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Stop Titan brings in backup

READ MORE: Stop Titan brings in backup

CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WWAY)-- What's it like to live in a town with a cement plant? Hundreds of people came out to Stop Titan's first ever Picnic in the Park to find out.

"I don't care if they go somewhere else, they just don't need to be anywhere near parks and water and your children," said Alexandra Allred, who lives near a cement plant in Texas.

Even though the NC Division of Air Quality has granted Titan America an air permit many Castle Hayne residents are still fighting the would-be employer.

The message at Sunday's event, and those who delivered it, were a little different than at just any anti-Titan rally.

"I didn't know anything about the cement industry until I moved to my town that's the cement capital of Texas," said Allred. "About three months after living there my perfectly healthy boy got very sick and he was hospitalized five times in six months."

People from towns across the country that are home to cement plants came and shared their horror stories Sunday.

Many of them believe that terrible things are happening because of the levels of pollution emitted from these plants.

"We have sick people. It's not only cancer, we have accelerated asthma, which they finally agreed to that we have," said Jeff Galemore, who lives near a cement plant in Kansas. "We have MS, we have kidney problems. My sister's had a kidney transplant, there's five in the community."

Stop Titan members say these stories have reinvigorated their resolve and that they plan on continuing to battle the cement plant.

"It's great for us to learn about these personal stories and to hear how dangerous it is for all of us, for our children and for our adults," said Tracy Bruno.

"I took away that in reality it can be worse than we actually think it can be," said Tom Mcgraw.

Sunday's event comes days after the Southern Environmental Law Center filed a legal challenge against the NC Division of Air Quality's permit for Titan America.

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thanks for covering WWAY

I appreciate WWAY's coverage of this interesting and informative event. I have to say after listening to the speakers tell their stories at Sunday's event, we all should be concerned. Their stories are heartfelt and compelling and to hear how they must fight so hard just for the right to breath clean healthy air is heartwrenching. I found it very interesting when they talked about these polluting corporations coming to their towns and handing out money in the form of gifts and grants, getting on the town boards and in the civic groups....Because Titan is doing the same thing here. When someone who says he worked as a government inspector of cement plants for 15 years and saw every day how the regulations did not protect the communities, why wouldn't I believe him? What motivation would he have for not telling the truth? Should I instead believe the billion dollar foreign corporation whose only motivation is the bottom line? The corporation who sues citizens for speaking out about their legitimate concerns? And refuses to answer any questions from its future neighbors? Or would I believe the mother whose perfectly healthy son got sick after moving near a cement plant - when all the medical studies say the pollution coming from those plants is known to make children sick. I am utterly amazed at some of the ignorant comments posted here. When it is their child who gets sick, their well that dries up, or their parent who dies of a premature heart attack, maybe then they will learn the facts....Unfortunately by then it will be too late

Let's review, for the 83rd time...

1. We are a nation that respects the rule of law, not mob rule.

2. If Titan can meet all environmental requirements UNDER CURRENT LAW, they have a right to their permits and a right to build. The general statutes of the state of North Carolina say so.

3. If you don't like that, your course of action is to get the law changed. Your fight is in Raleigh. Tighten the environmental requirements in the law and you will be able to stop future heavy industry from locating in the county.

4. Until you get those laws changed, please refer to Number 2.

One problem

That would take effort to accomplish and is much harder than sitting around beating on a drum.

Commonsensenotc, The people


The people against Titan are not a “mob” or the “mob.” From what I have been told, The “Real Mob” as in The Greek Mafia is who owns Titan. Can you or will you tell me if this is true? Mob rule is what Titan does to the environment and to the people that have the misfortune to live near their plants. This is our country. We have the right to question what happens here. We have the right to demand our leaders do what's right instead of kissing up to foreign corporations. We have the right for this whole underhanded process to be explained and to be told who will benefit from it. Follow the money and the truth will be revealed. Then and only then will we know if all the laws have been followed. Why don't you sign your name? If you believe what you say, sign it. Otherwise you come off as a paid or worse yet, an unpaid mouth piece for Titan. So.....................for the 83rd time, sign what you say, or tell Titan to take credit for what they write. Is there a backbone, or a yellow streak?


