Police charge woman after rescuing her from river

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Submitted: Mon, 04/23/2012 - 3:06am
Updated: Mon, 04/23/2012 - 1:17pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington woman has been charged after a police officer rescued her from the Cape Fear River early Saturday morning.

The woman gave false names before police could identify her as Lydian Beck, 20. Beck told officers she just wanted to go for a swim. She was charged with Unlawful Swimming at a City Park and Hinder and Delay of a Peace Officer. Both charges are misdemeanors.

Wilmington Police say Cpl. Andrew Korwatch was on patrol along the Riverwalk in the 200 block of S. Water Street around 2:30 a.m. Saturday when he heard a scream for help from the river. He saw a woman being carried south by the current. Cpl. Korwatch got past locked gates to get to a floating dock where he was able to throw a dock hose to the woman. She grabbed grab the hose, and then was pulled to the swim platform on the back of a boat. Cpl. Korwatch helped the woman into the boat and then onto the dock. EMS and the Wilmington Fire Department responded.

The rescue was less than twenty-four hours after the recovery of the body of a missing Marine Friday.


  • PublicAvenger says:

    I’m sure she’ll be racing to the Clerk’s Office to pay off her fine. With bells on her feet.

  • Citizen of the Republic says:

    A big thank you goes to Cpl. Andrew Korwatch.

    He did exactly what one would expect an officer to do in that situation.

    With all the troubles we’ve been hearing about in the news,(Leland PD, Carolina Beach PD, Wrightsville beach officers etc.) it’s good to hear about an officer actually doing what he’s being paid to do.

    If Wilmington residents have a gripe about his performance, we will gladly take him in Leland or Brunswick County.

    Good Job Cpl. Korwatch.

  • GuestReality says:

    Many of life’s circumstances are created by three basic choices: the disciplines you choose to keep, the people you chose to be with, and the laws you choose to obey.

    Back in the old days, there was a commercial that used to warn people before they jumped into the water, “Look before you leap”. It still applies today. Maybe she’ll remember that next time.

  • Summer says:

    You did a truly great thing! 98% of us myself included would have probaly sat there frozen not knowing what to do or worse just sat there and waited for help to show up. Don’t listen to the whining idoits on this board be proud of yourself for stepping up and helping. For those of you who do not know Andy he has always been a nice, caring person and I’m proud to say that I know him.

    Andy sorry that it seems to be a pretty thankless job. Summer

  • pretenseless says:

    This beautiful young girl died on Dec. 22. of a tragic car accident. This is no joke, look it up. For her family’s sake, this article and comments should be removed.

  • PublicAvenger says:

    Cpl Korwatch didn’t do a ‘swann dive’ into the river and grab her drowning body, and pull her out of alligator infested cold waters, then give her ‘mouth to mouth resistation’ and bring her back to life. But he didn’t have to. He was there to throw her the rope, and save her, and that’s what counts. He is just as much the hero.

    He has every right to hold stick his chest out, and hold his head high.

  • Guest21 says:

    He has an overactive citation book and pen. He will fit right in at Leland. Absolutely no reason to charge her with anything. Being stupid is not a criminal offense. Guess next, they will charge even those who might accidentally fall in the river.

  • guesty says:

    Yes, lucky enough for you being stupid isn’t a criminal offense. But going into the river there as well as lying to a police officer are offenses.

    There are plenty of reasons to charge her for her actions. It may help others to make grown adult decisions to obey the law knowing they may receive citations if they don’t. It may keep another drunk out of the river to help prevent another drowning death.

  • Lil Bit says:

    I find it hard to understand how you all can be so firm on your opinions and thoughts when it comes to the stories that are posted(if you are not directly involved). Of course, we all have an opinion but that doesn’t make someone else wrong. Did you guys stop to think that not only could the officer have been injured or drowned but think about the fire/ems that were responding emergency traffic to the scene. It’s dangerous enough as it is responding to calls in emergency vehicles, not only for ourselves but for the citizens on the roadways(could be you or your family). So having situations such as those where people have chosen to put thereselves in danger in senseless. Sorry that she has broken the law and now has to face the consequences but luckily no lives were lost in the process.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    Alert, quick to act, quick to seize what was available. He can certainly hold his head high and stick his chest out.

    He is NOT a hero. Stop reinventing words. Buy a dictionary.

  • Val says:

    To All of you that want to discredit him as a hero are all idiots that have probably been arrested before and are bitter..He is a hero on the job everyday and within his family!! Cops risk their lives everyday for idiots that don’t appreciate it, and catch hell for doing their jobs!!!!!!!!!! You all don’t need to talk about him when you don’t know him!! He is an outstanding FAIR cop who is a great person and loving father!!And she should feel grateful that he heard her yells and got through the gates to get her. She deserved to be arrested instead of getting misdemeanor tickets!!!!! I can not believe how many ungrateful people there are in this town!! Andy you are an amazing officer and I AM proud of you for everything!!! Lay off our officers cause you know when you need them you will be calling them and expect them to be there for you!! Stay out of trouble and you won’t have to worry about ANY officer “doing their job!!”

  • Justin America says:

    How much of the Cape Fear River is a City Park???

  • Guest2012 says:

    Well since everyone wants to complain about how bad WPD is, maybe next time they should just let the person drown, what is it their responsibilty to save some dummy from the river?!?! If people dont want tickets then one dont be somewhere your not supposed to and two dont lie, people are idiot.

  • Guest787 says:

    I have helped a few people out that would probably be dead. But I didn’t tell the media or anyone else. So what ever “Heroic’s” took place, is completly washed away with the WPD for chargering her.

