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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — On Wednesday April 25, 2012, The Big Talker FM received a formal request from North Carolina Democrat party attorney, John R. Wallace of Wallace & Nordan L.L.P. in Raleigh, NC, via hand delivery and e-mail, for equal time for Deb Butler, the Democratic candidate for the District 9 North Carolina Senate seat.

This request came in response to Senator Thom Goolsby filling in as a guest host on The Big Talker FM’s Mornings with Chad Adams on Thursday, April 19th while Adams was away on an educational trip to Israel.

“We were a little surprised to receive such a formal legal request for equal time as Chad and I have a great working relationship with Deb Butler. Deb recently hosted a show Saturday mornings on the Big Talker called “Retrofit Radio” which focused on retrofitting houses and workspaces with green friendly technologies, and we have featured Deb as a guest on Mornings with Chad Adams on several occasions,” says Producer of Mornings with Chad Adams and Operations Manager of The Big Talker FM, Aimee Bowen.

“We had several guest hosts while Chad was away, including Representative Carolyn Justice, Col. Francis DeLuca of the Civitas Institute, as well as local pastor and activist, Tony McGhee. Reaching out to Senator Goolsby to inquire if he could sit in that Thursday seemed like a no brainer as he is very familiar with talk radio. Thom co-hosts a weekly investing program, The Empowered Investor, on the station Tuesdays at 6pm and has filled in as a guest host for Chad in the past,” says Bowen.

Deb Butler will be the guest host of The Big Talker FM’s Mornings with Chad Adams on Monday, May 21st, 2012, from 6-10am

Sen. Goolsby appears as a weekly guest on another radio station in the District 9 area, however, it is unclear whether or not Ms. Butler will make a request for equal time on that station as well.

“This is going to be a unique edition of the morning show. Ms. Butler is a Democrat, and It just so happens our host, Chad Adams, is a rather conservative guy, but the issues we discuss on the show affect all of us at the local, state and national level. Our audience transcends party lines and this will be a great opportunity for our station and our listeners to approach these topics from a different viewpoint. I look forward to working with Ms. Butler,” notes Bowen.

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  • southernborn54

    I see no problem with her being on the show at all. As boring as the station has got I do not think she is exactly going to set the electorate on fire. The last time I listened to it I was forced to run into a building, get on the elevator and listen to Muzak to get my entertainment level up. I do not know if they are trying to kiss up to everyone at once for ratings or they are just to cheap to buy quality and figured fourth rate is what they want to pay for.

  • deel

    i’m sorry, but i have to rant…

    waav radio is 24/7 bitter old white conservative men. i listen in while driving to torture myself i suppose. Curtis Wright is an idiot who should go back where he came from, much like he told President Obama on his radio show to “…go back to Africa, where you came from”. Curtis doesn’t archive his radio shows online, which is a big clue that what he says – he doesn’t want to have to answer to later.

    He was whining about Deborah this morning – he told her to “shut up and go away”, on air! what an ass.

    WAAV radio management if you are reading, i have lived here my entire life and since Curtis Wright joined your station i have gone out of my way to NOT support your advertisers. you should seriously consider firing Curtis, his vitriolic snide attitude and one sided propaganda have turned WAAV radio into a joke.

  • Mark A. Smith

    I look forward to Ms. Buttler being on The Big Talker.

  • loudmouthbass

    Can’t wait for Deb to ask for “equal time” on 980WAAV ( hint, hint Deb ). With the recent past hosts Ansell, Bellamy and Jennings she should be a perfect fit for that station’s demographics. Or maybe she looked at the ratings and knew where she might actually get heard? Wonder who Curtis will have on that morning? Maybe I’ll just turn to Bach and keep my feng shui, yin yang, and hong kong phooey in check that day.

  • millie dawson

    Go Deb!

  • Robert West

    It’s so interesting that the “law and order” folks can so easily ignore the clear guidelines for giving candidates equal time. I’m tuning in on the 21st.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I have no desire for a “concensus” if it means compromising away basic values and core beliefs.

    I’d suggest that you examine the British colonies in North America between 1775 and 1783. The Howling at the Moon Crowd accomplished quite a bit.

    The only thing we need to “fix” is the rise of Socialism in this country, and I would approve of ANY method to rid us of people too stupid to know that Socialism inevitably fails, causing countries to collapse.

