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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Highway Patrol arrested the son of Brunswick County’s Sheriff Saturday for drunk driving. John W. Ingram VI is charged with DWI.

Ingram was released into the custody of his father, Sheriff John Ingram V, after the younger Ingram was processed at the Brunswick County Detention Center.

“As Sheriff of Brunswick County I have taken an aggressive stance with regards to people Driving While Impaired, and this situation is no exception,” Sheriff Ingram said in a statement. “I applaud the NC State Highway Patrol for their hard work and dedication and appreciate the fact that they handled this arrest like every other arrest with extreme professionalism.

Ingram said his son will do whatever the law requires him and will plead guilty as charged.

“As a parent I am sadden by the fact that my son made the choice to drink and drive endangering himself and countless others on the roadways,” Sheriff Ingram said. “However, I pray this will be a lesson that will enable him to make better decisions in the future.”

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  1. Guest111

    He blew a 0.13 on the breathalyzer. THat is way more than a glass of wine or A Beer.

  2. Guest111

    Do you read these posts before you put them in this column?

  3. Guest23

    He is a grown man. His dad cannot and will not fight his battles. Have you ever had a glass or wine or had a beer a drove. Well that’s drinking and driving. Everyone makes bad decisions. Life is about learning from your mistakes. Just thank god that he or others were not hurt in the process. Put all your political opinions to the side and do not judge anyone else from this boys mistake. What even gives anyone the right to judge this boy especially if you don’t know him. This is a lesson for many to learn from.

  4. anne

    There is a difference between a legal right and a moral right. This dad is going to do what is morally right and have his son plead guilty for something he did. How refreshing!!!!!!!!!

    People need to see this as an example of a parent taking a stand and making their child be responsible for their decisions – that is what we need more of today.

    Thank you Mr. Ingram!

  5. Guest1099

    If this was just anyone other than the Sheriff’s son would it make the news?? The answer to that is NO. Poor Ronald Hewett is still being talked about and its been long enough for that to be over with. Sheriff Ingram is NOT to blame for what his son did. I believe without a doubt he will get what anyone else would get if they were caught doing the same thing. Sheriff Ingram is doing a GREAT job for Brunswick County and this is no different. His son made a very bad decision in drinking and driving. Glad nothing bad happened to him or anyone else. He is 21 living on his own he was raised by wonderful people I personally know his Mom, Dad and Grandparents and they are wonderful people. We as parents can raise our children the best we can and when they’re grown we are not responsible for the decisions they make. Don’t see why everyone wants to talk about the parents when they are not the blame for what has happened. I hope everyone follows this story and you will see he got his punishment just like anyone else. Sheriff Ingram and Shannon I DON’T BLAME YOU!!! Keep up the good work Sheriff I will stand behind you!!!!!!!

  6. Kate Griffin

    How wonderful that an elected official is not using power to avoid consequences for his son. He is allowing the justice system to do its work. How noble that any person with some power and a respected position is not hiding behind all of that to get a family member out of trouble, and that the arresting officer was honest enough to arrest the young man. Thank you .

  7. burgerboy

    that boy gets out their a-drunkin and a-driving, he needs to have his old pap give him a whippin with the old hickory stick, says I, him starts doing these little things now and next think you know he’ll be a-pilin’ up sin in the future.

  8. Guest2020

    If the sheriff wants his son treated like everyone else, then he would allow his son to hire an attorney to get him off. After all, that is the Brunswick County way of doing things.

  9. InMemoryOf Dave2004

    Have you ever lost anyone because “boy’s were being boys?” That is the most lame statement I have ever read on this forum. I lost a friend, my husband lost his best friend, my son lost his God-father because someone got behind the wheel of their car after drinking. Excusing someone for this with a flippant statement about it all being in good fun and we should all just get over it is disgusting. Shame on you for even thinking it and shame on you more for actually posting it. Let’s see if you feel the same way when someone you love is killed because of someone’s decision to drive after drinking.

    This was not a mistake, it was a choice and he should suffer the consequences. It’s fortunate that he didn’t kill someone before he was pulled.

  10. jtghostproducal

    so he was drinking. live and learn. don’t make it a with hunt. boys will be boys

  11. CCRES

    My parents have never drank an ounce of alcohol in their lives and taught me to abstain from the appearances of evil. Did I always do as I was taught or as my parents have done? NO. Did I make some mistakes? Yes. You can’t hold it against my parents like I would never blame his father for the decision his son made. It absolutely DOES NOT reflect back on the parents. Many times the apple tree is on the side of a hill and the apple falls near the tree but rolls down the hill. Children are going to live and learn for themselves.