Would you care if it was going in your area? You don't have to answer we all know the answer.

I am amazed at the negative

I am amazed at the negative comments on here. We are worried about everyones health in the area and people are wanting facts about health issues associated with cement plant pollution. Try googling it, there is a ton of info. Money does make the world go around and you will be needing plenty of to pay your medical bills!

Titan Double Speak

Those with open minds have been informed with facts and the truth, the rest, the single minded, will continue to spout Titan's misinformation. Programmable “robotitans,” a proud occupation to be sure. Why is it that anytime someone from where another plant is located shows up, Titan has to do an emergency “e-alert” to explain why all the cesspools they operate at other places are totally different from the one they want to build in Castle Hayne? Take your 450 (+) million dollars and the money you spend lobbying Congress to reduce and/or eliminate pollution standards and laws, and clean up the garbage sites you already operate. If this issue was not so critical, your double speak would be a great stand up comedy routine. Example: Titan says: Yes, we care about the environment and all the people living around our plants............. Congress, you need to get rid of these bothersome pollution standards, It is much better to suffocate the environment and people than................. PROFITS!

Question for Titan, which one is it? What you say or what you do?

Yellow Journalism

This is clear cut yellow journalism. WWAY has played to hearts of the emotionally unstable and sensationalized a so called story.

Again, show us data where a by product of cement plant is the sole cause of a cancer, sickness or death and not a work place related injury, sickness or death.

Not buying into the emotionally charged rhetoric from the emotional and irrational nay sayers that claim to be informed. But I can tell you, that if they keep up with the nonsense, they will get their way. They will scare off another potential employer and jobs. Like Catapiller, those jobs will go else where.

I think the last thing we need in this area, is another freaking park. We need some development to entice potential employers and investors to come to the area and create jobs as well as bring in money.

Money makes everything go...not warm fuzzies.

Take a pill and get a grip.

Hey there beach bum, why

Hey there beach bum, why don't you show us the data that proves the harmfull chemicals released from cement plants (especially the ones that now burn hazardous waste) are NOT the cause of cancer, respiratory illness etc.?

I don't have a dog in the

I don't have a dog in the cement plant fight and I don't know any data regarding illnesses caused by cement plants, but you cannot prove a negative.

Titan Cement

You did not answer the question and are trying to double talk. What I have not done is hire "evironmental" attorneys to file petitions or motions to attempt to prevent the inevitable. What I have not done is bring in a bunch or retards with so called health problems to play to the hearts and minds of the emotionally unstable.

What I did do, is ask for empirical evidence, so it can be reviewed and if need be, contradicted or condoned.

Again, this area needs more development, jobs and money. Titan is potential employer for a mere living wage for most as one doctor stated.

What I am is an informed, educated and unbiased decision maker for myself that makes decisions on facts in evidence and not emotionally charge tyrades. I am inclined to agree to disagree with the stop Titan movement.

Informed and Educated???

There is a mountain of scientific and medical data to back up the fact that the emissions coming from cement kiln smokestacks is harmful to human health - especially children. You don't have to look hard to find it. But until you take the time to actually LOOK for it and become truly informed and educated, you only prove you don't have a clue what you're talking about.
Titan will emit 12 million lbs. of arsenic, NOX, SO2, Mercury, Lead, PM 2.5, Chromium....140 toxins and pollutants in all, every single year. Look up the research on what those things do to the human body, and how children are especially susceptible... Not to mention the millions of gallons of water they will drain from our aquifer EVERY DAY, the 2500+ acres of wetlands they will destroy, the huge mine they will dig, with blasting 24 hours a day, the over 300 dump trucks added to our roads every day and the fact that they are dangerously close to our schools, homes and parks. Even if they fulfill their promise of jobs (doubtful) they would add a measly 2/10 of one percent to the total employment of NH county. Only an uninformed, uneducated fool would think that's a good idea.

