delapia, maybe this year coming up 2013, there might be an in-service training for how not to act like butt heads, you got that beavis and butthead? new tarnished badge class coming to you for 2013. by the way , i hear your bonds will be set kind of high!! better get a bondsman on standby. you 2 were so crooked, when you pass away from the earth , you will have to be screwed in the ground. Delapia, next time someone tries to pass on info to you about some crimes, dont act like a jerk with a chip on your shoulder and complain, oh , i forgot your career is over, the info is now about you, see ya in the news beavis and butthead!

  • Old Guy! says:

    Dear JFL5(gang),
    You need to do just a little more research. North Carolina is an “At Will” state. Which means the Leland Police Department or the Town Of Leland can basically do whatever they want too. Since there is only 5 Law Enforcement Departments within the state of North Carolina that actually has Civil Service protection there is absolutely nothing these individuals can do about what has happened to them and Leland doesn’t have to do a “Damn” thing. The only Law Enforcement organization that has Civil Service around here is the Department that Dellapia came from, Wilmington Police Department.(Of course No sak couldn’t pass the civil service exam in NY so that knocks him out anyway) As of today’s date the ones that caused the proplems caused them for themselves! They will go through the motions of appeal but there again just like their leader will be appealing the decision to the ones that gave it out. How smart is that? Well no one ever excused them of having any smarts at all!
    They started it and now it is finished. Watch out to the rest of their little rats that did the dirty work they supposedly were ordered to do.

  • Get some says:

    This is how hey treated other really honest people. You are like the neighbor of the serial killer “he was a nice man, plays with kids, we are shocked”. How do you think con men and crooks get away with things, by having a good cover. Could not happen to a better group of guys, glad we could help. They always felt they were above the law. Problem is non of these guys have much of an iq, but Leland gets what they pay for. When the facts are dropped on you your apology will be enough for supporting your corrupt associates and family

  • AREADER says:

    From Leland to Calabash, the WHOLE county is corrupt! From the Judges to the Badges….. corrupt! Highway Patrol is no exception, The SBI is dirty too!

  • glad im not the only one says:


  • Justice foe Leland 5 says:

    This is how Leland citizens are treated when they are trying to stand up for justice.  This is one of WWAY’ sources!! Let’s see if you post the truth!

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Mike Leggett
    To: ‘Justiceforleland5′
    Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 5:32 PM

    Really, is that the best you can do? Since we haven’t reported on the Easter Egg Hunt, it will be easy to find out who was on the duty roster that day, and who Hank Smith called up to the egg hunt.
    Just give me your name & I will be glad to report everything you said in your press release. It’s not difficult to figure out who you are, just giving you the chance to state your name along with your allegations!
    If you have nothing to hide, step forward. Otherwise, shut up!
    Mike Leggett
    Local News Review
    See how easy that was to sign my name!!!!
    From: Justiceforleland5 []
    Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 4:57 PM
    To: Mike Leggett
    I’m just giving you  the means to do some real investigative work.  Go back to reporting on football games and Easter Egg Hunts. 
    From: Mike Leggett
    To: ‘Justiceforleland5′
    Sent: Monday, April 16, 2012 3:49 PM

