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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As prices at the pumps continue to fall, you have probably noticed how varied they are throughout the Cape Fear.

Prices range from about $3.50 to as high as $3.80 a gallon for regular unleaded gas, so we checked out stations on both sides of the scale and asked why this is happening.

The Shell off US 421 sells gas for $3.79, so we went inside to ask why their prices are so high, while others are as much as 30 cents lower. The manager told us off camera that she had no control over the prices and was given a range to use based on competing stores.

On the other end of the scale, gas at the Sunoco on Dawson and 17th Streets is $3.51 a gallon. Cars were lined up. One customer said it’s getting to the point of being dangerous.

“It’s getting pretty bad,” Mark Floyd said. “I think eventually they might need a police escort out here, because there have been a couple of arguments of people trying to get into the pumps, and then somebody pulls up when they realize someone else is in the spot, so I saw two arguments yesterday.”

The manager at the Shell Station at 3rd and Red Cross Streets, where gas is $3.65 a gallon, says he also bases his price on competition, but says he is not given a range by his corporate boss. He usually just comes up with the price himself after driving around town to compare.

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  • Guest Reply

    The answer is “GREED”! Is that so hard to figure out?
    I passed by a Hess station this morning, and cars were sticking out into the street/lines curved around aimed at the pumps…all for a $5 to $10 saving’s from a month ago. Talk about being lead by a puppeteers strings! I know there had to be several customers there using either vacation/sick leave, or calling in late to their employers just to buy gas. I bet by the days end, the station will run dry. Who’s the greediest…the gas company/station owners…or the customers?
    Answer: BOTH!
    PS: Have seen close calls of fights breaking out for a place in line. Maybe someone using their cell phone while pumping will ignite a pump and then where will they be?
    Someone should sell T-shirts saying…”Government Owned-Government Led”…….

  • Grand Ole Party

    How in the name of hell does trying to save money on fuel make a person greedy? I am guessing since you witnessed all this you must have also been using vacation/sick leave???? You further state that you saw close CALLS, more than one, so either you are in the parking lot trying to get gas also, making you a hypocrite, or you saw nothing, making you a liar. Someone should sell you a T-shirt saying…I’m full of B.S.

  • tweety

    greed is correct but which company does the government own. we cry when its high we cry when its low.why don’t we just walk???

  • Guest 10101

    Maybe I missed it Marissa Jasek.

    Your news report starts off with a header that asks “why do they vary so much?” You then go on to quote just two managers. One said ” she had no control over the prices and was given a range to use based on competing stores”. The other said “He usually just comes up with the price himself after driving around town to compare”. Not really an answer from either one. No answer from you. Why even ask the question? Why even bother to write an article that asks a question you don’t have an answer for?

    So … One more time … What’s the answer?

  • Guest Reply

    Next time the gas pump prices say “Jump!!” GOP…go ahead and Jump! Sounds like you were made to be led by a string in a mindless quandary anyway. “Grand Ole Pisser” :-) (Your T-Shirt by the way :-)
    By the way…I am retired and have used no vacation pay for the mindless entertainment at the pumps…and your humorous remarks were for free as well… somewhat Asinine…but free :-)


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