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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY’S THE RANT) — There are few greater signs of failure in politics then a term-limited incumbent choosing not to run for reelection. Gov. Bev Perdue can say she chose not to run again so she could spend her final year in office fighting for education, but there’s little doubt that she chose to pass on a run for a second term to avoid what many expected to be a potentially embarrassing loss in November. But the way things are going, she’ll be hard pressed to avoid embarrassment in general.

There was talk, though it’s been denied, that national Democratic leaders pushed her to give up to avoid her dragging down President Obama in a state believed to be critical to his reelection campaign. If that is the case, well, it’s starting to look like not having Perdue on the ballot won’t be much help.

Friday may have been a rock-bottom moment of sorts for Perdue. In the wake of North Carolina voters overwhelmingly approving a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, and perhaps having other, unintended impacts in the state, Perdue, who waited as long as she could to take a stance on the issue at all and did little publicly to bolster the opposition movement, decided to rail against the 1.3 million of her constituents who voted for it. She also took an unnecessary swipe at another state.

“People are saying, ‘What in the world is going on with North Carolina?’ We look like Mississippi,” Perdue told reporters in Greenville.

Now, I grew up in South Carolina, where people used the phrase “Thank God for Mississippi” to defend nearly-bottom-of-the-barrel rankings so often it should be the Palmetto State’s official motto. But when a sitting governor actually uses such a stereotypical and insulting statement about the social history of another state, justified or not, that’s just sad, and it shows how far Perdue’s tenure in the state’s highest office has fallen.

As I said, Perdue is trying to champion education in her final months. File it under “Too little too late.” Remember, it was her first budget in 2009, passed by a Democratic-controlled General Assembly, that froze teacher pay and initiated massive cuts in the education budget. She didn’t like when I asked her in June 2009 if the educators who endorsed her and helped get her elected got what they voted for and if she was still the “education governor” she promised to be.

“Let me tell you what: I will die being the education leader or the education governor,” she told me, clearly annoyed if not enraged by my question. “I believe that I am doing as good a job as anybody in America can do, and I would dare anybody to come and challenge me on it.”

Three years later, there’s no need for such a challenge. Perdue is not just a lame duck governor. She is the lamest of ducks.

After leaving her party in a lurch with her decision not to run just as the candidate filing period began, the opposition party openly mocks her ideas, including an increased sales tax Perdue says will restore some of the cuts to education. In effect, she is tilting at windmills with the plan, which Republican leaders say has no chance of seeing the light of day in the General Assembly.

With North Carolina set to host her party’s national convention in September, Perdue’s relevance is quickly slipping away. When the DNC pulls into Charlotte Labor Day, she will not be elevated as the revered incumbent looking to fight on. She won’t be celebrated as a popular leader heading into the sunset. Will she even be invited to speak from the podium? If so, she can only hope the delegates from Mississippi treat her with respect. After all, they don’t want to look like North Carolina. Or at least its governor.

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  • GuestMan

    I didn’t know you were hired as a hack for the republican party. This is as good of a character assassination as I have ever seen. Why don’t you try out some real journalism for a change or are you just going for sensationalism to try and get an audience? It if bleeds , it leads. You try to make everyone bloody and a lot of people are sick of you and your style(whatever that is).

  • Guest7969

    you AGREE with what the Governor did?


    …and you hear the question constantly…How in the hell does the likes of Bev Perdue and Barack Obama get elected?? How in the hell does this country get in the financial and social shape it’s in?? Just look at these post. Now you know. HERE’S YOUR SIGN.

  • Guest 101

    She reminds me of Sarah Palin…uugh!