    To whom it may concern:
    If you are serious regarding your press release, you will attach a “Real Name” to your press release. Otherwise, legitimate news outlets (unless they are looking for ratings) will not publish it.
    If you have the legitimate complaints, and are willing to sign your name to the complaints, forward  it to me, and I will make sure it’s published in The Local News Review. Otherwise, don’t waste my time!
    Thank you,
    Mike Leggett
    Local News Review
    From: Justiceforleland5 []
    Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2012 7:59 PM
    Media Release
    I have started a Facebook page to investigate the real misconduct of the political motivation behind the unfair suspension of the 5 Leland Officers.  All allegations of policy violations by Part-time Deputy with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office/Interim Chief Mike James and Town Manager David Hollis have not been sustained.  They have suspended these 5 men unfairly and without “Just Cause”.  These officers have been denied their fourteenth amendment right.   
    Interim Chief Mike James and Town Manager David Hollis called these 5 men in for a meeting on Friday, April 13th, 2012 .  Three of the five men were off duty.  They were instructed to come to the meeting wearing full uniform attire.  Once they arrived at the police station they were escorted into the meeting and handed a letter.  (Attached)  The letter stated they were suspended without pay for “complaints” of policy violations.  When each of the officers inquired as to their own policy violations, they were told by Town Manager David Hollis that “He was not prepared at this time to disclose that information”.  They were immediately striped of their badge and weapon and given no explanation.  They were then publicly humiliated in front of their peers as they were escorted to their offices to clean out their personal items.  After this painful humiliation, they were driven by police escort to their homes were they had to surrender their uniforms and gear, still not knowing what policy they violated. The Leland Police Department and the Town of Leland has placed a stigma on their reputation and made it public without any disclosure of charges or violations.  They have not been interviewed by the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office nor have they been questioned, in reference to any policy violations.
    I do know this act carried out by the Town Manager David Hollis and Interim Chief Mike James violates the Leland Police Department policy 100-010 (G4).  The policy reads “after a complaint is sustained, and the Chief of Police determines that formal charges will be brought, the Chief of Police, or his/her designee, will direct that a final disposition document be prepared”.  “The final disposition document will provide:” 
    A:  nature of charges;
    B:  a copy of the investigative file, and
    C:  a reasonable time frame in which the employee can respond to the charges either in written or oral form.
    They not only violated Town Policy; they violated FLSA Policies and their right for a Loudermill Hearing.  Three of these officers are exempt employees.  FLSA states that an employer may impose in good faith an unpaid suspension for infractions of workplace conduct rules, such as rules prohibiting sexual harassment, workplace violence or drug or alcohol use or for violations of state or federal laws.  This provision refers to serious misconduct, not performance.  The suspension MUST BE imposed pursuant to a written policy applicable to all employees, which is not the case.  All past and present employees have been placed on paid suspension pending the out come of their investigation.
    All of these 5 officers have participated in all Internal and External investigations, over the last year.  The Town of Leland spent close to $7,000 on polygraph tests for all Command Staff and several officers.  Four of the 5 were asked to submit to a polygraph, which they did and passed.  One past employee refused and one failed.  The past employee who refused was placed on PAID leave until the town could make a decision to release him of his duties.  He was later fired and appealed and paid during his appeal process.  The other past employee who was fired for failing the polygraph was later hired as a detective with the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. The 3 top brass have never received any disciplinary actions under any administration, including the current Interim Chief Mike James. 
    Town Manager David Hollis and Interim Chief Mike James had their political agenda from the beginning.  Interim Chief Mike James has brought the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office in on every decision he has made since he put on the Leland Police Department Chief’s Badge, on February 28th.  Interim Chief Mike James told the Command Staff at his first and only meeting with them, in February, that “All he knew about them was what he read in the blogs.”  He never involved the command staff from that point forward.
    Interim Chief Mike James and Town Manager David Hollis have destroyed the reputations of these 5 men, in a two page statement, that took these men years to build.  These men for the past year have been under fire by the media and the community for not speaking out.  They were following Departmental Policy 100-015.
    They can not speak for themselves at this time but I can, because they are still employed with the Town of Leland .  They need a voice.  Please help me give them a voice.  Let’s demand that this process be transparent. Hollis felt strongly that the actions they took against these 5 men were warranted but was unable to provide any reason for the suspension to the officers or to the council members, where is the transparencies in our local government?  They are running amok, with no regard for the law or for this town.  I’m sure the 5 officers would be willing to sign a release to disclose their personnel files to the media. 
    I have started a Facebook page JUSTICEFORLELAND5 to get all the truth out, not just what the Town Manager David Hollis, Interim Chief Mike James and Sheriff John Ingram want you to know.  Please post any and all violations, from any member of the Leland Police Department or Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office on this page.  If you have any questions, I will try and answer them with only proven facts and not gossip.  My ultimate goal is to re-establish these officers reputations. 
    I am on a campaign for justice for these 5 officers and for the truth behind the rumors and allegations, wherever the truth may lead.  I am looking for information involving any and all active Leland Police Officer’s involvements in the following: domestic situations at their residences, sexual harassment allegations, trespassing at an Oak Island motel, drunk and disorderly while displaying a Leland badge and any one that was stopped by Interim Chief Mike James from February 28th 2012 to March 30th,2012, while wearing a Leland Police Department’s badge and firearm and representing himself as a sworn law enforcement officer of the Leland Police Department under the Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission.  This is a violation of the NC state law not just a Town policy.
     If you have any complaints that were reported to the Leland Police Department’s IA division or information on any of the above allegations, please e-mail me a summary; please provide only allegations that can be sustained with facts.
    My e-mail address is:

  • GuestAgrees says:

    I agree with you 100%. Those five SHOULD get justice. Hurry up and arrest them!!!

