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As President voices his stance on gay marriage, both sides react to NC's Amendment One passing

READ MORE: Both sides react to Amendment One passing

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- President Obama's stance on gay marriage comes at a controversial time in our country and our state. His announcement comes a day after North Carolina voters approved Amendment One.

After months of debate and protests, reaction has been immediate. Tens of thousands have already signed a petition, and one Wilmington church is standing its ground.

As the dust settles in North Carolina after voters passed Amendment One, the controversial sign in front of the Devon Park United Methodist Church still stands, despite making national headlines. "A true marriage is male and female and God," the church marquee reads.

Because the church served as a polling precint Tuesday, Pastor William Pearsall says he made sure the sign was allowed.

"If anybody had raised any objection to it, we wouldn't have done it but our intention was to stand for Christian marriage," he said.

More than 60 percent of voters endorsed the amendment, which bans same-sex marriage.

"I'm glad it passed, but on the other hand, I think it's a shame that we even had to vote on it," Pearsall said.

Those on both sides of the debate spent months rallying for their cause, and the outcome was disappointing and surprising to many.

In a Facebook post, Wilmington Pride president T.R. Nunley wrote, "What makes me really angry is that many gay people choose not to vote because they didn't care enough. This is what democracy looks like when we choose not to vote! For those that voted, thank you!"

For Pastor Pearsall, the end result is bittersweet.

"No matter how much good we will do from now on, we will always be remembered for this, and that breaks my heart. That's what breaks my heart," he said.

However, Pearsall says if the sign makes just one person think about their relationship with God, then it is worth it.

Those disappointed with yesterday's vote are speaking out. A little more than 24 hours later, more than 100,000 have already signed a petition to repeal Amendment One.

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Pastor Pearsall, don't be

Pastor Pearsall, don't be down about being remembered for this. This was an awesome thing you did. I thank you for choosing God.

Intimidating? ??

I find it hilarious that people will say they felt intimidated by the sign yet they they have no problem with lobbyists trying to hand out stickers as you walk up to the polling site

President Obama's stance on gay marriage

Hopefully, this mistake by Obama will seal his fate in the upcoming November election. It should cost him Virginia, NC, and Indiana, with other key states already leaning toward Romney because of Obama's failed economic policies.


would think that NC is the ONLY state in the union that has passed this...As far as the was ONLY a political move!

gay marriage

I can't help but think the main problem here is not gays being together forever, but rather the wording of it. I am thinking that maybe if they can up with their own word for their own type of "marriage", then maybe it would be accepted better. For example, when a man and woman wish to be together forever, they call it a marriage. When gays want to be together forever, maybe they could come up with a different name for it and a different type of ceremony.
Maybe an original word that has never been heard of before, such as a
duoqual or unitionship, or maybe something like a "legal civil union", or something of the sort.I mean, it's start, it's an idea, what do you think?

If you supported legal civil unions...

Then why did you vote yes on Amendment One? You voted to outlaw any legal recognition of the partnership of anyone not in a one-man/one-woman MARRIAGE.

I Agree

Padlock, I agree that the general public would be more open to accepting a term that gives the same rights as marriage but not calling it marriage. If it is equal under the law to marriage, then I really don't see a problem with it...

You can call it

You can call it whatever you want, but it's still immoral and unnatural behavior. They used to be called queers, then homosexuals, now gays. Society always tries to "sugar coat" words to cover up or lessen twisted behavior, but it is what it is no matter what you call it.

No matter which way they

No matter which way they spin it, the truth will always be the truth and a duck will always be a duck.

Obama's endorsement of gay marriage

Obama, the coward in chief, waited until after the vote to announce his support for gay marriage. This is consistent with how he leads on all issues.

I noticed

Yeah, I noticed that....AND just a couple of days AFTER Bidden came out in favor of it. Guess the Vice-Pres is leading the Pres now. I can't wait to vote these clowns out of office.

The only reason...

The only reason he had to commit either way was because big mouth Joe struck again. He was avoiding the press and had no intention of having to make that verbal choice for a long time. So I guess he said "hmmm, let's see....I can either have the gay vote or the Christian vote.....hmmm which one is more valuable?"


you even KNOW the demographics in this country...the Christian vote can STILL win or loose an election for a candidate for President...gays and liberals are to the FAR left...their vote was never in doubt...however..Christians cover the spectrum from far right to left of center...Its the people left and right of center, as well as, center that you want to influence...and he failed...