  12. momofboys

    Boys will boys and dead boys will be dead boys. This young man is lucky nothing worse happened while he was driving impaired. Learn this lesson now before you harm yourself or someone else.

  13. Guest111

    This is the 21st century. You still living in the 50’s and 60’s? Boys will be boys? How dumb you are. There is a thing called taking responsibility for your actions. Lord, I hope you don’t have any children.

  14. ladrinda

    First of all that is the most dumbest remark I have read yet!!!! His choice of drinking is fine, but when he chose to get behind the wheel and drive that was very irresponsible!!!! And it don’t matter who he is or is related to he needs to be treated just like anyone else. As I can see so far the police dept has done a great job as doing so. He could have killed 1 or several people while “boys will be boys”. There are enough of tragedys happening in our area without adding dumb careless irresponsiable choices to it!!!!!!

  15. Guest000000

    I personally know this young man and his family. Anyone who know them knows there is no way he committed this crime. He is innocent.

  16. gmail guest

    NO. He is quilty. He blew a 0.13 on the breathalyzer. That is well over the legal limit. You crack me up. He is innocent. ha ha.

  17. GUEST51

    I know him very well. This is NO angle. I know we have done some stupid things in life including myself. He is no saint even though he has calmed down a little and I hope his Dad does not bail him out. If he gets out of this we will all know why.

  18. Guest333

    “DO WHAT”?????? LOL

  19. Guest288

    In the mugshot, Jr. looks like he is wasted.Keep your head up son, the former drunken sheriff rebounded to be a successful car salesman, even garnering the salesman of the month award once.The sons of local sheriffs do not seem to toe the legal line.Former NHC Sheriff Sid Causey’s son is in prison for financial crimes.Respect for the law does not appear to be present at their homes.It is just a job that requires being politically correct.Current NHC Sheriff McMahon was encouraged to change party affiliation prior to running for office.

  20. Scattershot

    You’re casting. It’s hard to follow your train of thought…being a little incoherent yourself.

    A lot of conjecture in your post but your conclusions aren’t fully supported.

    The Sheriff’s public comments were unequivocal and lauded the NCSP for their professionalism…and the son is pleading guilty.

  21. Leland Gal

    He made a mistake and he will pay for it. At least he was caught before someome was hurt or worse. Let it be and worry about something else that is worse. We can pray for him and his family and hope that this is the only time he will do that is really wrong. No one is perfect.

  22. Guest Nice

    Real nice Guest288!

    I don’t know any of the family but here is a family dealing with a tough & sad situation, similar to a great number of families, & you dump on stupid comments and think that families of law enforcement and the legal system are different than the rest of the world. Not sure what glass house you live in – but other than our Savior’s I’m not aware of any without some broken panes.

  23. Guest0987

    Sid Causey’s son is out of jail and has definitely paid his price to society. He’s a good man who is trying to return as a productive citizen of our area. I don’t hold his father accountable since most parents I know try to do best by their kids but sometimes the kids don’t do best by their parents. And regardless of who your dad is, if you are a family member of law enforcement, you’re probably going to get preferential treatment from whoever pulls you over. Haven’t we all wished we knew someone who could make a ticket disappear?e

  24. ann

    I can imagine that the cop that stopped him sure didn’t want to make that call, and I am sure the parents didn’t want to receive it. This young man made a bad decision, and he needs to suffer the consequences of it. His dad has a fine line to walk – his love for his son but setting an example for others to see.

  25. Guest910910

    Yeah thats great wish the Pender County Commissioner would do the same; but no deputies of the law believe they can live above it and get dismissals because they are excluded. Justice for all !

  26. guesty

    Drunk driving, like other crimes, isn’t a mistake. It is a choice.

  27. Guest910910

    aint that the truth!

  28. Guest111

    Excellent comment. I’m sure this guy is, today, feeling an overload of guilt for the shame he has caused himself and the public upheaval he has caused his family. Leave them all alone and let this kid learn a lesson from the school of hard knocks. I would imagine the Sheriff will see to it that he DOESN’T GET ANY SPECIAL TREATMENT simply because of the situation.

  29. Suzanne

    Sherriff, thoughts and prayers from our family to yours. I am not perfect and my child has made poor decisions too. I think some of these perfect people who can drag everyone else down, let them come forward and lead us by their perfect example.

  30. Guest anne

    To Suzanne-Well said and I agree!

  31. eliot ness

    Of course families of law enforcement get special treatment. It’s called the good ole boy system. Get your head out of sand. Investigate for yourself, it’s easy. And JESUS has nothing to do with this unfruitful work of darkness. You’ll be lucky to ever hear of justice handed out in this case.

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