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NC approves amendment on gay marriage

READ MORE: NC approves amendment on gay marriage

Associated Press

RALEIGH, NC (AP) -- North Carolina voters have approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage solely as a union between a man and a woman, making it the 30th state to adopt such a ban.

With 35 percent of precincts reporting Tuesday, unofficial returns showed the amendment passing with about 58 percent of the vote to 42 percent against.

In the days before the vote, members of President Barack Obama's cabinet expressed support for gay marriage and former President Bill Clinton recorded phone messages urging voters to reject the amendment.

Meanwhile, supporters ran their own ad campaigns and church leaders urged Sunday congregations to vote for the amendment. The Rev. Billy Graham was featured in full-page newspaper ads supporting the amendment.

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since some of you think that the government shouldn't be the arbiter of morality...and others shouldn't decide who and who shouldn't be married....I want to marry a 14 year old...HECK..NO..I want to be a polygamist and marry 5 14 year old girls. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME NO? After all...we could be in love and who are you to tell me and/or them we are in love.

So you see..EVERYONE places their version of morality on others..cause 100% of you feel that is SICK...this was no different. A segment of the population, the majority, felt this was sick...and placed their view of morality on you. JUST LIKE YOU WOULD DO IN THE ABOVE SCENARIO!

homosexuality is a sin, the

homosexuality is a sin, the fact is is out of every religion known to the world,every denomination and most countries are against itthe people want to be gay thats fine go be that you shoulnt have the same rights because its a sin, just as is adultry. its a slap to gods face
look we are a nation under god. start playing with god, we will be a a nation gone under . it leaves us vunarible in many way ex. take a look at the curan for instance. There should be no right about this will have devastating consiquinces to religious freedom people if we let this happen gays get whatever it is they actually want everybody including the gays will be out so much. think about the next gereration your children will grow up thinking its ok to be gay ITS NOT OK open your eyes its much much more than a ring on a finger, or any benefits,or being equals You will be judge for your actions
mankind makes up rights this is not a right for us to make, this is gods rule and america is based on god

may god have mercy on our souls were gonna need it

"the people want to be gay

"the people want to be gay thats fine go be that you shoulnt have the same rights because its a sin, just as is adultry. its a slap to gods face"
No one chooses to be gay. You are ignorant if you think that they do. It is a slap in "god"'s face to be such a judgmental hypocrite. Didn't this same "god" say "love thy neighbor"???? Didn't this same "god" create everyone in "his" image???? If so than he is a bisexual, hermaphrodite who lusts after little children, murders etc... and don't even say that the "devil" is who make people like that. Because if everyone was made in "god"'s image they wouldn't be influenced by the "devil" just like "he" isn't.

"look we are a nation under god. start playing with god, we will be a a nation gone under . it leaves us vunarible in many way ex. take a look at the curan for instance. There should be no right about this will have devastating consiquinces to religious freedom"
1 its Koran.
2 Supporting Gay marriage doesn't leave us vulnerable at all. This is a FREE nation. Why should anyone be able to decide what 2 consenting adults can love each other? Why should said adults only allowed to be married if it is one man and one woman? Gay marriage will have no "devastating consequences to religious freedom" all it does is promote tolerance, and allow those that love each other to have that love legally recognized. Remember that law separating church and state, why should that not apply here. Why should religion get to have any part in whether or not it is legal for 2 men or 2 women to get married?

"if we let this happen gays get whatever it is they actually want"
Gays are humans just like the rest of us. All they want is to be accepted and not discriminated against. What is next? Deciding that that I may indeed possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are purchased from neighboring nations because Lev. 25:44 states that is ok??? If everything in the bible was followed and made law this nation would have been done for a long time ago. the only thing that will happen if we let "gays get whatever it is they actually want" is people like you will have to find something else to discriminate against.

"think about the next gereration your children will grow up thinking its ok to be gay ITS NOT OK open your eyes its much much more than a ring on a finger, or any benefits,or being equals" Your right it is about so much more. Including more than the genders involved. It is about love, commitment and devotion. And FYI everyone is created equal. And everyone deserves the same right to marriage. IT IS OK TO BE GAY. It is a natural thing. Maybe not in your mind but did you know that homosexuality is found in over 1500 species[], but homophobia is only found in one. Homosexuality is natural, homophobia is not.