I totally think that this is

I totally think that this is unbelivable! they should go to some deserted place instead of where there are 1000's of people susceptible to these toxins!!!

Titan Cement


You guys are the ones with the axe to grind, so why should I be the one to go look up your so called supporting material?

Until you provide your source...Until you provide 1 credible piece of unbiased empirical evidence...Until you and the rest of the Stop Titan movement provide 1 iota of proof to your libelous claims, I will have to agree to disagree with Stop Titan and anyone who aligns themselves with that mob. When you guys show me and the rest of the free world your sources, so we can refute or condone your arguements, I say dig away and give them 5000 acres of wetlands.

But I would be careful about statements of putting schools, homes and parks in danger. Someone could view that as potentially slanderous and without just cause. No one knows, for a fact, if in fact schools, homes or parks would be put in any danger and to make such a claim, without proof, is foolish and unwise.

As far as your employment information, if the Stop Titan movement was so righteous, why not spread the wealth and give up some of the wealth to those that might depend on Titan as gainful employment for a mere living wage?

Yeah, I didn't think that would work either. Get down off the smokestack, take a pill and get a grip.

Beach Bum

You just proved who you are with your veiled threat of another lawsuit. Your closed mind, closed ear rhetoric is laughable. Does Titan and the City Council do all your writing for you. You call for proof, and ignore it when presented. Do you really think anyone that is willing to do research and think for themselves buys into what you are saying? Titan has been asked many times to debate this issue publicly. Titan refused to answer questions presented by a county commissioner. Titan is a cowardly foreign corporation that hides behind unjust lawsuits, veiled threats, and propaganda to try and get its way. You mindlessly sing their praises and defend everything they do. Here's a suggestion: A public debate, if what you claim is true, Titan should want to tell all publicly. The reason they will not, they have too much to hide, and people like you to spread misinformation. Why don't you get a life, and quit being a rubber stamp little yes man for the Mayor and Titan. If you were not so pathetic, you would be comical.

Talk about pathetic...


Take off the tin foil hat man. You and the Stop Titan mob have the axe to grind. Again, you dance around providing your source of credible unbiased information for the free world to review, and if need be, refute or condone your testimony. If you do not believe me, ask your lawyers.

Speaking of lawyers...I represent myself and myself alone. I have no vested interest in Titan cement or their subsidaries. What I do have vested is business in New Hanover County. And, as entitled to an opinion as you, I agree to disagree with your and the Stop Titan perspective. I was merely offering some of your colleagues some insight in thinking before you speak. But, as your colleagues have demonstrated before, enjoy being sued for making libelous comments, have a ball man.

Last but not one point in my life I was an officer and by proclamation a gentlemen, but don't abuse that. Your failed attempts to insult me and or trolling will only bring you into my crosshairs. I will have no compunction what so ever in getting into your ass up to my neck.

So, before you get rickrolled again or go back to playing World of Warcraft, provide your sources so the free world can review the supporting material for your arguements and testimoy. That way, instead of taking your word as the gospel, the rest of us can make our own informed decision.

@ bum

Mr. Bum,

Except for a few, none of the pro Titan crowd signs their names. If you believe it, sign it. I don't believe for a second that any facts presented could/would change your mind or baseless attacks. Whether you are sitting in Titan's office anonymously writing away or not, I could care less. As far as your threats go, I do not concern myself with someone too ashamed of what they write to sign their name. All is just hot air, or in your case keystrokes without substance. You are right about one thing, you are entitled to your opinion. So is everyone else. Present proven, verifiable facts to back your opinion before demanding others to do the same.

If Titan had facts, if Titan did not fear what they would have to answer, they would participate in a public debate. I love how you try to diminish a groups point of view by calling them a mob. Does this make you feel better? People with facts present them. The rest anonymously hide behind keyboards and run away from public debates. If you were truly interested in making an informed decision, you would do the research yourself instead of demanding others to do it for you. Is laziness a problem?

