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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Pender County woman says her pet monkey was killed in cold blood and didn’t need to die.

Pender County Animal Control euthanized the monkey after it bit a woman. Now, its owner is searching for answers.

“It was like my child being killed,” said Nancy Browning.

Browning’s Macaque monkey, Elvis, was like a son to her. Now that he’s gone she doesn’t know what to do. Browning says Pender County Animal Control euthanized Elvis after a neighbor said it bit her. The memory of officers taking him from her home is almost unbearable.

“It was like the SWAT team was over here. They blocked off the road. They brought in 4 or 5 animal control trucks and I don’t know how many cops and they got me away from the house,” recalled Browning. “Gave me no paperwork. They went in and then darted him.”

Browning says Elvis should have been given a fair chance and been relocated rather than killed. She’s not even sure which one of her pets bit her neighbor and thinks it could have been her dog.

Animal control did not want to talk on camera, but officers say this was not the first time Elvis bit someone.
Monkeys are handled in a different way than domestic animals because of the diseases they could carry and transmit to humans.

After the county contacted the state vet, officers were told to euthanize the monkey so it could be tested for rabies.
Officers say after that testing, they do not believe the monkey had rabies.

So far, there are no regulations on exotic animals in Pender County.

Animal Control officers say they are working to put rules in place so that they are aware of exotic animals in the county.

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  • Gini

    As rare as these incidents are, this will be blown way out of proportion by the animal rights activists and result in many RESPONSIBLE exotic animal owners being penalized with stiffer laws and restrictions. It is unfortunate that one irresponsible, negligent owner can ruin it for so many responsible owners you never hear about.

  • Guest2020

    If the other comments are true, then this animal died because of its owner’s actions. She should have maintained him in a controlled environment instead of letting him be in the position to hurt the neighbor. If one of my pets bit either of my children, they would no longer be in my possession, especially if my kids got infected because of the bite. Not only is this woman an irresponsible pet owner, she seems to be an irresponsible parent. I am sorry, but my children and fellow human beings come before any animal.

    Also, this animal had already been given a second chance and even a third. How many times would he have been allowed to bite someone before he had enough chances?

  • Das Weibstück

    By the looks of this woman and her home how would she be able to afford to take an exotic animal to the vet? Poor animal died because of her stupidity. Not right, she should be ashamed.

  • Guest349274897

    No policy. No Regulations. No Warrant.

    Sounds Like a lawsuit coming….

  • Das Weibstück

    “Nearly all pet and captive macaques are carriers of the herpes B virus. This virus is harmless to macaques, but infections of humans are potentially fatal, a risk that makes macaques unsuitable as pets. A 2005 University of Toronto study showed that urban performing macaques also carried simian foamy virus, suggesting they could be involved in the species-to-species jump of similar retroviruses to humans.”

    These animals should not be someones “pet”. They belong in the wild or in a zoo where they are properly handled.

    This monkey should have been offered to a zoo before it was killed. Sad.

  • common sense

    It is a monkey, how have we gone so wrong,,Lady, worry about all the children we could feed around here with what you spend on it..all of you put people before pets..

  • guesty

    It isn’t her job to worry about all the children, that is the job of their parents. Obama hasn’t complete taken away all our freedoms. Yet. Her money is hers to spend on what she wants to spend it on.

    You go worry about all the children.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Children are supposed to be fed by their parents, and if their parents can’t afford to feed them, why are they having kids?

    Pets, on the other hand, have been domesticated or removed from their natural environment, thus making them completely dependent on people.

    So if it came down to my money paying for some stray dog’s food or paying for some stray kid’s food, you’d better teach that kid how to bark. As I stated, it’s his parents’ job to feed him, not mine.

  • guesty

    Yes, yes, the children. People shouldn’t spend THEIR money on things THEY want, they should spend it on other peoples children. Have you not noticed that most pets are better behaved than most of the folks on welfare? And you get something out of a pet; happiness. And the pet appreciates its home, food and attention.