As if the history of North

As if the history of North Carolina isn't filled with bigotry and hate, segregation and intolerance, it was again given a chance to take a step backwards. That is all that this vote did for the people in this state. First it was black people and the federal government had to step in to make a change. But now, under the guise of their religious values, these simple-minded zealots are taking the rights away from people and trying to push their agenda of perceived righteousness and happiness down others throats. It is sad to have to live in a state like this and I know that any responses will be for me to leave then, and go back to Yankeeland (atleast we respect others). But no, i think I'll stay and help to change these backward ways and sit back and smile when this happens.

Hey 1470......

Im an athiest. I serve no god. I have no religion to force on the people and I voted for the amendment.. What does that make me?

To equate this to what the

To equate this to what the black people went through in order to overcome bigotry in this country is a slap in the face to black people. Homosexuality is immoral. Being black is not.

Agree. I was going to post

Agree. I was going to post nearly the same response. I'm a straight, married southerner and this whole thing is, as you said, a huge step backwords for civil rights. Just sad.

Stay A While

Don't forget that 28 other states already passed it before North Carolina; and yes, some of those states were even in Yankeeland.

Go ahead and stay awhile, in fact plan to stay a LONG while. Buy a burial plot and plan to be buried here. It's going to be even longer than that before we accept gay marriage in North Carolina.


"As if the history of North Carolina isn't filled with bigotry and hate, segregation and intolerance, it was again given a chance to take a step backwards. That is all that this vote did for the people in this state. First it was black people and the federal government had to step in to make a change."

You do know there was segregation even in the Northeastern US at one time don't you? Might want to read up on that. It just ended sooner. There have also been race riots that would compare to anything that occurred in the South. Check into the New York City Draft Riots. You mentioned the savior that was the federal government - the same federal government that was itself officially segregated (federal offices, military forces, etc) until 1948. A de facto segregation carried on in the fed for several years afterward. If you think the Northeast is a bastion of racial tolerance today, you live a sheltered life. The NYPD in the last two decades: shoved a plunger up the colon of a black man, shot a black man for reaching for his wallet, shot a groom for leaving his bachelor party, a NYPD officer shot an black officer who was off duty, etc. Going in reverse, a black man shot up the train to Long Island back in the 90s. Oh, can't forget the Crown Heights riot in 1991. In Boston, a still highly segregated city by choice, in 1976, a black lawyer was beaten by a man using an American flag pole for walking by an anti-busing protest.

history of NC

You are in for a long wait. The NC ways are right, morally, and that will never change because of liberals like yourself.


I am truly disgusted with this sign and the people who put it up. Amendment one is a human rights issue, not a religion issue. They need to keep their OPINIONS about gay marriage to themselves and inside their church and not on a big sign facing the road in my neighborhood that I have to look at everyday.

I am sure that when you

I am sure that when you enter the polling place you vote according to your conscience. Well I am entitled to vote according to mine. As a Christian I cannot in good conscience condone that which God condemns. The people in that church have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. They are as entitled to their opinions as you are to yours.

Did you call him yourself?

Did you dial him up and ask his opinion? If you believe God created everything than he also created the homosexual. Who, as you mentioned above, has the same freedom of expression! So why does it hurt you so much to have two people you don't even know getting married? People get married every single day OUT SIDE OF CHURCHES!

But...the issue is a public voting booth is IMPARTIAL this sign was CLEARLY written in bias. Infact, Relgion and voting DO NOT MIX. Freedom to your religion and freedom FROM IT.

Just ignore it

Just ignore it like you do the other know, the one that gives the times for the church services. You seem to be ignoring that one pretty well.

First Amendment

The First Amendment gives individuals a right to express themselves which is exactly what that Church was doing. If it bothers you so much seeing that sign find another way to drive

Church sign

It is a moral issue to churches. It is up to the Board of Elections to decide on polling places. The church had a right to make its stance known.

It also used to be a "moral

It also used to be a "moral issue" to churches to deny civil rights to blacks and to keep women from voting. Their "moral issues" are not always moral.


And it used to be a "moral issue" for the Democrats to have separate facilities for blacks and make them ride in the back of the bus...there is NO GOOD side to politics...just the better of two evils...

wow...I had no idea that

wow...I had no idea that facebook posts are subject to being parts of news articles. This is ridiculous reporting. And I'm TR Nunley's partner.