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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Charles Nichols Garrett Jr., better known as Nick, died Saturday at the age of 53 of a heart attack.

The Wilmington Businessman leaves behind four children: one daughter and three boys. The youngest is Nathan, who we introduced you to back in November for being a champion duck-caller. When we spoke with Nick about his son, he had nothing but praise for all of his children.

Those close to the Garrett family remember him as a loving man.

Garrett was a prominent developer, who built and designed homes and offices.

In 2009, Garrett personally filed for bankruptcy. He said the bankruptcy was a result of a long-term lawsuit settlement with his ex-wife Lee Brewer.

His personal life was also in the spotlight back in 2009 when he took the stand before a federal grand jury and the state Board of Elections during investigations into former Gov. Mike Easley. Garrett admitted donating money to the North Carolina Democratic Party with the intention of benefiting Gov. Easley after he had already donated the maximum amount allowed directly to Easley.

Garrett was well-known in our area, and many viewer comments suggest that he and his craftmanship will be missed.

Andrews Mortuary is handling funeral arrangements.

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  • jimmy ward

    Yea i worked for Nick Garrett for 15 years and learned so much in that time. He was a great boss and enjoyed every day. I no i will miss bo. All prays go out to his kids and his parents that were like my second parents!!! REST IN PEACE NICK !!”

  • Guesto1223

    I find it odd that it appears that “Karma’s” post has been removed. Is WWAY now censoring comments that some find distasteful?

  • Bill Slaughter

    I knew Nick for nearly 20 years and this news is sadly received. Sadly, I’m half way around the world from Wilmington and will not be able to attend the services ~ my thoughts and prayers go out to the Garrett family and those closest to them.

    Bill Slaughter

  • Steven Little

    Nick was one of the finest people I have ever known in my life. I am not saying he was perfect, just one of the best. For over 30 years Nick was a friend far better than I deserved and one of the few people in this world whose respect I would like to have. My prayers are with Nick’s family. Just in case my name does not appear elsewhere in this post it is Steven Little and my life is better because Nick was in it.

  • Allie johnson

    After meeting mr. Garrett a few months ago i began spending a lot of time with his children. A couple of weeks ago, i found mr. Garrett at neptunes bar after a big tarheel victory (elease was there too). I told him that i had recently been spending time with his son brewer and his girlfriend allie, as well as his other kids elease and nick. I told him that i have met so many people already in my life and that his children are some of the most special that i have met. I told him that he had raised loving humans with real souls, and that i plan on hangin around his family for a while. He smiled at me with those same eyes and smile as brewer. I hope mr. Garretts warm soul and genuine spirit will be carried out through his beautiful family for years to come, and may the sun continue shining on them.
    Sending love to the garretts and all those close to them

  • David Ward

    I knew Nick for many years and I never heard him say anything that wasn’t good about anyone. Nick loved his fellow man and he respected others. He was a hard working man and he kept his word. He was loyal to his friends and treated everyone fairly. Knowing Nick he probably would say to Karma, well you just can’t please everyone. Nick was genuine and he had class. That’s something that Karma wouldn’t know anything about. I for one was glad to have known Nick, and pray God’s peace be with his family. Nick will be greatly missed.

  • Marcie

    I truly believe that one of the reasons Wilmington is the special place it is today is due to Nick Garrett. He was an extremely talented and giving person and worked very hard to make Wilmington more beautiful. I will remember his bright smile and southern charm. Rest peacefully darling Nick.

  • Robert Wallace

    I had the pleasure of workink for Nick for 10 years. I was treated with respect and felt close to Nick. I personally will miss him greatly. May his family find comfort,and may Nick rest in peace.

  • Buck Williams

    Nick was not only a great visionary, homebuilder and businessman but a great man and mentor. He not only had time for me when I was an employee but also after I left his amazing company to go out on my own. He taught me so much about fine homebuilding, good business practices and most of all how to treat clients. I will forever be grateful to Nick and the entire Garrett Family. I feel a huge loss tonight and will for many nights to come. RIP Nick and know you are loved and appreciated.

  • Friend of Nick Garrett

    Nick Garrett was a true gentleman and one of the kindest men I’ve known-he always had a smile no matter how difficult times may have been. We have all made mistakes in our lives, but one’s time of passing is not the time to hide behind a computer and sully the great memories that many people have of this gentle soul. Rest in Peace Nick Garrett-you will always be remembered for your many contributions to your community and for the love you shared with your many friends and family.

  • north mattamuskeet

    Nick was a great guy and a pleasure to have known for a number of years.It was easy to tell that the number one thing in his life was his children and spending time with them.He had a sense of humor and I really enjoyed being around him.RIP

  • Tell is like it is

    The truth is the truth, whether a person is living or has died.

  • Concerned Citizen

    ABSOLUTELY they are and thank goodness!! A post like that shows nothing but a classless, mean hearted soul. I pity the person that feels it neccesary to post such hatred towards someone whom is deceased. So sad that our community has such simple-minded people in it. Learn to live, let live, and carry love and compassion in your heart. It will help your “karma” in the long run, too ;)

  • Gene Ikner

    Nick Garrett was an amazing guy. I have known nick for almost 25 years and have also worked for him. My heart goes out to all his family and friends. Wilmington and the area has lost a great piller of the community. He will never be forgotten, but surely missed!

  • Tricia

    I didn’t know Nick well personally, but I did know his work from a mile away. It is stunning! I loved his work for years. He inspired me all through school at CFCC, and I had the privilege of meeting him after a scholarship fundraiser for students like myself; students that had dreams and hopes in life to get a college education. It is because of humble, generous people like Nick, I was able to get my college education. He is THE reason I was asked to give a speech during that luncheon. Before that speech, I had never laid eyes on Mr. Garrett. When asked of what my plans were after school, I told the 300+ individuals that attended, I wanted to work with Nick Garrett and build beautiful houses all over Wilmington.
    After the luncheon, Mr Garrett walked up to me, handed me his business card and said, ” You call me as soon as you finish school, and come by my office to talk anytime.” I was in shock, and elated at the same time. I had no idea he was even in the aditorium. I did get to meet with him at his office. He introduced me to his family, all his staff, and it was very clear how respected and loyal he was by all. He spoke of all his children as if they had all hung the moon. I hate I will never get the chance to work with him. But in the brief period we knew each other, and even before we knew each other; Nick inspired me, and he believed in me. He will be and still is sorely missed. May his creations stand the test of time. May God bless his children, and always remind them of just how much they all meant to him. Rest in peace Nick, and thank you for the impact you made in my life.

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