    Spend your money on “the children” and leave others out of it.

  • guesty

    I got caught in the WWAY time warp once again.

  • SurfCityTom

    the bitten victims do not sue her out of the state.

    A monkey. Why should it be treated differently? Because it is an exotic animal.

    NO doubt the same standards should apply to a wolf versus a dog or a tiger versus a cat.

  • Michael

    This is sad. This lady could have offered the monkey to a local Zoo after it bit the first person, it would more than likely of been taking in and cared for properly. You hate to hear about this, but it something that could have been avoided.

  • On The Inside

    Nancy Browning did not bother to tell you that her monkey bit her son John in February and he was hospitalized because of the severe infection that he caught from the monkey. She also did not tell you that she had never had Elvis vaccinated in all the years she had owned him. She also did not tell you that she was suppose to take the monkey to the Veterinarian to get vaccinations after she was allowed to keep it in February. (SHE DID NOT GO!!!!!)

    Did you know that a monkey that has not been vaccinated can give a child Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetnus, and other childhood diseases. This is not mentioning that primates (monkeys) are prime carriers of the Herpes B virus.(We are not talking cold sore Herpes people).

    Did she mention that Elvis had bitten her son again 2 weeks ago and he once again has a severe infection, and or more. Yes she cared about Elvis, but not enough to get him vaccinated so that the state and local Health director did not have to make Animal Control do this.

    Animal Control was under strict orders on what to do. No one ever enjoys having to euthanize and animal, but guess what, dog and cat owners make the same crazy choices not to vaccinate their animals and sometimes the life ending decision has to be made with them as well, but they take ownership in their lazy choice not to get the proper vaccinations and it cost the animal it’s life. SHOULD ANIMAL CONTROL BE THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR SOMEONE BEING LAZY AND NOT GETTING THEIR ANIMAL VACCINATED……If so I have a couple of dogs DUE SHOTS next month maybe I should call them and say, YOUR problem not mine come take my dogs to the vet for me.

    Final thought>>>>> NANCY DID NOT VACCINATE HER PET. SHE WAS NOT A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER. SHE ALLOWED HER PET TO BITE A LADY WHO NOW IS HAVING TO UNDERGO EXPENSIVE TREATMENT. Mind you Nancy allowed this monkey to run outside and jump in the ladies car and bite her… she was not in Nancy’s house…SHE WAS 50 FEET AWAY FROM THE HOUSE!!!! Give me a break…. This could have been a small child against a 50 pound…. VERY LARGE MONKEY!!!!!!!


  • Debrat

    On the inside— Monkeys do not have to get vaccinated. If you are worried about the spread of Measles, mumps… then lets get rid of all children between the ages of 5 and 10 as they are the “spreaders” of such diseases. ALL macaques DO NOT HAVE HERPES B! Go to the CDC site and read about it. EVEN IF a monkey carried it the transmission to humans is rare!. Elvis did NOT need to be killed, he should have been placed in another facility if Nancy was indeed negligent.

  • Guest461

    Bring in a whole SWAT team with 5 animal control trucks just to subdue a little monkey? WoW! Big, Bad animal control morons with guns. I’ll bet they were really proud of their accomplishment at the end of that day!

    Nancy, I’m sorry to hear of you losing your monkey. There were many other less than lethal remedies for that situation. You had a bunch of little boys with big heads and egos to invade your life!

  • ann

    I know the house. They’re only neighbors are an old woman, some non english speaking people across the street, and some other guy they dont always ascociate with. Elvis has no way of biting that woman(or any other one for that matter), Elvis was always in his roomed cage durring the day and would only be let out durring the night hours. She was very cautios about who she let near this monkey for fear of something like this would happen.. point blank if it wasen’t her or her family in the house, the monkey would not be out…

  • jeff thomas

    get over it this was not your baby it is a wild animal should be under your control at all times it bit

    someone and you are to blame and what happened to the monkey was right


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