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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A lesson learned the hard way for one Ashley High School ROTC student. The student and his ceremonial rifle sparked a lockdown for three schools Friday morning.

Ashley High School, Murray Middle School and Anderson Elementary School were locked down for about an hour after several people reported a person walking between the schools with a rifle.

The New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office responded quickly. Spokesman Sgt. Jerry Brewer said perhaps this incident will prompt change.

“It’s difficult in today’s time. He’s part of the drill team. That’s part of what they do. In ROTC, they do deal with weapons at times. This may be a learning lesson for the school and us to set up some type of policy,” Brewer said. “Maybe it’s the teacher who has to handle these type of props, if you will, that they use for the drill team.”

The school district students and staff were not in danger.

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  • taxpayer

    the ROTC student was in full uniform while carrying his rifle? However, better to be safe than sorry.

  • Guest2264

    When I was in JROTC many years ago, I was also on the drill team. Not sure what weapons they use now, but then the guys had M-16s, and they were real, only they could not shoot. But at the end of drill team practice, all of the weapons had to be accounted for back into locked storage that the commander (teacher) had. And you didn’t go wandering around on campus with them either. Sounds like the JROTC commander needs to have a good discussion with his troops.

  • C/PO1

    Our uniform, which is the Navy Service Uniform, is only worn on Thursdays, or as designated by the SNSI. At the time of the incident, on Friday, all Cadets would be in civilian wear. Drill is authorized at all times, with the permission of the SNSI or NSI. Of course, I can not speak for either of the Instructors, nor can I speak for any of the teachers present. I am only trying to present the candid facts to the world.

  • Unknown

    I was in Murray middle while it happened it wasnt fun at all, I had to stay in the gym for what felt like a hour and a half it felt like :(

  • mcrmyofwilmington

    today i was in murray middle in keyboarding when i hear the principal say “Staff we are going under lockdown” and we were crammed under the tables and it felt like an hour long but once it moved from murray we got back on the computers and a fellow class mate found this artical. i was scared out of my whits cuz i didnt know it was an ROTC student from ashlee…


  • taxpayer

    your keyboard has a (.) and (,) key? You should learn to use them…properly. The name of your school should be capitalized…as in Murray…not murray. Classmate is one word…not “class mate”. Ashley is not spelled “ashlee”.

    I hope one of your teachers knows who you are and refers you to a class for remedial grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

  • Noah Ecker

    The lockdown was fun cause it messed my schdedule up and made it better i was with my friends when it happen.

  • StudentfromMurray

    I was eating lunch when I heard the announcement of the lock-down. The staff crammed us into the custodian’s office. As soon as we all sat down, we had to go back to our 3rd period class. As I was walking down the hallway, i heard my teacher say “RUN, GO, HURRY!” I started to run. After about an hour in the classroom, we were able to go back to lunch which was no point. I spotted my sister and she told me our mom called her and asked her if we were alright. I didn’t hear about the guy with the rifle until after our second coarse of lunch so I wasn’t worried at all.

  • mcrmyofwilmington

    in school i use the best grammar i could possibly have That and im dyslexic! god!! it erks me when people do that!

  • Guest2020

    Are you one of those people who aren’t happy unless you are making others miserable? There are a number of reasons that people could have for not having proper grammar and spelling skills, and some of those are beyond a person’s control. Not everyone can be as perfect as you think you are.

  • taxpayer

    Really? What’s your excuse for your terrible spelling, grammar, and sentence structure? Remedial English appears to be in order.

  • Guest1313

    It’s spelled “hatin.” It’s the slang term for “hating.” This is exactly what’s wrong with kids today

  • Einstein

    Seriously “taxpayer”? Get a life.

    It’s a blog, not a term paper.

  • Taxpayertoo

    These children must not be learning very much in English class. Also, it’s “I”, not “i”. And it’s “article, not “artical”. And what kind of class is “keyboarding” anyway, and on the internet to boot?

  • Guest2012

    Irks is spelled with an “I”, as in “irks”, not erks!

    However, neither word is an intelligent discriptive choice of words in the English language to convey your negative emotional state. Can you find another word that may show your intelligence?

    Always capitalize the word God, unless when speaking or writing about false gods.

    Hatein is not a word! Don’t use it just because your siblings and peers do.

    Set yourself apart and strive for higher ideals. Acting and sounding intelligent is not a bad thing, except in the ghetto. If you live in the ghetto, strive for higher ideals. Don’t use words like hatein.

    Don’t use your disability as a handicapp.

    If you think you can be intimidated, then you surely can be intimidated, as you posted your intimidation from a complete stranger.

    You may want to try to be tougher, and more resilient.

    You are going to need to be very thick skinned with a disorder like dyslexia.

    Use each and every perceived “discount” as a LEARNING OPPORTUNITY to measure your success rate at growth with this disorder, and vow to work harder.
    Read the autobiographies of Americans that overcame physical, emotional, and learning disabilities. It will inspire you.

    (Okay, I have anticipated your rebuttal on subcombing to illiteracy, so ask your mommy to use her iPad, and choose audiobook and listen, rather than force yourself to try to read…and chance frustration!)

    Then, read the biographies of foreign dignitaries who overcame all odds to make it in life, without being weak crybabies.

    Your parents (or single mom), should encourage you to “shake it off” and not continuously perceive that you are being “Bullied”.

    It is apparent that you feel as if you are being ‘picked-on, so plan to just get used to it as it will never end, especially if you believe you are a “victim”
    BTW, read about the great Americans who overcame learning disabilities first, so that you can speak about why America WAS exceptional.

  • Kat Neff

    That was so scary, I am a student that goes to Murray Middle School. I was in class and then the principal said “May I have your attention please we are now going into lockdown” even on a half day. Seemed a little fishy. Then we had contact I called my dad and our class was crying we knew what was happening. Tried to stay cool but this was our first lockdown. That guy should face some punishments.
    -6th grader from Murray Middle School


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