Rouzer wins GOP House nomination; Pantano refuses to talk

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Submitted: Wed, 05/09/2012 - 4:41am
Updated: Tue, 07/31/2012 - 5:08pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — State Sen. David Rouzer beat Ilario Pantano and Randy Crow in the GOP primary for the state’s 7th Congressional District, but at least one of the men he beat isn’t ready to accept the results.

After the Associated Press called the race for Rouzer late Tuesday night, Pantano refused to give any interviews to WWAY or any other media outlets at his Election Night party at Mayfaire. Pantano did say on his way out that he was not confident in the AP polling results. The state Board of Elections results show Rouzer won 48.5 percent of the vote to Pantano’s 44.5 percent. The margin of victory was nearly 3,000 votes.

Sen. David Rouzer told WWAY, "We knew this was going to be a very tough, tight race and we’ve made enormous gain in the last three and a half weeks and it was all going to come down to turnout…we had a big turnout."

"I’m surprised," Pantano supporter Chris Woehrle said after the candidate left the party. "I really thought that he would say something, but in 2010 he lost, not by much… and now this. I think he’s having a hard time dealing with it."

In November Rouzer will represent the Republican Party in against eight-term Democratic Rep. Mike McIntyre of Lumberton, who had no party opposition.


  • JudiY says:

    My husband and I voted for Pantano, but I said before we voted that he was not going to win. He would have won easily if he had responded on TV to the “going back to the moon” ad.

  • Guest9743 says:

    Let’s face it….losing might be a good thing for Pantano, as an author he now has more time for writing!!

  • larjerr says:

    He didn’t put up enough signs…lol

  • Mike T says:

    On May 5th I wrote about the timing of Mr. Goolsby and Mr. Rouzer ,s
    announcement for their halting of the Monkey Junction annexation. They have declared 31 votes in their favor. I have no doubt that this was good politics for Mr. Rouzer and may have taught Mr. Pantano a hard lesson on how it’s done in North Carolina. Lets all hope Mr. Rouzer can fulfill his promise, if not he will be in real trouble.

  • RM says:

    Another piece of bologna from the same news source… I don’t understand how you benefit from posting stories like this? Pantano has been nothing but respectful to the media for the past 2 years, and in his defeat he put friends and family first, like a gentleman should. He gave you a tv interview 10 minutes before the AP statement came out, was that not enough?
    He put his everything into this election because he loves our country, and how did he respond to the loss? He encouraged all conservatives to unify and back David Rouzer! Report some truth for once WWAY.

  • Roberto says:

    No wonder Mr. Pantano lost, he’s got a lot of haters. Washington DC is full of politicians and there are very few good people, but its us, the voters who put those politicians in. We get duped everytime and then we complain. We voted Obama in and none of his “promises” were kept. Here we have a man, (with Pantano) who is going against the grian and we bad mouth him when we do not know him. Stop your hating and do your homework.

  • Guest 666 says:

    What is it about sore losers in NC 7? Must be something in the Kool Aid they drink. Thank you NC 7 for rejecting this bible based bigot.

  • SurfCityTom says:

    and one must question whether the recent appearance with Senator Goolsby concerning efforts to block annexation may have had an impact.

    Rouzer came across as the guy who can deliver.

    But can he take out a 10 term incumbent who often appears more conservative than true conservatives?

    Time will tell; and no doubt Big Mike will be in the district every week-end through the November election with those enlarged checks drawn on the “Bank of Mike”.

  • Citizen of the Republic says:

    I think appearing with Sen Goolsby and making the effort to block the annexation absolutely had an impact.

    Thank you Pantano for your service, but the perception that Rouzer is a man that can “get’er done” is hard to beat.

    The folks looked at the annexation situation and saw politicians actually responding to the voters, and it was refreshing. Hopefully more office seekers will actually work to serve the people, instead of profit from them.

  • Guest9119 says:

    Pantano needs to take this as the final clue…those of us in the 7th District do not want him representing us. He has been nothing but a campaigner his 2010. Get a job and stop running for office. Please. Goodbye.

  • Das Weibstück says:

    Least he didn’t go postal.

  • LOVING LIFE says:

    He still might……

  • Hillary says:

    God Knows Pantano is a Fake!!!!!Talented Mr.Ripley

  • Teabagger for Jesus says:

    He got what he deserves. God notices when you switch churches just for votes. Gingrich and McCain tried that too. Same result.

  • Buh Bye Pantano says:

    Pantano.. the professional politician that’s never won an election for anything. This is how he makes a living now-a-days, he sets up a perpetual campaign and pays himself out of the coiffeurs.

    As others have stated, it’s time for him to move on (preferably out of NC). The 7th District does not want him representing us PERIOD! Get a real job I say.

    And his refusal to speak after losing really says a lot about his character?!

  • Primary voter says:

    I am not surprised by Mr Pantano’s loss, nor by his reaction to defeat. Pantano lost to Mr McIntyre last time despite raising and spending record amounts, has never held elected office, and has no apparent job except as a candidate. The idea is to select a candidate who can win.

  • Guest543 says:

    “like the gentleman that I know he is.”
    I’ve met him in personal situations 3 times and he’s an arrogant, egotistical a s s. He is not the same person in private that you see in public. I’m glad he lost and hope this marks the end of his campaigning days.

  • Guest12 says:

    Wow. I voted for Ilario but I’m a Republican first. I’m shocked at his apparent sour grapes. We need to be coming together and supporting our party nominee. He should have conceded and called David Rouzer like the gentleman that I know he is.

  • Retired Navy says:

    Does anybody doubt that after Rouzer loses in November, that Ilario “Psycho” Pantano will announced that he’s running for Congress again in 2014, and 2016, and…

  • Auld Sodger says:

    As a former Army Officer I can tell you that 2LT Pantano failed several of the fundamentals of handling POWs. We are trained – the “4 Ss” – to secure, separate, safeguard and speed (to POW collection / interrogation points). The reason we safeguard and speed them to where they can be interrogated is that they represent potential intelligence sources. In the case of the two murdered POWs they could have been very valuable assets had they not been killed. Strictly from a tactical/strategic standpoint this was a very poor failure in leadership/example (from a 30 year old with previous tactical experience) and morally it was off the map. This is not an example of what we need to be sending to Congress. For those in the 7th district that wish to vote for a morally upright, experienced conservative who knows the district I suggest Congressman McIntyre. He’s proven, dedicated and has a great staff, both in the district as well as Washington.

  • Indy Observer says:

    No…shooting two unarmed Iraqis over 60 times makes him a bad guy…not saying anything to the press last night just makes him appear less likable…which is hard given that he already appears to be really really unlikable. Face it…he is a rejected man for a reason. The system worked.

  • Guest757 says:

    I do know Mr. Pantano and he is as far from arrogant as you can get. He is very much the same person in public and private.

    If you want to see arrogant and egotistical just look at Jason Thompson.

    Lets just hope that Mr. Rouzer can beat “Big Mike” in November. If you remember Mr. Pantano beat him in his home county last November
    I don’t know if Mr. Rouzer can do that.

    Just because he didn’t want to talk to WWAY again within 15 minutes
    where he said that no matter of the outcome they both will help the other in Nov. no matter who winners. What else changed? Nothing…

    He was talking with his supporters and didn’t want to say the same thing over again does that make him a bag guy??

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