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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s a Mother’s Day miracle. A young child was rescued from the side of a busy road after wandering away from home.

It was an emotional morning for Wayne Moody after he spotted a little boy walking down Shipyard Blvd. Sunday morning. Moody, a truck driver, was heading towards the port when he saw the child.

“I saw a toddler walking down Shipyard towards the port,” Moody says. “I stopped immediately and asked where he was going and he said he was five years old and he was going to grandma’s house.”

Moody says Wilmington police later told him the little boy had walked a quarter of a mile down the road before anyone decided to stop.

“They were circling around through the intersection here and just going up and down the road and no one seemed to stop, just didn’t show any interest,” Moody says.

Wilmington police came to pick up the boy and take him back home. They say the boy was left at home with his siblings while his father drove his mom to work. That’s when the child wandered off.

Moody, who also has a five-year-old boy, says he’s just glad he could help.

“It made me feel good to basically stay with him until some one came to help him,” Moody says.

Police says there was no indication of neglect at the boy’s home and he had simply wandered off without anyone noticing.

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  1. guest1000

    I wish this was a “Mother’s Day Miracle”, all wrapped up with a happy ending, but I know this family and the parents are awful. The fathers a self absorbed drug addict/thief that verbally abuses his entire family and his wife only cares about pleasing him. This child is actually 7, he doesn’t even know his age, and still in diapers! The fact they say they saw no neglect is laughable because I know for a fact they live in squalor. Authorities have been called numerous times and nothing has ever been done. I guess one of those poor kids is going to have to die before anyone steps in.

  2. Stephanie

    Social Services needs to step in and investigate further. The Father is irresponsible and is in no condition to care for kids. This little boy has severe physical conditions and needs constant care. The two girls are 11 and 13. Both very sweet, but the 13 year old has some limitations and neither should be put in a position to care for their brother. The boy is 7 and if indeed was in diapers, that in itself indicates a possible problem. I only hope that better care is given to these 3 kids before this “miracle” turns into a tragedy.

  3. anne

    Good news that he is safe. Thank you Mr. Moody, whomever you are, for picking him up and doing the right thing. It could have been some pervert who grabbed him.

    Shame on those of you who saw him and didn’t stop to find out what was going on. Could have been one of yours!

    Perhaps dad will no longer leave him with brothes and sisters – they aren’t responsible enough to take care of him.

    If this is the same boy that the lady is talking about, it will happen again. This time he might not be so fortunate

  4. Local Resident

    First off let me assure you that the child from this story is not the same child as the one you are speaking about that you and your mom were gracious enough to take care of.My sister knows the parents of the child in this story and she says they are great parents who have other children and this young boy has never so much as left the yard to check the mail without a parent being with him. This was a situation where there was a break down in communication. Trust me, they know how very, very lucky they are that there litte boy is home safe! As for people saying they should be arrested they need to keep quite unless they know they whole story as to what happened. As any parent will tell you they arent perfect and things happen. All they can do is learn from their mistakes and make sure they don’t make it again! This could have turned out alot worse but by the grace of God, he is home safe and that family will cherish each day they have with each other for a long time simply knowing that things could be a lot different if not for one very, very special man who cared! God Bless him!

  5. Latisha

    I believe this is the same little boy me and my mom stopped for a few months ago on shipyard and he was running and almost ran into the street but my mom caught him in time. We were so nervous and we called the police and the officer went into the home the boy came from and gave the sleeping uncle a warning. But this little said the same thing to us he was going to his grandma house wow Thank God someone was there yet again to save this little boy and I agree his parents should be arrested because this is the second time this has happened and one time is too many!!!

  6. Guest327

    Allowing a 5 year old to roam the streets unattended is neglect. What more do they need? As for you missing the bus, your parent(s) should have made sure you got on the bus. This is what parents are for. It is their job.

  7. Guest1000

    If your “sister” truly knows these parents and thinks they are “great”, then she must suck as a mom. My kid goes to school with this little boy and his sister and they are pitiful and clearly not well taken care of. But I guess if you have REALLY low standards as a parent then everything is hunky-dorry.

  8. Guess who

    Why havent we heard from the parents? You would think that they would want to thank this very kind man who saved their son, wouldnt you?

  9. Mandie

    Mr.Moody I am so glad you helped this little boy. Your an angel! I hope the little boy doesn’t do that again that can be a bad place for a little kid to be with all those trucks. I have a 2 year old little boy and thinking of seeing a toddler walking on the side of the road breaks my heart.

  10. Thankful

    I believe there are angels among us. Praise God! It’s interesting that this man happens to have a 5 yo child himself. Sometimes the right people are in the right place at the right time.

  11. Guest545465

    As long as the cops (and they said it in the story) could see no neglect a the home..they should not be charged.

    I was five and missed the bus with a friend. We decided to walk to school for fear of getting in trouble for missing bus.

    We had walked quite a way before a good person stopped and took us to school and had our parents called. It can easily happen, just need to drill in to the kid how dangerous that could have been.

    If you are a parent, then I am sure you have made your mistakes…does that mean you should be charged???

    Let it lie and be glad that Mr. Moody was the nice man he was…

  12. Guest2264

    Sir, thank you so much for stopping and getting that child back home safely! No telling what may have happened to him if you hadn’t. I certainly hope the cops get with the parents on that one, they should be charged!

  13. Guest327

    This day and time with all the trouble adults can find themselves in by approaching a strage child, it is not surprising that no one stopped. I would have called the police, however.

  14. Wayne Moody

    I am glad I was in the position that I was in to help this child. I would hope given the situation, that someone would help a child like this in need. Thank You for all of your postive feed back, and it was a honor to help this child in need. There is no way that I could ever bypass a child in need such as this. I do have a five year old, and to watch this child walking the middle of a four lane highway broke my heart. May “GOD” watch over this little one and his family.

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