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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington is full of local artistic talent. Some people paint, some sculpt, some draw, and some use sidewalk chalk.

Saturday, students from New Hanover, Hoggard, Ashley and Laney high schools took to the streets of Mayfaire to compete in the 18th annual Sidewalk Chalk Competition. The students’ expressions ranged from birds to dragons to butterflies to sea creatures. Teams have been preparing for weeks and worked diligently for two hours to complete their artistic visions.

“I just like making something out of nothing,” New Hanover High senior Courtney Wood said. “I like taking a blank piece of paper and just drawing something on it and just have people look at it and it just make them think and look at the world around them. Or a blank piece of sidewalk. It just makes people take a break out of their busy lives just to appreciate something beautiful.”

Hoggard High School’s sidewalk chalk dragon took the win.

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  • Guest of the neverending amazing failed journalism

    You presented a story about art w/o pictures. Any thinking person would have at least added “for pictures go to” and have had every school represented in full as well as in progress, a story in itself, w/ the winner extra large.

    What a wasted opportunity, wasted technology, wasted broadband space, wasted journalism degree for Asha Dave who could at least have used a cellphone if the station was too cheap to send a videographer as well as a still photographer. Then you could have posted the photos to Flickr w/ a redirect url.

    I want to demonize you, your station, your abilities w/ negative words, but I’ll let it go at what a wasted opportunity.

    Even in high school journalism unless it was a simple announcement– Scholarship offered to science majors–the rule was no pix, no story; no story w/o pix.


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