"You will be judge for your actions mankind makes up rights this is not a right for us to make, this is gods rule and america is based on god"
You my friend will be judged for your actions and your words. In fact you are being judged right now by every person reading this. If it is not for mankind to make rights than how is it that mankind wrote the bible. It was written after the fact by men. Not by "god" or your supposed "savior jesus". America was never, ever based on "god" it was founded and created as a safe haven, a place for freedom of religious persecution from Great Britain. Before making such a statement maybe you should go back to basic history.

Your whole post was ignorant and hypocritical. I hope that you learn to open your heart and learn to love everyone for who they are. Not discriminate against them for not being who you think they should be. If "god" needs to help anyone its you.

Part of majority rule...

Was always supposed to be that the rights of the minority were still protected. This does none of that, and for what? So the bible thumpers can feel righteous that they have crammed their religion down the throat of another state?

I know NC was definitely not the first... they have just caught up with Idaho, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama in the race to the bottom.

amendement one comment

Way back when, people would have said i couldn't marry my husband because he is black...Way back when, he would have had to pick your damn cotton because of his color because the "people" in charge said so and now MOST people agree that way is not the right day equal rights for all will took a long time for Rosa Parks to refuse to give up her seat on that bus, it took a long time for people to sit at that famous restaurant counter and refuse to move and evidently it is taking a long time for people to see that ALL people deserve equal rights.....

A same sex relationship is not MY choice BUTTTT who I choose to marry and live with in my house should NOT be the Government's CHOICE and the people should not even vote on this.....If the damn government all of a sudden came and said you can't be with your signifigant other because of whatever it may be color, hair color,where they were born, money, same education, blah blah blah you would be fighting for your rights also.

It is sad that because it doesn't apply to you personally it doesn't matter. AMERICA should always matter !!!!............If every body can't have equal rights then those in charge should be trying to abolish equal rights for every one but we all know that won't happen because it affects the ones deciding.....IFFF God is judging on that fateful day then so be it but we should not !!!!!!!!!

This is not the same thing

This is not the same thing as what the black people went through. Homosexuality is immoral. Being black isn't.


Like it or not, the majority of voters in NC voted for this amendment. The majority rules. By the way, a lot of black people here voted for the amendment also, and they are being verbally attacked just like Christians.

Just like Christians? Did

Just like Christians? Did you not know that you don't have to be white to be a Christian?

You are so wrong. The

You are so wrong. The majority does not rule, God rules.

So Right!

You're right...He does. And He saw fit to have this amendment pass. Good call!!!

Amendment One

So this goes to prove that factually State and Religion are not separate. Since gays are second class citizens they should not being paying the same taxes as straight or heterosexual people. This is the same mentality that was in place before blacks were considered equal. Discrimination proves the closed minds of the "citizens" that voted against this law. So when your abusive spouse wants to beat you silly I suggest you run to your minister so he can tell the abuser to stop. (Wow another joke right!!. When children cannot receive the services they need is the Church going to be there to provide the services that were taken away? I suspect you won't see the bible carrying people running over to assist them.

The citizens had best start thinking of what rights they are losing next!

I address this to our elected officials. When will you be informing the churches that they are no longer tax exempt? They cannot have it both ways...Can't say we're separate just for our purpose. There is no elected official that supported this amendment that can now honestly say "I represent the people". Now they will have to say I represent the closed minded heterosexual people of this state, and they support special interest. So when can we expect the new laws or admission that the elected officials know the difference between Church and State.

Finally you people that voted for this wonder why we're the laughing stock of this nation....seriously?

Incorrect completely...

First and foremost, for the billionth time; there is no such thing as seperation of church and state. Secondly, long before you and the rest of us whom are alive ever became part of this once great country, we had very intelligent people called; FOREFATHERS. Yes, these people wrote the constitution and the bill of right and even that other little document called the Declaration of Independence. They did not smoke pot and make peace signs and text and listen to rap and care much about anything the reformists called politicians are saying today. You see they are the only reason this country exists. Not because of the pompous arrogance of this sitting pres, no not hardly. These people set this country up so that it would not fail. One nation, under God. Nobody really cares what any of you have to say about religion. Before it became easy to talk crap about God, He was highy respected. Now you laugh at Him. Enjoy. Thats your problem when the time comes. For now, God is all anyone has ever had or will have. You young ones dont remember what a great coutry we were before the sixties when hippies and others started tearing at our fabric. Chaos is the norm now and all we have to talk about is something like this? Rome went down and so will we. Same scenario and noone learned what history has already proven, so sad.