If you are in fact former military, your actions confuse me. I grew up in a military family. My father taught me to stand up for what I believe, not make veiled threats while anonymously hiding. What flag did you serve under? The United States of America or Greece? Why do you blindly follow and serve a foreign corporation that will add pollution to an already polluted area? A foreign corporation that will withdraw millions of gallons of water per day from an aquifer that is already strained from drought conditions. An aquifer that thousands of people depend on. Is there anything else you would like to surrender to Titan? Anything else you want to take away from the people of this area and hand over?

Titan facts: The footprint of this plant is huge. They will use billions of gallons of water each year. They will add pollution to an already heavily polluted area. They are a foreign corporation that will take profits out of this country. There are health concerns from 100's of doctors. Many current businesses that understand becoming a “cement” town will keep a lot of other businesses from coming here. They will add mercury to the river and island creek. Is this what you are supporting?

You claim to be a business man and Titan makes sense? Their downside for 160 jobs? If this type of business plan is what the future holds, no wonder the country is in a bind. Titan requires our air, our health, and our water. How is this a positive addition to this or any other community?

FYI, I do not play video games so pick something else to assume.

Dumb it down

Ok Rick...

Last time, provide your credible unbiased source for the free world to review. That way, we can review for ourselves and make our own decision, either refuting or condoning your testimony.

You see, when you make a claim or formulate a hypothesis, such as, Titan Cement is bad. You support your hypothesis with supporting material, which, is generally reviewed by others so they can refute or endorse your hypothesis. In your arguement and or testimony you have to show and or demonstrate why Titan Cement is bad or good. Get it yet? You and the Stop Titan movement are the ones with the axe to grind. So, prove your hypothesis.

Again, I can not speak for why Titan will not engage you in public debate or forum, but I have an idea. You should take moment out of your marches for humanity and review the Art of War. You may gain some valuable insight on why and how to argue.

What I do find provocative is how you claim to be empathetic yet ridicule those who do not agree or align with your thoughts or ideas? It is curiously amusing you claim to come from a military family upbringing and challenge my integrity or question the flag under which I served, having never served yourself, jodi boy. I say this to you and jodi's, until you actually have the nerve...until you actually graduate boot camp and serve something other than yourself...until you actually serve in a far away land, insuring the very rights and freedoms you exercise daily; you nor anyone else are in any kind of position to question a F'n thing as far as I am concerned. Just say thanks and move along. Because those who do, do and those who won't, piss and moan about how bad things are then cry, complain and post on forums when it's ugly.

If Titan Cement has the appropriate paperwork, licensing etc, then you can not keep resetting the bench marks when they meet them. How is that fair? What if your boss came in and told you, you meet whats expected, but you yourself have got to meet whats expected plus one more. Again, if the Stop Titan movement was so righteous, they would share their wealth so those who might actually need one of those 160 jobs won't have to have one of those 160 jobs.

So, screw you Rick and screw the Stop Titan movement. Have a nice day cowards.

@ Bum Again

The Stop Titan movement has been in full public view from the start. I sign my posts, you hide behind Beach Bum. I like your choice of names. As for your military service, step from the shadows and prove it. Look up coward in the dictionary and you will see it applies to you. You do what Titan has done this whole process, cast dispersion on those that oppose you without saying anything verifiable. You use words like the “mob” and “radicals.” You get pissed when challenged, make veiled threats, allude to how bad you are. You do all of this while hiding behind the name Beach Bum. You words would have more meaning if you would step out of the shadows and identify yourself. I think most people have seen the movie “A Few Good Men,” glad they could write part of your rant for you. You call people cowards that are in full public view from your cyberspace foxhole. You sir, are the coward. Hope you have been paid well for your posts, I understand why you hide, because your comment on “Natural Selection” shows just how pathetic you are. Identify yourself or just go away. If you ever were in the military, then you should be ashamed of talking to a Mother, worried about her child’s health, about “Natural Selection.” It will be nice when you and Titan go the way of the Dinosaurs, you know, become extinct.

