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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington City Council voted Tuesday night to allow 50-percent sign coverage of windows of downtown business. The planning commission originally wanted to allow only 25-percent coverage, but the city ultimately sided with business owners who wanted more.

The new ordinance only applies to downtown businesses. All other businesses in the city must follow the 10-percent allowance specified in the original ordinance.

The 50-percent coverage only applies to posters or flyers attached to the windows, and does not include any signage that is near the windows.

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  • jj

    Did someone say something about signs? The people voting on this are they the same ones that have signs all over the Highway right of way in Wilmington? They need to clean up there own mess before they start policing other people.

  • Guestoff

    I completely agree but that’s not a city or county thing. We have our state legislators to thank for that. Go to ncleg.net and let them know how they have trashed the roadways all over our state. Sad thing is, they probably won’t even take them down following the election.

  • Wade Griffis

    I was at the meeting last night but had to leave because dark was coming. At 73 my bones do not heal as fast as they used to.

    The police chief is doing the best he can with limited funds. Never mind!
    If you are an old person, you should be inside with your door locked after dark.

    I have other protections.

    The bottom line though, is that city council has much more important things to worry about than how many signs somebody has in their window.

    Has anybody with the city ever done a study of how much money SOAPBOX brings into downtown? Their windows are plastered with posters.

    I am downtown every day and I am not offended.

  • Guest2020

    Please explain the disparity between what the downtown merchants are allowed and what the rest of the business owners are allowed.


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