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EMERALD ISLE, NC (AP) — The town of Emerald Isle wants a new sales tax to help renourish its disappearing beaches.

The Daily News of Jacksonville reported that the town is seeking legislative approval for a referendum to let the town levy a one-cent tax for beach preservation. All sales and use transactions would be taxed.

Town officials say the tax would raise $700,000 to $800,000 annually. Town Manager Frank Rush says officials want to pursue the tax because it’s uncertain whether the state will continue to contribute to beach renourishment projects.

County and town taxes pay about 75 percent of the cost now with the state traditionally covering the remaining 25 percent.

The tax would set a precedent in North Carolina because counties collect all municipal sales and use taxes now.

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1 Comment on "Emerald Isle seeks new sales tax to help beaches"

Huber Hanes
2015 years 10 months ago

Local Govt.Gouncil Members @ Emerald Isle can only think of raising more tax revenues to resolve a problem — when they could simply look with in their own system and eliminate unnecessary wasteful spending of public money. Bets are now that they can’t even ballance their own personal check books, let alone their own City/Govt.’s – but at the drop of a hat — raise the tax’s up a cool $100K. Its pathetic we have to continue living like this on the coast.


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