  • GuestLEO says:

    Not all officers have the jurisdiction to serve a felony warant in the state. Only Sheriffs or their Deputys can do this.

  • Momoftwo says:

    I agree with Justice for Leland5. These men should be given explanations. I know some of these men personally and their family members, and these men are family oriented gentleman that love their wives and children very much. I have never seen misconduct from any of them and they have always helped me when I needed them. I hope they get the respect and answers they deserve.

  • Justice for Leland5 says:

    If you have information that you passed on to DellaPia and he didn’t look into it… Is that why he is crooked?? Maybe he needs real evidence of a crime not just gossip and rumors like that was used to tanish these men’s names and careers. Isn’t that what we all what as citizens? It be concerned innocence until proven guilty with some sort of evidence?? Please email me any information you have… If you are truly a deputy; why would you need to pass information off to the police department? Don’t you have justification in the whole county????

  • you never know says:

    whats wrong K fool…too close to home?????….

  • Old Guy says:

    They gave no justice why then should they be given justice!!!!!!!
    DIRTY COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Henry says:

    LEO’s should only be able to interface with each other.

  • Guest45678432 says:

    Old Jacka$$…. Who did they not give justice to?? You sir need to get a life and leave these guys alone!! Give some evidence or in the words of a great writer Mike Leggett, SHUT UP!!!! COWARD!!!!!

  • Justin America says:

    I like that name. I will call you; Caps Lock. If by Justice you mean jail time I agree. “Caps Lock and the Leland 5 seek jail time (Justice)for each other.” I like it.

  • deputy 25 says:

    first off i am a Deputy, but you are assuming from Brunswick county!! i am not from Brunswick but some people from that county that i caught in my county committed crimes in Leland that same night but earlier. he got mad when i called someone else and not him about the info. i just called to pass it off, didn’t care who i talked to as long as they got the info. didn’t know him. he was mad because i solved a crime before he knew who it was. i talked with a citizen/victim from Leland about it before him so i could have all the info ready for him or someone at the P.D.when i called he had a bad attitude toward a fellow officer, just imagine how he treated the citizens in that town!!!! good ole boots on the ground work i did.I didn’t have to relay the info or do the extra work! if you want justice for them tell them it is to late. Tarnished Badge in service training # 2 coming soon to a class near you!! now if you would just print your name i will give you my name, my county, my 25 years of service knowledge and honesty. remember, there is a lot of smoke still smoldering in Leland PD, must have been a fire and that fire is still burning and will pop up will soon. remember, they took an Oath, which means “AN HONEST MAN WILL BE HONEST WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING” they were not let go or resigned for nothing!!!!

  • deputy 25 says:

    Another point to make to you Justice For Leland 5, try hooked on phonics!! Your spelling and missed words sound like a high school drop out. Another point too, It is ‘JURISDICTION’ not “justification” in the county. No i do not have that in Brunswick, because i am from another county and was passing on info that i had where i solved a crime with the help of citizens that trust me! But just so you will know, any officer who has a felony warrant can go any where in N.C. to serve that warrant without having an officer from that “JURISDICTION’ with him. It is courtesy and better lawfully and safety wise to have an officer from that JURISDICTION [ there goes that word again] with you to serve that warrant, but it is an old law on the books tucked away that many people,like you that do not know that!

  • Extra!Extra! says:

    News flash: Leland 5 are NOT leo’s anymore.

  • Guest4567 says:

    It is a good day in Leland, today!! Chief James and Town Manager Hollis (and WWAY)should be commended for having the courage and strength of character to know something was wrong at Leland PD, to address it and to fix it. There are still some left that should be held accountable for their behavior – O’Connor, Pierce and Spence – since they were complicit with all the now former police officers but I’m sure they will just play the “I was scared to stand up to them” card. Too bad the ones that did try to stand up and do the right thing were forced out and have been forgotten. But let’s make sure we don’t forget that it was Bill Farris and Tim Jayne that created this mess, allowed these thugs to get command positions and abuse their police powers and privileges. The sad thing is, though they may have damaged reputations, these “leaders” won’t see the jail time they deserve – nothing that can be done to them could repay or repair the lives and careers they damaged. And there still is a confused and weak council (Boseman and Battleman)that still, to this day, admit no wrong or knowledge of what was going on – hopefully, the citizens will fix that in two years. But, today, it’s a good day for Leland!!

