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FAIR BLUFF, NC (WWAY) — Fair Bluff’s police chief is out of jail and out of a job. Town leaders held an emergency meeting last night to fire the Chief Marty Lewis and another town employee after both were indicted on drug charges. Mayor Randy Britt says these moves were necessary amid the scandal.

“Marty had all the ability in the world in my opinion,” Britt said. “Just a life ruined, a life ruined.”

Investigators say they arrested Lewis Tuesday during a drug deal when he was on duty and in uniform. The district attorney says this was not an isolated incident.

Wednesday night the town fired Lewis during an emergency meeting. Fair Bluff leaders also dismissed Town Clerk Tamika Packer after a grand jury indicted her on charges of conspiring to traffic opiates.

“Nothing seems to shock me beyond belief, but it’s a terrible tragedy that this happened,” Mayor Britt. “I’m highly disappointed about the chief, too, but also for the town clerk here.”

Many people we spoke with Thursday in Fair Bluff wanted to keep their identities hidden for safety reasons. They say they’re not surprised at all by what happened.

“It’s going to start all over,” one resident said. “It ain’t never going to be fixed until you get rid of the crooked ones. You still got some crooked ones there at the town hall.”

Lewis is charged with conspiring to traffic opiates, conspiring to traffic cocaine, and multiple other drug charges.

One man we spoke with said Lewis arrested him just last week, but he had his own message for the chief.

“I was telling him, ‘I know about all the drugs and the guns you have put back on the street. All these things have been getting broken in, and you’ve been doing it,'” the man said.

Now the town has to move on past this scandal.

“We hope to get things on the right track and get moving in the right direction again,” Mayor Britt said. “We’ve got to do a lot of reorganization.”

Britt says Joe Howell has been appointed the temporary police chief. Peggy Moore will serve as town clerk.

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  • e

    why is this place so poisoned an you we think the people in the middle east are radical


    Don’t be stupid. It’s all around you in all areas. Wilmington is not exempt. You have the same things going on in your offices as well. If you think you don’t, then you are naive. Bill Clinton was your president and he used your most prestigious office as a whore house. Don’t be a naive fool.
    Marty was a good friend of mine and would give you the shirt off of his back. He has made some bad choices and will pay the consequences. End of story.

  • Guestdd

    What is on the mind of these 2 trusted employees? I realize they may not have made much money but they were reported to be in the trust of the county’s citizens. How can you trust the remainder of the department? It makes one wonder. Goes back to the 70’s and the Brunswick Co Sheriff who was running drugs. Hard to trust anyone these days even though there are still some good folks in this State

  • old friend

    Marty is a good guy that just took a wrong turn and continued down that road. I really hate this and he will pay for his mistakes, I just hope he isn’t used as the scapegoat for all 38 potential people to be arrested associated with this case. We all know he will go to jail but hopefully that will be the beginning of turning his life around and back to the way he used to be.

  • Guest122

    Sounds like this “good boy” would give you more than the shirt off of his back if you asked him he would also give you a bag of cocaine, some pills and possibly a gun if you needed it. What a good guy!

  • Guest123

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a crooked drug dealing cop is not a good guy.Might want to make some better friends.just sayin!!

  • Mud

    High priced illegal drugs lead inexorably to corruption in law enforcement. Look at Mexico. Whiteville will have bodies hanging from the 74-76 overpass, just like Nuevo Laredo, if things keep on like they are going. From Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP)

    “Ask yourself this simple question: Has it(the war on drugs) worked? As most of us can answer from experience: No. The war on drugs has never worked. Today, drugs are cheaper, more potent, and easier to get than they were in 1970 when the war on drugs began. On federal surveys, teenagers consistently report that it’s easier to buy marijuana than alcohol, which is legal and age-regulated. And beyond its failure, the war on drugs has had unintended but devastatingly violent consequences. As with alcohol prohibition, drugs are under the control of bloodthirsty cartels fighting over untaxed profits and killing police and innocent civilians in their crossfire.


  • Guest Rob141

    I wonder what Mr. Lewis done to p those guys in power off. He has not done 1/10th of what Sheriff Batten and others have. I keep wondering when they will get Batten. Batten has covered up for more corruption than any other official in Columbus County. A handful of corrupt white-haired men have run Columbus County for the past 40 years and it looks like their sons and family members are picking up where the good old boys left off.

  • Eazy Peezy Rice & Cheesy

    If you do bad things your a bad guy! not that difficult to understand.

  • old friend

    Marty is a good guy that took a wrong turn and just continued on that path. We all know that he will go to jail and hopefully that will be the beginning of the old Marty that we all knew years ago. He obviously made several bad choices and he will serve his time but hopefully he won’t serve as the scapegoat for all upcoming people to be arrested (potentially).



  • Guest12111

    I remember hearing about the Chadbourn,s Chief of police letting the Town Manager Stevie Cox speed around in his police car and impersonating a Police officer when pulled over by a state trooper and nothing was done about that yet. It’s good to see this didn’t get swept under the rug too! What is going on in Columbus County? Mr.David you are doing a great job over there please keep up the good work. I hate it for the families involved with these people in Fair Bluff may God be by there side.

  • Old Guy

    Dear Guest 12111,
    Since he is the District Attorney of Brunswick, Bladen and Columbus counties that means he is in deep. First he is the neighbor that lived across the street from the corrupt Timothy Jayne of Leland and now he is trying to cover up his tracks. The David brothers are the normal ones to cry “look at our conviction rate”. That’s right they make more deals with the criminals and don’t tell the victims anything about what they are doing.
    Now Mr. David finish what was started in Leland first and then try and clean up the rest of your jurisdiction! You have a bunch of dirt that really needs attending too.

  • Sick and Tired

    I believe that all penalties should be doubled for public officials that violate the law. Think about it. When we have given people the powers of public office and they commit crimes, do you seriously think they should be treated the same way as ordinary citizens over whom they have held powers of arrest and over life and death? Let’s get real.

  • Guest 0

    The testimony of a supposedly scared drug user in this video doesn’t convince me there are any credible law abiding citizen witnesses.Conspiracy is too wide of an umbrella;law enforcement engage in conspiracy every day on-duty to catch drug dealers. The chief should take this all the way and explain to citizens what these phone calls involved. Better yet, create a public blog and tell the citizens your story Chief. You have nothing to lose at this point.

  • E

    Next the SBI should pull the troopers phone recorders and text and let everyone see what they’re up to
    Boy there would be a lot of divorce attys hired hell might be good for the cc economy by the way you aren’t suppose to text an drive this would keep them at home when they clocked n

  • clayton

    Remember these are alleged acts. Things have been padded and inflated. If the truth be known Mr. Lewis was probably doing his job and trying to arrest some of the thugs in the town, He was a one man show who was on the heels of some very prominent people and had declared he was running for Sheriff. I know a lot of things about some very prominent people in that town that Mr. Lewis knew as well suc…h as misappropriation of town money being used and town employees being used for personal business by town administration and the lists could go on and on and I am sure the conflict between Mr. Lewis doing his job and stepping on some toes led to a lot of these distorted stories. All things that happen in the dark shall eventually come out in the light

  • fair

    Mr.Lewis will definitely have his day to explain what was going on..he owes that to the citizens as well. I am sure he can not divulge anything at this time in order to protect the case.Just hang onto your seats for “the rest of the story.’:

  • Matthew Stewart

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are women being raped, children being molested, people having drugs planted on them, people being assaulted and murdered, every single day by these psychopaths.


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