Women are second class citizens too, but I can guarantee you nobody is going to cut my taxes; just the opposite, they cut my PAY. Seriously, the majority of voters want this amendment, like it or not. It's now part of the State's Constitution, like it or not.

Remember that 30 other states before us voted for the amendment also. Before you blow a head gasket, I suggest you learn to deal with it.

I suggest... lawyer up. Your amendment will be going down. Have a nice day!

North Carolina

.....where you can marry your cousin but, not your gay cousin.

25 states

You can marry your cousin in 25 different states. NC being one of them with exceptions.


Incest is a "sin", why isn't everyone writing amendments for this law?

The difference

The difference is that North Carolians wouldn't WANT to marry their cousins, gay or otherwise. Wow, Das, you sure get insulting when you lose....oh, wait, most of your posts are insulting anyway.

Your mama should have taught you how to lose better.


Least I post under the same name so you can see my pattern.

Only because

Only because you want the attention. Good or bad doesn't matter, as long as you get it.

oh please

You really think I give 2 craps about attention from you? Gimme a break. I go weeks and not post a thing on here.

I just like it when you goobs get your panties in a wad over something I write.

You proved my point

I never said you wanted attention from me...I was talking about attention in general. You may go weeks without a post, but when you do, it's always negative and it's usually aimed at God, the church, or Christians.

Your last sentence just proved my point.


If the christians would stop posting I would too. Am I not allowed to have opinions cause you disagree with them?


Here's what i find hilarious. This wasn't a victory against gay marriage. This wasn't a victory because there is already a law in place that prohibits gays from getting married. So this is in place to stop them from doing something they can't already do.

What this does is shoot in the foot are the people who voted for it. Hey women, guess what. Now you can't be single mothers. I'll repeat that. Because marriage is between a man and a woman, you now officially need a MAN in your life, legally, to have kids, to keep your kids, and to adopt kids. Should someone in your neighbor hood decide to use this law to take your kids way... kiss them and pray to God that they find a nice married couple to take care of them.

Any Re-married couples out there with spouses who have kids that aren't yours? Ie, a Man remarried a woman who already had a kid. Guess what, you now no longer have the right to make decisions, medically, for that kid. EVER. And God for bit, (and i do mean this, really don't want this to happen to anyone) but God for bit that she passes away, because you are won't be allowed to take care of them. this also goes for you covering them under your health care.

Common law marriages are now out the window, ie a couple living together for 7 years are by law married. NOW HOLD ON A SECOND, don't just cheer yet. This means that All domestic battery charges on a man beating a woman now drop to a minor offense, and for the future, well... better hope they don't get fist happy, because marriage is between a man and a woman and this law says you shouldn't have been there in the first place.

So yeah, this law has really helped the sanctity of marriage, the kids, and straight people every where.
Pat yourselves on the back.

Stop telling lies about what the amendment will do

The amendment does not make it illegal for an unmarried woman to have a baby. The amendment does not make it illegal for children to live with step parents. There aren't any common law marriages in North Carolina. You can leave your property in your will to whomever you please.

You don't like the law, fine. But stop lying.


Cohabitating is not legal in NC…therefore, commonlaw marrage cannot happen here (past experience)

No, you are incorrect on one point

Yes, there is no common law marriage in North Carolina BUT there is a co-habitation law still on the books. It cost a Pender County Employee her job a few years ago. It is rarely inforced but it is among many old south, backwards, let me control the people, anti-constituion of the US, NC Bible bred laws.

Instead of repealing them like the state should, we just added another ONE!

amendement one

Let me first say that I agree with you BUTTTT there was never a law in NC that said if you lived together for more than 7 years you were married. Other states yes NC no...jus sayin :)

Way to go N.C.

The silent majority has spoken.

Wilmington Observer

Oh yes, the majority has

Oh yes, the majority has spoken and they have thrust their sword directly through the heart of liberty, freedom and justice...when will this madness end?