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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Talk of a runoff election swirled around the New Hanover County Government Center last night when it came down to the six Republican candidates for County Commission, but that may not be how the numbers add up.

“Nothing has been accomplished tonight,” candidate Woody White said. “Nobody’s taxes were lowered, the water/sewer problems that we have haven’t been solved, nobody got a job tonight. So we’re thankful that we’re winning the primary, but we’ve got to win in November, and we’ve got to roll our sleeves up and get to work solving the problems for the people of this county.”

White says he thinks the votes stacked up the way they did because New Hanover County wants more action.

“They’re concerned about the crisis of leadership we have,” White said. “They’re concerned about the shrill nature of our discourse. They want people to focus on problems.”

The biggest upset of the night may have been incumbent Jason Thompson not earning a spot in the November election. We spoke to Thompson before all the precincts were in, and he said he thought it would come down to a runoff election.

“Of course I want to be top vote getter because I usually am but a primary is different,” Thompson said. “A lot of a primary is a personality race.”

But Thompson finished fourth, and likely far enough back to keep him from a runoff. Beth Dawson may have taken the spot from him. She says she is grateful for Thompson’s time serving the community.

“Commissioner Thompson has served our city and our county for many years and has worked very hard to serve our citizens and has done a good job, and I wish him all the best,” Dawson said.

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