FIRST ON 3: Toxicology report reveals UNCW teen died from lethal drug combination

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Submitted: Mon, 05/14/2012 - 8:42pm
Updated: Tue, 05/15/2012 - 7:45pm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The toxicology report is in for a UNCW freshman found dead in his apartment in February.

According to the report, 18 year-old Bryce Scott died from a combination of medications.
Opana, which is similar to Oxycodone, was found along with Valium in Scott’s body.

Both drugs are commonly abused according to the toxicologist, and the combination is very dangerous.

A maintenance worker at the apartment complex called 911 after finding Scott’s body.


  • Guest99 says:

    So sorry for your loss. What are people thinking when they begin using these drugs, known to be so addictive and why are the drugs still available in pharmacies? They should be banned. it seems that they do more harm than good because they end up being used in a way unintended. As a parent, how do you recognize when your child may be using these drugs, particularly the ones mentioned above? what are the signs, if any? I pray for comfort for your family in the days to come now that you have to come to grips with not only his untimely death, but what could have possibly been a preventable one, if you had only known. God Bless.

  • Guestsmiley says:

    My heart goes out to you, Mrs. Scott. May your son rest in peace. At this point, after reading your post, I, personally will disregard this story as insufficient until further notice. Thank you and God bless your family in this difficult time.

  • Guestquestioning says:

    I am deeply sorry for your loss, but please know that your post is contradictory. You say that you didn’t receive the toxicology report before the media and then you claim that you tried to call WWAY to let them know you wanted to wait on the release of the story. Which is it?

    I know that both Opana and Valium can be used in combination under normal dosing methods. I do hope your family can come to terms with your son’s death.

  • Guesttenheimer says:

    I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your son! We would all hope that local news agencies could display a little compassion toward the families over a lost one as with this situation. Didn’t happen here! Nice job WWAY, you are quickly establishing a ? reputation!

  • Janet Scott says:

    I am Bryce Scott’s mother. Our family was not even notified that this toxicology report was available. North Carolina law stipulates that the family be told before any information is released to the media. We called WWAY and requested that the story be held until all relatives and friends could be contacted. This was especially important for the huge group of teens who were close friends of Bryce. Scott Pickey and Kevin Wuzzardo, the men in charge of the WWAY newsroom, refused to honor our request even though members of their staff asked to pull the story. They refused to speak to me and I was told to call during business hours tomorrow. In addition, the facts in this story are incorrect as apparently nobody bothered to check them before airing. Bryce was a bright, caring boy who has been complimented hundreds of times in the past 2 months about his kindness, generosity and loyalty to friends. If I were to ask him today, he would tell me to treat the people at WWAY with compassion even now. I am trying to do just that, but it is very difficult.

  • anne says:

    Shame on WWAY for airing this before the parents were notified. I am sure this has added to the pain you feel and I hope that in time, that pain will be lessened.

    Hopefully this will help his friends and provide a valuable lesson to them. Perhaps his death will make them realize that life is short, and using drugs is not the answer.

  • tweety says:

    I didn’t see any i wanted to adress people who make negative comments about someone’s life that they don’t know and even though my family and i didn’t know the young man or his family we are sorry for your lost.

  • Guest1234 says:

    Sounds like a suicide.

  • tweety says:

    well abby1028 and grand ole party were are all your nasty and negative comments this young man was a drug user oh i understand…i know you think i am about to say some hurtful things about this young man and the why he was raised but i am not.The bottom line is he is someone’s child and a family is hurting next time think before you leap (for all that make negative and hateful things.

  • Janet Scott says:

    to uncw teen…THANK YOU for caring. Bryce was prescribed painkillers after a car accident that occurred a few days before he left us. WWAY did not choose to print that because they are only looking for a sensational story. Where did you see the other negative comments. I wish that people would get the facts before passing judgment.

  • justin says:

    What details were erroneously reported? The only fact presented in the four sentence online story was that the toxicology report came back with Opana and Valium in his system.

    If that is not true, and the television station reported it as fact, then I would sue them.

  • Matt Laney says:

    That’s not the issue here. As one of Bryce’s friends, I know there is much more to this story than what’s being reported here. I’m ashamed of this station for painting my brother in a negative light. Bryce was an absolutely amazing person who never talked bad about anyone. He was a person who genuinely cared about every person he met. I’ve never met anyone who tried so hard to foster meaningful relationships with all of his friends.

    The very least the station could have done was notify his family before airing the story, instead of ignoring several calls from Bryce’s friends and family. It was disrespectful to all of us. We’re all still hurting from his loss. Bryce was a great person who made a mistake, and this issue should be handled like the sensitive topic it is.

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