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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Fair Bluff’s police chief has been arrested. Columbus County Sheriff Chris Batten says the arrest of Marty Lewis came after an SBI investigation. A spokeswoman for the SBI could not immediately be reached.

Neither Batten nor District Attorney Jon David would give specifics of the crime or crimes Lewis is accused of. David said he and the sheriff were in Fair Bluff meeting with the town’s mayor.

David said he will hold a news conference tomorrow afternoon to offer up more information.

WWAY will bring you more details on this developing story as they become available.

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  • why is that?
    care to explain?
    i’d be curious..

  • is that for real?
    care to elaborate?
    i would be curious..

  • MarkyMark

    is this wordpress ?

  • Guest2020

    It took me a matter of seconds on the internet to find out what his charges are.

  • janie caswell

    Anyone that knows Marty Lewis can only be appalled at the news of his arrest. He is a person of integrity and high standards. He holds the responsibilities of his position in the highest regard. The truth will prevail.

  • eliot ness

    He’s a crook, just a reject from the Tabor City police Dept.

  • lol


  • F1230

    Everybody who knows Marty knows exactly how crooked he is. That’s why there are at least 10 known drug dealers lurking around, he wouldn’t arrest them. Thank God they got rid of his sorry behind, maybe now Fair Bluff can develop more. Glad to see him go.


    All due respect to you ma’am but I think you may be sadly mistaken about the Chief that you say is a person of integrity and high standards. Granted I don’t know Lewis personally, but I am certain after a nine month long investigation they have some pretty strong reason for the arrest. Makes me wonder now if he was connected in some way with the break in at the Drug Store in Fair Bluff. And I’m quite sure you are correct ( The Truth Will Prevail)….

  • to funny

    i always said that the dirt would surface…all dogs have their day. you would b suprised at the things that go on in fb. for u to get up here and say that marty has high standards and integrity….im just gonna smdh at u….good job sbi keep up the good work.

  • Noname

    RC Soles is a person of itegrity and high standards too! Just saying…

  • Guest45654

    How can the reason for his arrest not be known? That’s about as public as public information gets.

  • Peyton Garrett

    I’ll tell you what. There apparently is an erosion in integrity in police these days. From the Secret Service, NC Highway Patrol and right on down to the little guys in Leland and now Fair Bluff. Egos and a sense of entitlement, bravado and a military sense has brought this on. I on occasion have had contempt for some officers. I have seen first hand some of the shenanigans that go on within their ranks. No wonder distrust has blossomed. They are paid to do a job and enforce laws not invoke macho, bulldog antics on the public. It is sometimes sickening. Officers it seems have limited mental capabilities in common courtesy, manners and respect towards the general public, instead developing “look at me, I’m a cop” mentality. Guess what? It will only escalate. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of good police officers out there doing a super job but it only takes a few who by their actions tarnish what the good ones do to protect and serve.

  • Guest463

    I find it intriguing that this has happened. You never know about someone these days. Marty Lewis was actually one of the few well liked LEO’s in Columbus County. Popular in Fair Bluff and Tabor City. From what I know he was planning on running for Sheriff against Chris Batten. Makes you wonder if this is typical Columbus County Politics??? Could this be a set-up by Batten and the Good Ole Boys since Lewis would be a threat? Lewis was very popular and well liked among citizens. Very Surprised. We just have to wait and see the charges and the evidence.

  • Tammy

    What a joke!!! No one set him up. He freaking did it and pulled a lot of other people into his web of deceit! He hasn’t change, as other people have mentioned. He is the same low life he we was 19 yrs ago!!
    How can someone with any kind of heart leave a girl that was carrying HIS child, 3 months before delivery?? And he never looked back. I was left all alone to raise a baby. Marty never tried to see her or help me support her, until i made him 4 yrs later. I cried myself to sleep so many nights, worried about how i was gonna pay for this or that. My point is, my heart won’t allow me to feel any pitty for him…KARMA!

  • Guest857

    Rumor has it that narcotics officers were on the scene. Dam doughnuts…again! Support LEO Doughnut Rehab!

  • Bill

    If you post a negative comment, why not be willing to let yourself be known. Don’t be a hater.

  • Bradie Frink Jr

    Living in Maryland, I do not know the specifics, and I am very sorry for Marty, who was my classmate and friend at West Columbus High School, however; I can only tell you folk, that there are some potentially serious and very strong evidence whenever an on-going investigation has been orchestrated by the State Government or the Federal Government. I can only pray for my friend and my classmate, because this is very serious, and from the outside looking in, I am very much afraid for him and everyone close to him on the outcome of this investigation and these charges.

  • anonymous

    Oh I had such a big crush on him in high school.

  • puddintane

    Well maybe you should tell him in a letter and send it to him in prison. Really????

  • CC

    LOL!!! I’m sure he’ll have a few other crushes when he gets to the booty house!

  • guesty

    I can only come up with 3 crimes he may have committed that would have him publicly arrested.

    Doing\dealing\stealing drugs, a sex crime or misappropriation\stealing money\property.

  • Family

    I know Chief Lewis personally and he is a family member. He is not the kind of guy you would think would do this. i agree the truth will prevail. He is a good guy and none of our family would of thought this would be happening. I don’t think its a set up by Sheriff Batten.

  • not alot

    If the feds and sbi will keep looking they will find that there might be 4-5 honest officers in the entire county…. state patrol included. They really need to look under all the grimy rocks and they will be suprised. How stupid did that sign look about the medication drop off: “no liquids will be accepted” Yeah?? they cant resell them!!! LOL

  • PM

    Perhaps instead of everyone putting their two cents in about whether they think he is guilty or innocent, they should be thinking of his family and how they have been affected by all this. My two cents is “Keep THEM in your prayers.” This has got to be a very difficult thing for a family to suffer through.

  • Shelby H.

    Another definition of lowlife is a female who intentionally goes off of birth control, lies about it to the person she is having sex with (you can’t call it dating when you never go out in public together), and gets pregnant in the hope that she will magically achieve a relationship out of it. What a sad way to bring a child into the world:(

    I have known Marty for many years. He is not perfect, but he is a good investigator, and is very intelligent. Unfortunately, a lot people believe that everything reported in the media is true. Yes, there are some dirty law enforcement officers out there–some of them do sell drugs, etc. And OTHERS conspire to frame/set up their own, especially when they feel threatened or when the price is right. Mark my words, there is a lot more to this story, and I pray that it comes out.


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