  • Guest4567 says:

    I was reminded not to forget Jon David as being part of this mess. He looked away when Jayne became implicated, writing to the state how he was “unfairly targeted” because of his personal friendship. He has proven himself more interested in politics and re-election then fighting the corruption he swore to fight. I’ve thrown away his campaign sign and will never support or vote for him again. His true character has been demonstrared!!

  • Manny says:

    Yep, KARMA is a B—-. And, remember what I said earlier, what goes around . . comes around. Now, to all the officers who have been fired, released, done dirty by five of the LPD ofcrs, who by the way were the main reason all this messed got started up to begin with, I hope you all feel vindicated. I am just SO SORRY that it took so long for your vindication. A lot of lives and families, were turned upside down because of these four,well really five, including Chief Jayne. Chief Jayne has to be at the top of the list because he was the one in charge and allowed this corrruption to happen.There was no way Chief Jayne did not know these things were going on. Homes were lost, marriages failed ,therefore, families busted up, bankruptcies were filed, vehicles repossessed, credit ruined, good men who were blacked-,balled by these a/h’s could not get a job anywhere because these 5 men abused their power. “VENGANCE IS MINE, SAITH THE LORD”. WE SHALL ALL REAP WHAT WE SOW.

  • kblue2221984 says:

    Great post but it’s “Tim Jayne” Or I will also except Timmy Balboa. But he is not and never was a “Chief” Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • retiredcop says:

    It appears now Chief James will have the best scenario for rebuilding the Dept. and regaining the trust of the people of Leland. With those officers gone he should have the loyality of the remaining officers. You can’t rebuild a Police Dept. if you have internal undermining occuring constantly. I don’t know the Chief personally, but he has a good reputation in the law enforcement community. I think Leland will finally have a police Dept. that the citizens of Leland and Brunswick County can be proud of. GOOD LUCK CHIEF.

  • Manny says:

    You need to remember,give credit where credit is due. You cant give credit to interim chief James. Give it to the SBI and the Brunswick County Sheriffs Office Internal Affairs Office.

  • MikeT says:

    I am not one to forget a lot of things posted on this site. As I recall many of you regulars posted on or about Feb 17 2012 some very unflattering words about the hiring of Cheif James. You made snide commnets about his education, his age, his background, ect. Well I think you should offer some apology, step up to the plate and chew some of your BS. Looks a soft spoken North Carolina Southern Country Boy was just the ticket for Leland.

  • Guest2020 says:

    I am very happy for the citizens of Leland.

  • hanchett says:

    maybe mrs delapia will write us another letter appologizing for what her husband has done, i recall a long letter defending her husband who has been fired , or maybe she is waiting to see why he was fired? im sure he hasnt told her the truth ,but it will all come out sooner or later .she will probably be surprised by the outcome …

  • SweetSJ says:

    I am glad Brunswick County is finally doing something to clean up dirty cops. These guys definitely abuse their badges and they don’t mind arresting people that didn’t break any laws (even people over the age of 30 who have never been arrested before in their life). Karma eventually catches up with you.

  • GuestKnow1 says:

    Courts and police are strictly profit centers now. It’s all about accusing and taking money from those who have worked their whole life and saved their money. Mr. Million Dollar BondMan at your service. 1 court increased their filing fee business in 1 year from 420 thousand to 4.8 Million dollars. These people all go to their Bar Association meetings and the guy who comes up with the best ‘take people’s money’ scheme, is who they elect as President of the Legal Elite! Courts and police departments are both in competition and will destroy each other, their families, their reputation to get all the money for their agency.

  • kblue2221984 says:

    For Sherry………..Nuff said! Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • guesty says:

    The black cloud is starting to lift from Leland.

  • Guest28451 says:

    but those two crooked SOBS Blasingame and Delapia had to know it was coming.. Once Jayne was gone and then the Karl was removed as Interim cheif and then put onthe choppingblock himself this week the party was OVER!!!!.. Those crooked cops get everything they deserve. I suspect and hope a criminal investigation will be forth coming. Put those dirty SOBS in General Pop down inBoliva and see how well things go for them ;) :P

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