Perdue unveils details of teacher pay raise

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Submitted: Fri, 05/04/2012 - 1:47am
Updated: Fri, 05/04/2012 - 1:59am

CARY, NC (AP) — Gov. Bev Perdue says her budget proposal for next year will contain an experience-based pay increase for North Carolina public school teachers last given to educators in 2008.

Perdue said Thursday at the North Carolina Teacher of the Year luncheon in Cary a pay increase would signal North Carolina citizens value the work of educators. The governor said last month she would have a pay increase in her budget but didn’t give details.

A so-called “step increase” for school personnel would cost tens of millions of dollars and likely equate to a 1.8 percent average raise for teachers.

Republican leaders at the Legislature would have to go along with the raise idea. They return to Raleigh in two weeks.

Perdue said her budget would likely be released late next week.

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  • tammy says:

    ALL STATE EMPLOYEES need a raise, not to mention 2 yrs ago she TOOK state employees money through MANDATORY FURLOUGHS, just state employees, teachers NOT included, have not had a raise in 8 years!!!!!Please advocate for us that are forgotten.

  • VHenderson says:

    “would cost tens of millions of dollars”—-with the cost of living increase, the increase in the cost of gas, and the minimum wage increase….it’s only fair that teachers get a raise!! They deserve it!

  • JoeJohnson69 says:

    I am a state teacher and I had to give money back in the months of May and June a few years ago to help balance the State budget. My cost alone was around 300.00. Did it balance the budget? No. And we have not had a pay raise in around the same amount of years as you. So yes, all State employees should receive a raise, but if you don’t know the facts don’t say that teachers have gotten raises and state employees have not…because you would be wrong. Believe me, the 25.00 minus taxes is small change and shouldn’t even be argued about. But hey, it’s half a tank of gas, or a few boxes of pencils. What we need is someone as Governor who will ensure lottery money is used for education, knows how to balance the budget, and make this state not 44th out of 50 in pay for state teachers, but let’s shoot for a little higher…

  • jojojohnson says:


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