You mad bro??

You mad Rick? You mad bro? You are projecting!

See how infantile your antics and tactics are Rick? You double talk and dance around subject matter and refuse to provide one iota of credible evidence supporting your argument or testimony.

You and the Stop Titan Gestapo are the Nazi's with the axe to grind, so provide the rest of the free world your credible unbiased source. Case close. Not that hard.

Natural selection is a fact of life and clearly you can't deal with real life.

Good luck with the tinfoil hats and the crusades. Again, you are welcome for your freedom to bad mouth America and those that grant you and all the other shitheads the greatest freedom which you exercise daily. Freedom of Choice.

Changing the channel now man, have a ball arguing with yourself.

Bye Bye Bum

Glad you are changing the channel. Wish you would quit claiming to be what you are not. Wish you would stop trying to take credit for something you had no part of. Hiding in a cyberspace foxhole makes you a coward. The facts are out there, you just choose to ignore them. You shout, lie, threaten, and when all else fails, you change the channel. Typical of all that is Titan. Good-bye and good riddance. What are you going to claim to be next week, an Astronaut, or maybe a double naught spy? The spy would be more in line with your invisible persona. The Nazi reference is laughable, if you are intelligent enough to study history, you will find this is what you and your crew resemble. You blame the poison spewed from a massive smokestack on natural selection, sorry, but you missed the intelligence train. Enjoy your other channel, goofy and dumbo will be more you speed.

Here's your 'warm and fuzzy'

"Again, show us data where a by product of cement plant is the sole cause of a cancer, sickness or death and not a work place related injury, sickness or death."

The data is everywhere, it's easy to find and you can start with Google and if you actually read academic and medical studies, and then critically thought about causes and effects, then you would not be so thoughtless in your response to a MOTHER talking about her SICK CHILDREN. Your ignorance is predictable but your lack of respect and empathy for other human-beings is inexcusable. You can have your money but if you think it's okay to mock the very real health problems of others, then I hope souls on sale.

Titan Cement

Bee...You are too easy. I had this big response to your rebuttle. But, it is painfully obvious you are thinking emotionally and not logically. So another time for a witty banter.

I will offer you this thought so you can sleep well at night...

They call it "natural selection" for a reason and bad things happen in the world. No rhyme or reason. They just do.

Sorry they feel they are getting the short end of the stick, but tough. No one bailed me out in the finacial crisis in '08. No one but me making my mortgage payment. No one but me paying my bills. I don't push off my responsibilities on to some one else or cry when life is hard. I keep waking up and fighting the good fight because I have obligations that I am finacially responsible for.

It's called real life. Try it.

Bum is a Bum

@ Bum,

In an earlier post you claim to be an officer and a gentleman, I am calling BS on this one. Your “natural selection” comment discounts any part of the gentleman. Also, former military officers do not hide anonymously behind keyboards and make veiled threats while supporting foreign corporations. AT least former officers that served in the military for the United States. What Titan or one of their supporters will stoop to is pathetic. Natural Selection would be you getting run over by a dump truck :-), not problems caused by the emissions from a smokestack that does not have to be there. Does the Mayor and Odom flip a coin each day to see which one of them gets you to kiss their ass for the day? Or do you multitask?

"Natural Selection"

Thanks for sparing me your full-fledged banter of "logic." It's interesting that you feel that you must try to make someone like myself seem too emotional and illogical in order to feel like you have a reasonable outlook on this issue. It sounds to me like you are the only one here that feels sorry for themselves because you obviously can only reference yourself and how hard life has been on you.

As far as "natural selection" goes...that statement is beyond disgusting in the context you mean in. Children and adults getting sick, and sometimes dying, as a result of overexposure to man-made toxins is NOT natural selection. And I hope when people read your filthy, spiteful, hateful, and ignorant words, that they see what kind of people actually support industries like Titan. At the very least, I thank you for proving a point by spewing your bile.

