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FRIDAY UPDATE: Susan Prater sent us these photos of a raccoon on the roof of a condo in her complex around 2:15 this morning. She says she captured this one coming out of a window eve and then going back into the opening when her camera flashed. She says she also continues to hear scratching inside the walls of her condo.

We also talked with the President of the complex’s HOA Thursday and he admitted there were raccoons in the area but denied there were any of the animals in the walls of the buildings.


CASWELL BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Residents in a Brunswick County Beach community say they have some unwanted visitors that they want out before summer. Folks say raccoons have taken over their condos, and they can’t stand it anymore.

Residents at Oak Island Beach Villas on Caswell Beach say their condos are infested with raccoons and little is being done to solve the problem.

Susan Prater says setting a few traps is not enough to solve what she calls a raccoon infestation at her complex.

“I’ve been told that out of one of the buildings that they refaced they removed more than 100 raccoons out of the building. They relocated them, but the manager told me they have returned,” Prater said.

Prater says raccoons roam the walkways almost every day, sometimes chasing people into their homes.

Although we did not see any raccoons while we were there, Prater says there is other evidence of their presence.

“I sat and heard the raccoons and watched the urine seep through the drywall,” she said.

Although a representative from the property did not want to talk on camera, he did say they were aware of the raccoons. The property manager said they were using a non-kill trapping system to remove the animals. He said the problem is not as bad as Prater claims and animals on the island should be expected, because of the uninhabited land surrounding the complex.

Prater says she thinks something needs to be done and soon before tourists start making their way to the beach for the summer.

Prater says with the recent report of a rabid fox on Oak Island, she is more worried than ever about the animals in her building.

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11 Comments on "ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Resident catches raccoon on camera"

Guest 8888
2015 years 9 months ago

Typical behavior from Peter Seremet and the BOD and CAMS Management! Deny the obvious even when confronted with incontrovertible evidence! Then retaliate against the person or persons who expose a problem. This would NOT be a news story on WWAY had they handled the “problem.” But they had to deny and go into their typical “attack mode.” Peter is as rabid as any raccoon or fox on Oak Island! And it goes without saying that raccoons living in homes for humans is neither natural or desirable!

Guest Reply
2015 years 9 months ago

Raccoon’s are somewhat different then rattle snakes as are cock roaches GOP. You can make comparison’s all day long until you are blue in the face…but leave the little fella’s alone. And yes…they were THERE FIRST! I advise you not to ever vacation in the mountains…or you will be on the phone every day to the rental owners about these little guys…and get hung up on too!
What’s going to happen when a major hurricane comes along down your way clearing out everything in its path…call an exterminator?
Wait a minute…not the same thing?

Grand Ole Party
2015 years 9 months ago

Sorry but racoon’s living in the walls of a condo is just a much of problem as cockroaches. I would be good money if the “Little fella’s” were in your walls you would take action. Not to mention the could be rabid.

Guest Reply
2015 years 9 months ago

You folks that move here from God knows where…build on the wet lands or into wooded areas…then raise H.E. double hockey sticks about the wild life that surrounds the (your) area as though there is a major invasion of these animals on a piece of property you raised from a dirt clog. Reminds me of folks moving to Florida into the swamp areas then want the wild life officer to remove all the alligators. Live with it.
There is a possum or 2 that comes to our house and goes through our recycle bin on the porch now and again. Should I have the news media do a story on that…or simply turn the porch light on at night if I go outside and see if the little fella is there? Chances are…it will leave when I come out…No…it does leave.
Advice…don’t take up all the wooded/wetland areas and invade Their territory…things will be better.

Gerry Rickard
2015 years 9 months ago

Racoons living inside of a house is not natural and should be considered as vermin . The infeststation is not normal, and racoon natural enemies have disappeared so they over-populate and cannot be conntrolled by “nature”. They need to be trapped and disposed of in as humanea way as possible.

Harry Pigott
2015 years 9 months ago

Move or live with them. They were there first.

Grand Ole Party
2015 years 9 months ago

So were the cockroaches. Does that mean we can’t spray for those either? If you end up with a rattle snake in the front yard Harry are you going to just leave it there because after all he was there first????

2015 years 9 months ago

Raccoons may have been there first but intact buildings kept them out side and dunes offered them shelter. This complex has cut down dunes and done no ongoing maintenance in years. They have a huge renovation in progress but let all buildings not being worked on fall apart–the picture of the hole in the wall tells it all about those in charge.

2015 years 9 months ago

Raccoons may have been there first but intact buildings kept them out. You can see the open holes in the building. Show the quality of maintenance given the buildings in general.

2015 years 9 months ago

I’ve lived at Long Beach for fourteen years and the raccoons have always been there and been pests. Some years they are much worse than others and some years you don’t see a sign of them. Foxes also.

Several years ago, they were trying to get into every possible opening on my house. Now, I see them go through the yard at night, but they haven’t bothered my house in two years now. Not even the rubbish can.

Steph Gordon
2015 years 9 months ago

I don’t believe the comment “they were here first” would be mentioned if they were bitten by a rabid raccoon or come into contact with the saliva of the animal! Animals might have been here first, but they are not meant to run around diseased and attacking helpless animals and people!!


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