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CAMP LEJEUNE, NC (AP) — The commander at Camp Lejeune has turned down a request to allow civilians to resume using a state highway that runs through part of the Marine base.

The Jacksonville Daily News reported that Brig. Gen. Thomas A. Gorry cited security concerns in his refusal to open N.C. 172 to civilians.

The road that is a shortcut across the back of Camp Lejeune was closed to civilian traffic in 2007 as the base tightened security.

The Onslow County Board of Commissioners had asked last month that the road be reopened to limited civilian traffic to provide economic relief from high gas prices for commuters. The board proposed allowing only those with permits to use the road.

Military officials estimate the closure affects 1,400 vehicles daily.

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  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Open up NC 172 again and you’d have to triple the number of police on base and spend a few million dollars, because every side road would require a gate. We can’t have Achmed coming in from Snead’s Ferry and driving a car-bomb into Courthouse Bay.

    September Eleventh changed a lot.

  • Das Weibstück

    We have base stickers, no problem for us. Don’t see why others cant use the road.

  • JoAnn Dixon

    Thanks for tunring it down by closeding it.G.thomas A.Gorry.


  • jj

    Well, if I was the commissioners, I would find a way to close Hwy 172 right there at the bridge and at Hwy 24. That way people on base can’t use the back roads and all traffic has to go through the main gate.

  • Guest7969

    then the Marine Corps should pay back ANY state or local taxes that went to build the bridge and it should be maintained from here forward by the Marine Corps!

  • Guest-Nine

    Good idea. BUT… Then the Feds should demand from the state and local governments all the federal funding that has been given over the years. Don’t be idiotic my friend.

    Thank you Marine Corp for your service in keeping America safe. You can gladly use a road I helped fund.

  • Christopher Evans

    That’s such a selfish comment…these men are fighting for your freedom and you can’t support just a few pennies from your pocket?

  • longcolt

    “security reasons”????? does flacid little marine realize we’re fighting people that ride camels into battle??? the bad guys “great leader” osama watched porn on vhs tapes hiding all day!!! this little dork isn’t fighting the Nazi SS. the only security risk is his silly little career that the tax payers are handing to him. the marines need a major re-vamp. new slogan: “NO GROWN MAN SHOULD WEAR CAMO FOR A LIVING”. general gorry get a real job. real men are tired of taking care of your kind.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …the idea of closing the bridge is hysterical, great payback, and I’d give it my full support.

  • Jay Hanig

    I can’t believe the Marine Corps lacks the mental horsepower to figure this one out: closing highway 172 to civilian traffic does next to nothing to improve base security. There are literally miles of coastline where ANYBODY with a boat could easily get on base. A motivated person could just swim across to the base from Sneads Ferry.

    OTOH, this makes getting from Topsail Island to Hubert a huge PITA. My tax dollars at work? The state ought to close the bridge that extends from the back gate to Sneads Ferry. Let the Marine Corps take the long way around just like everybody else.

  • previous_resident

    I want to know what gives a Brig General or ANY member of the military the right to refuse public access to a PUBLICLY FUNDED road that was built FOR THE public. This is just a case of one man thinking his sht dont stink and that he is better than everyone else because of his position. Abuse of power anyone? I used to pass thru the back gate going into jacksonville all the time and NEVER ONCE saw ANY kind of threat of any kind. Brig Gen Gorry grow a pair and use you brain for once; that road is a PUBLICLY FUNDED AND MAINTAINED ROAD! YOU have NO right to say who can and cant use it…that should be left up to the government not you, so do us all a favor and get over yourself.

  • Christopher Evans

    You are talking about someone who has served for this country for 28 years! Also he has that right to make that decision because in order to become a General, congress has to vote for it and the president signs off on it. And the road was made for the base that he governs.


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