  • ChefnSurf

    … spewing out the same rhetorical phrases that have already been expectorated out of the mouths of others. Tell yourself it’s just a gigantic coincidence that you’re apparently creating the same thoughts and phrases as others, but on a totally independent and parallel basis.

    Unfortunately the one thing even you’ll never be able to take credit for is creating the type of consensus necessary to fix anything. Howling at the moon may feel great but accomplishes nothing.

  • Chefnsurf

    Sounds like you’ve been gobbling up the poisonous table scraps from that self-righteous, pill-popping Rush Limbaugh. You DO know that he says all that stuff just to feed his own narcissism and to make money, don’t you? If you’re really unaware of that, there’s an unpleasant possibility that you’ll turn into just another dummy sitting on his lap with his hand up your butt to make your mouth move. Hopefully, you find that imagery unappealing.

    Having a conservative viewpoint has NOTHING to do with everyone else being THE ENEMY. Having a conservative viewpoint has NOTHING to do with calling other people names or stating that a sitting President is “out to destroy America” or believing that this country was founded on hate, or most importantly, advocating hatred against those who disagree with you.

    Having a conservative viewpoint IS about a belief in limited government and generally emphasizes the empowerment of the individual instead of the government to solve problems. When common decency is removed from the Conservative-Liberal debate it becomes next to impossible for those individuals to solve any problem. That’s contrary to one of the basic tenants of conservative thought. All you have to do is look at our country’s do-nothing Congress to figure that out. They’ve become so polarized they do nothing but spew out devisive sound bites and very little else. That truly is destroying America and your viewpoint is contributing to that.

    With a user name like yours, one would think that you might possibly have enough COMMON SENSE not to act the way you’re acting.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Thanks, but I’ll take credit for my own thoughts.

    As long as the Socialist enablers want to take what is rightfully mine and give it to totally worthless, unproductive, societal leeches, I will consider them as my enemy.

    The only difference between a mugger and a liberal is that the mugger has more backbone (he does his own dirty work) and the liberal dresses better. Either way, they’re both thieves.

  • 11bravo

    This provision of the 1934 Communications Act (section 315) “requires radio and television stations and cable systems which originate their own programming to treat legally qualified political candidates equally when it comes to selling or giving away air time.”

    If any licensee shall permit any person who is a legally qualified candidate for any political office to use a broadcasting station, he shall afford equal opportunities to all other such candidates for that office in the use of such broadcasting station.

    I don’t understand why anyone would be upset by this. It doesn’t sound like the Big Talker is.

  • Monkey Junction

    Sorry to interrupt your rant, but you cannot pick which laws you choose to obey and which you ignore. If you don’t like the law, work to have it changed. What does Obama have to do with any of this? It seems you have a very specific political viewpoint and will bent the facts to fit your viewpoint. You are just the flip side of the liberal viewpoint you have such anger for.

  • Robert Green

    Excuse me, but The Big Talker FM is a PRIVATE SECTOR operation that can convey whatever message they wish.That message happens to be a conservative one that makes liberals unhappy that they do not have a forum in the local listening area.Market forces have shown that the conservative talk radio format has been a more successful business model because conservatives flock to the radio dial.The reason they flock to the radio is because 80% of the mainstream media outlets are partisan Democrats, who dominate the dissemination of information to a relatively uninformed audience.The only mainstay for liberals is NPR,which is subsidized by the taxpayer,to promote a predominately liberal message.Your request would be understandable if the programming were taking place on a National Propaganda Radio program.May I suggest Ms.Butler contact the local NPR station to counter The Big Talker FM.In this forum,she will find an audience that is receptive to her perspective.Demanding a private sector business to give you equal time is absurd and I would not have accomodated your request.The only entity that is presently determining what is fair and trying to cut an equal piece of the pie is our DYSFUNCTIONAL federal government under the leadership of Obama.Good luck and hopefully my Big Talker friends will burn the phone lines up.

  • SurfCityTom

    but you are wrong. The laws are pretty tight.

    On a National level, why do you think no Ronald Reagan movies appeared on any media outlet when he was running for President? Answer — the media outlet would have been required by law to allow his opponent equal air time.

    Can you imagine 2 hours of Walter Mondale droaning on and on?

    Same held true in the viewing area when Arnold ran for Governor of California.

    Does not matter that the movies were entertainment.

    Get over it.

