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FIRST ON 3: Brawl breaks out at West Columbus High School

READ MORE: FIRST ON 3: Brawl breaks out at West Columbus High School

CERRO GORDO, NC (WWAY) -- A brawl broke out at a Columbus County high school this week. When it was all said and done, more than a dozen students were suspended.

Now they all face charges.

According to the Columbus County Sheriff's Office, the fight started around 1:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon between two students at West Columbus high school.

A school resource officer says twelve other students then joined in. The school suspended all fourteen students for ten days. Today, they were all charged with participating in an affray.

Students we spoke with say the fight was between a group of friends who live in Chadbourn and another who live in the Cerro Gordo area. The students do not believe it is gang related, but when we spoke with Sheriff Batten earlier, he said deputies didn't know for sure whether gangs are involved.

Students say the school resource officer used pepper spray to initially break up the students, however, the sheriff's office could not confirm this.

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Nowhere in the article does

Nowhere in the article does it say they were "Black"...why would you
assume they were "black"..

Slow news day.....

Is the newsroom so slow that you have to resort to making a school fight newsworthy?

Wilmington Observer

Not news?

When 12 or more are involved in a fight at school, that makes it newsworthy.


DOES ANYONE GO TO SCHOOL TO ACTUALLY LEARN? sounds like all that keeping it "real" went wrong, where are the parents of these so called brawlers?

columbous county officials

columbous county officials make me sick. Anytime something happens between "blacks" they always want to call it "gang related", hell they were just a set of people who dont'get along!!! What you call it when whites fight one another?

I'll take "When whites fight one another"

I'll take "When whites fight one another" for 500 Alex....What is a verbal disagreement?

Doggy Dawg, go ahead and get

Doggy Dawg, go ahead and get an education. It seems like you need it DESPERATELY!

This is so...

West Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!! Word. Word. Know what I' m sayin?

this is so

stupidity is a hard pill to swallow


You sound just like a little thug. Maybe you'll be the next in line for a warrant. Know what I'm saying? The "RIGHT" side! (Of the law that is!)


This little boy is no thug. He is wanna be. West side my ass!! Hahaha West of what boy? You live in Columbus county not Detroit. I bet he is a Mammys' boy as well.