  • RSimmons says:

    but the cops kept mistaking them for doughnuts :)

  • Justin says:

    The officer was reduced to throwing the victim a water hose? Doesn’t the City of Wilmington have life preservers along the Riverwalk? Hope all these late-night, drunken swims aren’t part of a new trend in downtown Wilmington…

  • Guest345344 says:

    Is more than likely why the cop wrote her the tickets. She didn’t fall in. She got in the water “just wanted to go for a swim”. She probably didn’t think it was such a good idea after she found out what 60 something degree water felt like, and the current got hold of her.

    Guest350: She got tickets, and she deserved them. Unlawful Swimming at a City Park is because she’s an idiot. Hinder and Delay of a Peace Officer is because she lied to the cop about who she was. There’s a few other things she could have been charged with for that one.

  • Guest350 says:

    She put her life in danger by her own free will. Never was the cop’s life in any danger. My guess is she learned her lesson and no charges were necessary. Seems like you can’t cross paths with a cop anymore without getting charged and fined for something. As for the “needs to have some sense beaten into them” remark……take your best shot.

  • Frances Walters says:

    She should never have jumped into the river , but when she got out with the help of the OFFICER all is well, life saved. Where the trouble came from was she shouldn’t have lied to him! I can see him giving her a ticket for lying to him but not the River= with a stiff talking to by the OFFICER she should know better the next time she even thinks about it! But also Thank you Officer for your rescue well done.

  • Guest25871 says:

    better come up with fresher material. Last time I heard someone get a get laugh with those, he followed it up with “Take my wife…please! I gotta million of ‘em folks! I’ll be here all week! Try the veal!” Ahh, the good ol’ days at the Catskills. Vaudeville, where have you gone?

  • Government Mule says:

    thus the aforementioned quota. Are you on the force or something?

  • guesty says:

    WPD doesn’t have quotas, they can write as many tickets as they like.

  • Guest350 says:

    Great job, Cpl. Korwatch, but your heroism is somewhat clouded because you charged her with 2 offenses. Why didn’t you just let her go home with a warning? And people wonder why police officers have such a bad name overall. But, I guess it will mean more money for the City in fines and court costs, as well as assorted “evaluations” she will be “soaked” for..(pardon the pun).

  • Jane Doe says:

    I agree. If they just give you a warning, they don’t meet their quota for gouging the public!

  • blair says:

    Great job Cpl. Korwatch!!! Yes that women did deserved to be charged! She is an idiot and so is the person saying that she shouldnt have been charged!!CMON MAN really she put her life in danger as well as his!! Whoever posted that idiotic comment needs to have some sense beaten into them!!!

  • Guest5544 says:

    She deserved to be charged. The police officers shouldnt have to deal with idiots like this. To jump in that river especially at night is almost suicide. She is lucky she is alive. I’m glad she got charged. Its just too bad you cant fix stupid!

  • guesty says:

    Just last week we had a marine die by jumping in that same river. This idiot lied about her name. She was charged because she brought all of this on herself. If you want to reward bad behavior, have at it. Don’t expect the police to do the same.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday says:

    What, exactly, did Corporal Korwatch do that was “heroic?” He simply threw her a hose! Good, fast thinking, but hardly heroic.

    Of course, she repaid his efforts by wasting his time and lying to him, so I’d say she richly deserved the charges.

  • Guest1123 says:

    How much money do you think the city and federal government just spent looking for the last person that jumped into the river? Tens of thousands of dollars were spent between the Coast Guard, SABLE, WFD divers and boat team, WPD officers, etc.

    Dang straight she should have been charged. If the DA wants to drop the charges at court then that is up to him, but people need to understand that it is both illegal and dangerous to jump into the Cape Fear River from the Riverwalk. She was 20 and drunk, too, it seems…several laws she was breaking.

  • Guest T says:

    He saved her life and you are bothered by the charges??????? If common sense doesn’t keep someone from jumping in the river where no one should swim, maybe the threat of charges will.

  • Deb 0421 says:

    Maybe the officers nerves are still a little rattled from ail the hours spent looking for the body of the last person that went into the water down there. That river is no joke, a lot of things under the surface that can hurt you and bad currents. I would have thrown her a#! in jail.

  • Peyton Garrett says:

    This girl is one lucky person. The city needs to pass an ordinance for some mandatory jail time for the participants of the night time swims that are taking place. It was a good thing for her there was a cop near to save her.

  • SusanK6461 says:

    I hope this young woman seeks help. This is one heckuva hangover to have to wake up to.

  • Guest654 says:


  • Guest33 says:

    Hey Law Enforcement, If I fall in the River, Leave me alone, I don’t need your kind of help.

  • Grand Ole Party says:

    Why wait for the fall? Do us all a favor and jump.

  • Guest4 says:

    The WPD jurisdiction is so small in the downtown river that they can’t turn the boat around without leaving the Wilmington City Limits. I guess the Lady had to FALL INTO THE BOAT.

  • RSimmons says:

    Where was he going? Krispy Kreme?

  • VAl says:

    He is heroic!!! She better be glad he heard her and got through the gates!!! Don’t down grade ANY cops job..They are all herioc risking their lives on a daily bases for idiots who don’t appreciate it!!!!!!!!

  • Guest1938 says:

    Drunks jump in that river and die all the time. They just pulled a dead marine out of that river the day before. They need to keep charging people for jumping in there and maybe people will think twice before doing it in the future and possibly getting themselves killed!

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