  • stand strong

    This is an election year and the law is very clear on this issue. I thought when Leutze ran against Goolsby in 2010 it was unbalanced that Goolsby was a regular guest and hosted a show on the Big Talker during an election year. It seems like Butler is actually standing up and demanding equality. That’s the leader I want representing me.

  • NPH

    Yes, I agree! It’s great to see Deb Butler standing up and demanding what is right.
    “The equal time, or more accurately, the equal opportunity provision of the Communications Act requires radio and television stations and cable systems which originate their own programming to treat legally qualified political candidates equally when it comes to selling or giving away air time. Simply put, a station which sells or gives one minute to Candidate A must sell or give the same amount of time with the same audience potential to all other candidates for the particular office. However, a candidate who can not afford time does not receive free time unless his or her opponent is also given free time. Thus, even with the equal time law, a well funded campaign has a significant advantage in terms of broadcast exposure for the candidate.

    The equal opportunity requirement dates back to the first major broadcasting law in the United States, the Radio Act of 1927. Legislators were concerned that without mandated equal opportunity for candidates, some broadcasters might try to manipulate elections. As one congressman put it, “American politics will be largely at the mercy of those who operate these stations.” http://www.museum.tv/eotvsection.php?entrycode=equaltimeru

    Go, Deb!

  • Lalie

    Seems like some have their knickers all bunched up over nothing. What’s wrong with requesting equal air time? Why not get your name and message out there any way you can? Isn’t that the nature of a campaign? So what if the request was conveyed formally…THIS is news? And just wth does it matter?

  • Guester

    Is this an example of what you can expect should she make it to the senate? Seems like she could have just picked up the phone and taken care of this but noooooo. Much like her “War on Women” rally downtown that was more of campaign move similar to Obama politicizing the Bin Laden killing. IMO. I’m sure she’ll rally all of her supporters to tie up the phone lines to kiss her… ring.

  • As a Liberterian I really find your view amusing. Are you afraid she will change your mind on something so therefore you can’t listen to someone who doesn’t agree with you?

  • Tom Russell

    I can’t believe that this conservative talk program is falling for this liberal threat. But then again…I had to listen today as Chad gave considerable conservative time to a liberal who was allowed to call in twice over something about as “liberal stupid” as “what the definition of is-is.” Count me as a “non-listener” on the 21st. Why don’t the new owners of The Big Talker FM just go ahead and turn the station into another liberal media outlet….as it looks like they are struggling with finding the courage to support conservative talk radio. Allowing the liberals to control conservative talk radio programming is another “win” for those who desire to destroy America. I am disappointed Big Talker.

  • Robert Green

    If this is the Tom Russell,who founded “Step Up For Soldiers”,you are a great patriot!

  • Ryan Burris

    ——- “This is going to be a unique edition of the morning show. Ms. Butler is a Democrat, and It just so happens our host, Chad Adams, is a rather conservative guy, but the issues we discuss on the show affect all of us at the local, state and national level. Our audience transcends party lines and this will be a great opportunity for our station and our listeners to approach these topics from a different viewpoint” ——

    I so agree with this part!

  • Guester

    Just calling it like I see it. I actually look forward to her trying to answer tough questions. The nature of todays politics stinks. The way she went about demanding equal time was uncalled for when it could have been handled by a simple phone call to Mrs. Bowen. She (Butler) made it more than it had to be.

  • Doc El

    She doesn’t waste a word and she actually cares about the people as well as the real estate..She has a great brain and remembers facts well. I can see why she’s got y’all frothing and lurching like the musician’s craigslist…she ‘s without a doubt the best candidate out there.

  • Guester

    I look forward to her hosting the show and putting her liberal views out there for all to hear. We all know what a great job the liberals have done since they took over congress and what a fantastc job Obama and Bev are doing now. We all know that E V E R Y T H I N G that is wrong with this country now is George Bush and the Republicans fault. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Barney Frank said it so it must be true. No doubt she is a highly successful lawyer and realestate tycoon and just what we need more of running this state and country.

