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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Two Wilmington teenagers are in some big trouble after investigators say they tried to abduct a child heading home from school.

The walk home from school quickly turned into a nightmare for one boy that the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office says had to hide in the woods until he felt it was safe enough to go home.

“I don’t allow her to walk home by herself, because I’m afraid she’s going to one get kidnapped, or two she’s gonna get picked on,” said Amber Bishop, who’s daughter goes to Pine Valley Elementary, the same school where the alleged 10-year-old victim goes.

Deputies arrested Mark Sewell, 18, and Jaquelyn Martin, 16, for trying to abduct him after the boy told his dad they asked him where he lived, what his name was, and if he wanted candy.

Parents we spoke with say regardless of their age, the teenagers were up to no good.

“In my book, bullying and everything else like that is zero tolerance,” Bishop said.

“I’m not only a parent, but I’m also an employee, and I know all my kids that go here,” Latricia Starks said. “I just have a big problem with the kids not feeling safe about walking to or from school.”

Other parents say they don’t let their kids walk home because you never know what could happen.

“There’s so much that goes on in the community nowadays, and I would prefer them walking in a group opposed to walking by themselves,” Starks said.

Parents say they had not heard about the incident yet from the school.

Sewell’s mother called our newsroom today and said disclosing the information about her son and the incident was unnecessary. When we asked if the family would like to share their side of the story, she said they would do it in court.

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69 Comments on "Two teens charged in attempted abduction of 10-year-old"

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2016 years 14 hours ago

These are just some kids messing around. They were not actually trying to take this kid. If they were why would they try to do it 2 minutes from their house. They would have gotten out of the car and actually got him in the car or even stopped the car. They didnt even stop the car to try to get him in!! They kept going and went about their business. They didnt have any thing in the car that looked like they wanted to take him either. This is a case taken a little too far.. You know in… Read more »

2016 years 14 hours ago

I know Crystal and Mark and these are two really good kids. If you ask anyone they know they would say they are not the kind of people to go and try to take a 10 year old kid. They are kids themselves!! They obviously were joking around but it just got taken a little too far. All teenagers joke and mess around what do you expect. These are NOT real criminals.. That little boy will be 16 in 6 years and his dad will be dealing with him making mistakes. We all do at some point. Think about how… Read more »

2016 years 14 hours ago

Some of you call this 16 and 18 year old paid KIDS> well, 18 years old is the age a person is tried as an adult when they break the law. They are not little children, the 10 yr old is a child. Everyone has heard the common things kidnappers use to lure children. the candy for you, puppy etc just the things these kids used trying to lure this 10 yr old to their car.
It’s not a joke! The child was so scared he ran into the woods to get away from them and hide… Read more »

2016 years 14 hours ago

Let’s focus on what was done. I don’t think any law was broken by 2 teenagers talking to a 10 year-old kid walking along the street. They didn’t point a gun at him, nor did they try to force him into the car. What is illegal about this? Obviously, when he ran away, they went about their business. That does not show very much intent to do harm to anyone. What a bunch of total idiots some people and all of law enforcemtnt has become.

2016 years 14 hours ago

I’ll tell you what is disgusting…how people react to stories from the media without caring to know anything. You do not know these kids! You do not know what happened. You do not know how these charges came about. Offering to throw the books at them…what have you done in your life? These are children as well who have a ton to offer the world in a positive way. For you to even say that shows what a reasonable person you are.Their parents? Well, I can fend for one that they are wonderful parents who live their lives right. This… Read more »

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