No problem

Anytime Bee. Anytime.

When you can show unbiased empirical evidence, so it can be reviewed, refuted or condoned, that Titan or cement plants and their by products are the sole reason a cancer is caused or some other malignant disease manifests into a epidemic, then I will hear what you have to say.

Till then it is all emotional tyrades, shennanigans and yellow journalism at it's best.

It's out there, just look

As said before, the evidence is out there, reflected in multiple health and environmental studies, connecting the toxins that Titan would emit into our air and water to the serious issues discussed by these people. Don't know what else to do for you...I guess read them to you? Highlight the pertinent information for you? Explain the big words like benzene, mercury, SO2? Sorry if I sound condescending but I guess it's catching...

Titan Cement

Ok Bee. Your hypothesis is Titan Cement plants cause cancer and other malignant diseases including birth defects in children. The problem with your arguement, is you do not have any supporting material for your arguement. You have not provided one piece of empirical evidence or source for the rest of the free world to review. Upon our review of your supporting materials, the free world will either condone or refute your testimony.

What has happened, is the Stop Titan mob has played to hearts and minds of the emotionally unstable by bringing in "environmental" lawyers to attempt to slow the inevitable. They have brought in spokes people who claim that "cements plants" caused my children to be born retarded or caused their health ailments. They is no chance that it could of been the 3 packs of cigarettes or 12 pack of beers that could of contributed to their defect, right? There is not the slightest possibility, that said peoples genetics just misfired and viola, instant catastrophe, another defect.

You threw out benzene so lets talk about it. Do you know how many vehicles are on this planet? Did you know that benzene is a by product of exhaust from said vehicles? Better be riding a bike hippocrit.

You brought mercury to our attention...STOP EATING FISH hippie. Suprise suprise, it is in all forms of fish including shell fish.

Last but certainly not least, Sulfar dioxide...Winner winner, chicken dinner, you guessed is in every bottle of wine that is on this planet. Where is your STOP WINE movement?

Just got you and all the other "Stop Titan" nazis 3 new crusades to march about next week.

So, using your logic, my supporting data is "out there" for you to review and refute. Have a ball. Deuces.

The Nimby crowd just cracks me up

I used to live in the Mts of Boone NC with had a cemet and asphalt plant and we never had issues.. Reality people.. This city need jobs and the Titan jobs will help this economy. As for the person worried the EPA isnt goign to watch over thigns your crazy. Are you kidding??? The EPA is so overzealous in their regulation they have shut down compliant operations from other businesses which under normal circumstances under previous administrations your worry of the EPA failing to do its job is soo unfounded its not funny.. The EPA are the same idiots that have declared puddles ins omebodys front yard navigable waterways and therefore protected wetlands transfered tot he Dept of Interior and people have lost control of their own property rights right and left.. I suspect it boils down to Titan being able to do business cheaper (hard to believe considerign the tax base and rates have already costs us Caterpiller and Contental Tire) but then again truth be told the old liberal treehuggers fromt he NE who've moved down here and dont need to work dont give a rats rear about the job market in this town as long as they can get back over to Wrightsville or Figure 8 where they can leave the riff raff behind (We all know well about the arrogance of WB residents and desire if they had their way to keep people out of their beach as they feel the riff raff and regulars should go to CB and Kure). My wife works in WB at one of the resorts and believe me the attitude is alive and well based on the clientele and upper management even treating their staff like riff raff because there are issues which ironically Upper Mgt created themselves when they dotn have enough brains to sign the checks to pay the damn bills on time and then blame the accounting and financial controller offices over late fees..

I wish all these protestors

I wish all these protestors would shut up. There is no data backing there claims. This area is in dire need of jobs and Titan should be allowed to build. Its just like all the retired fossils in southport fighting the port. With no jobs the town and the economy of the area both die. There is a reaon all the youg people wanto to move away from here because there is no oppourtunity unless you are happy with minimum wage and still can't afford to live