  • Robert Green

    Would not be tolerated by Rush Limbaugh,Sean Hannity,Mark Levine and other conservative personalities due to conveying a message that does not please liberals.They would NEVER let a liberal fill in. I demand fifty percent airtime for all conservatives on the cable news networks but it is not going to happen.I am dissapointed in the actions of the Big Talker FM.The N.C Democratic Party does not have any legal recourse in their demands.To the owner of the Big Talker FM, a more equitable solution would be to give Ms. Butler a block of time during a different time frame to promote her perspective on the issues of the day.Then evaluate her performance and value to your company after two quarters of operation.This appears to be a business gimmick to spike ratings but it compromises your integrity with your conservative listening audience as being a truly conservative forum.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    No one calls in on the 21st. No questions, no comments, no guff, just ignore her. Make it a very long, painful four hours for her. Let her drone on for four hours about higher taxes and all her other whacko ideas.

    You’ve listened to three years of Comrade Obama, you can easily handle four hours of Comrade Butler without having to comment. I can stick to that – can you?

    Plus, what benefit would come from talking to her? Do you think you’re going to enlighten her….or will you simply raise your blood pressure.

    Ignore her. By sunrise on the 22nd, things will be back to normal.

  • Tom Russell

    If you call “back to normal on the 22nd”…the Big Talker positioning itself to allow the liberals to dictate their programming…then I’ll not only tune out on the 21st…but tune out permanently.

  • Nancy Mc

    …and you got called on it. Otherwise why would you give Ghoulsby such a platform? Butler’s request is entirely appropriate and should be honored. Otherwise any claims you make about serving the public are lame lip-service. Your communications license comes with responsibilities. It’s time you lived up to them.

  • 76Patriots

    The big Talker is no longer “conservative radio” and Chad Adams is the figurehead of the new, fencesitting-for-ratings station. He is intelligent, but prone to pandering for ratings and fearful of espousing principles commonly championed by “conservative hosts.” Adams, in keeping with the new Big Talker, which often sounds like NPR, not talk radio, is and I don’t mean this offensively, but he bends over to please ultra-liberals (either to draw a large audience with bland weak-kneed “can’t we all get along” discussion without conservative or libertarian values, but valuing ratings alone…The Big Talker ditched the more conservative Curtis Wright, who ranted about whatever he was feeling to the point of turning people off with his haphazard, disorganized positions on issues, usually more about voicing his own personal grudges than selling conservative/liberty-based philosophies.
    Chad Adams mimics some Rush-like gimmicks but he’s no conservative, a knowledgeable moderate Bush Lite, who says one thing and then a day later offers a contradictry position (something he accuses the Star- News of doing, and rightly so). The Big Talker of the Chad Admas era isn’t conservative, its all over the map, a morning rush hour version of Harvard Jennings. Nice guy, great man, Harvard, but not one to risk ratings by challenging the dominant mob mentality of the moment. He is afraid or has been instructed to not offend anyone and so he avoids issues and facts that he can’t tippy-toe around to make all the Deb Butlers and Jason thompsons out to look like principled conservatives when they are raving, tax and spend, self-serving career politicians in the batters box. Whatever happened to Ben Mccoy and that Fair tax youngster?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …is that he’s too nice and cordial to THE ENEMY. He has this Pollyanna view that we have to be nice to liberals and that we shouldn’t hate them. He even thinks that this country wasn’t founded on hate, but I submit that when the embattled farmers of Lexington and Concord squeezed their triggers while aiming at the British, there was little love involved.

    My God, he still believes that Obama and his liberal vermin are well intentioned and not out to destroy America!

    Even though I’d like to see him recognize exactly what we’re up against, and become a bit more aggressive in his approach to the Socialists, I’ll take him ANY day of the week over that screw-ball Curtis Wright.

  • Tom Russell

    Different Tom Russell. Not nearly the Patriot as “Step Up for Soldiers” Tom Russell

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …have at it.

    I don’t think that avoiding a problem with the FCC (considering it’s now 3-2 lib controlled) by going along with the Equal Time requirement is a fatal flaw on the station’s part.

    Remember, she’s a CANDIDATE, Goolsby is a CANDIDATE, and the law says that she has a right to the air time. We’re not talking about the Equal Access rule, which disappeared thirty years ago. Equal Time is still very much in force.

  • Tom Russell

    My point is…the Big Talker should know the rules…so by asking Goolsby to host…they set themselves up to have Deb B host as well…and subject their normal audience to 4 hours of liberal gibberish. Yes they are avoiding a problem with the FCC, but in my opinion it never should have come to that….and who suffers…we the listeners and those folks who advertise on the Big Talker.


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