    Speaking of failure…if you had a single cell of intelligence in your brain, you couldn’t draw a single thread of comparisons to Governor Palin. Palin not only drew down the political hacks of the previous Murkowski administration, she enacted “ACES” to Exxon’s shock to split oil profits, also charging those illegally committing wrongful business practices. Also immediately taking office, Gov. Palin took the state request for federally funded projects and COMPLETELY TERMINATED 85% of them. Dumped the states jet, the state’s vehicle, trimming the obviated security assigned to her. She terminated Exxon’s Point Thompson lease for exploratory drilling which they never did for 30 years. Her plan for Alaska running of 50% renewable resources by 2025 is now at 25%. She promotes her states use of natural resources plus hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities just not verbally, but by DOING IT! She backs what she believes, not only ideas but ACTIONS!! Morality and virtue is her demeanor no matter what the character assassins on the left say or do to her. Bev Perdue couldn’t hold Governor Sarah Palin’s integrity with a crane. Next time you come in here spewing your ilk without facts or credibility, look to other sources than your corrupted anti-American leftest MoveOn.Org, Media Matters, NOW, Planned Parenthood, etc. YOU’VE BEEN SCHOOLED!!

  • GuestReality

    If anyone asks Perdue to speak at the DNC, they’ve totally lost their mind. If they are that insane, I hope everyone in the place will boo her off the stage, especially Mississippi. However, it’s like you say, even “…not having Perdue on the ballot won’t be much help” to Obama’s re-election efforts. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other whether Perdue goes on stage or not (except for the personal satisfaction I would receive at seeing her booed off). Obama sealed his own fate and lost my vote when he “came out of the closet” for gay marriage. Think of that…America’s first gay president. What a thing to be remembered for in the history books. Obama and Perdue…a shame to our nation and a shame to our state.

  • Guest-of-the-day

    Is she following the dictates of the national Democratic leaders who pushed her to give up, or is she “leaving her party in a lurch with her decision not to run just as the candidate filing period began”?

    You just buttered your insult bread on both sides by insulting her for either possible motivations for not running, thereby proving that your whole aim for this article was to be as abusively insulting as possible with no other possible motivation, because you just said a big fat ZERO with your political rhetoric! That’s right, you said NOTHING but a bunch of insults at the sitting governor. Ida don’t think even O’Riley dares to stoop that low, but this is Wilmngton after all…

    I suppose Governor Easley was your kind of leader? He was male, you gotta say that much for him…

  • This sitting Governor should do something useful, like resign.

  • Guest2020

    North Carolina deserves so much better than the last two governors that have been elected. I hope the voters to a better job the next time.

  • Kevin, I always love “The Rant,” whether or not I’m in agreement. You called it straight-on tonight. It’s perfect! And since Bev. is no longer relevant, and since she is disappointed in her constituents, I think we should all rally and encourage her to leave the state so she is no longer a disappointment and an embarrassment to us!

  • jgriffith3792

    Well said, dittos!

  • Das Weibstück

    You’re comment was lamer. Palin IS a total twit. Ask John McCain.

  • GuestReality

    “She promotes her states use of natural resources plus hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities…”

    She sure does! Hunting coyotes by airplane is one of her favorite pasttimes. Real brave action there! She’s a real Annie Oakley!

  • Guest 101

    Palin is a quiter just like Perdue but worse, At least Perdue is finishing out her term unlike Palin. Thank Godness McCain & Palin weren’t elected?!

    I now return you to FOX noise and your favorite talk-radio God of the week.

    Get a clue DITTOS.

  • Guestomg

    How laughable. Palin is a complete and utter simpleton. She quit her elected post to go sell books! Integrity… hello??? You can go back to reading your bible now.

  • Guest7969

    a QUITER is what she is…Palin took an oath to the people of Alaska and walked out on them!…I am right of center by the way and I cannot stand her!

  • SurfCityTom

    not to allow her to speak given the locale of the convention.

    It may be at 2 AM; and it may be 3 days after the convention ends or 2 days before it convenes. And it may be her audience will consist of the workers setting up or taking down all of the chairs.

    But she will get to speak at some point. Now the question should be will she speak as the Education Governor or the Jobs Governor or the Traveling Governor?

  • GuestReality

    How about The Soon To Be EX-Governor? I like that one the best!

  • GuestReality

    I guess it’s because, at the time, they seem like the lesser of two evils; but people need to remember, they’re still evil.

  • GuestMan

    does it say that in my post? I was talking abot Kevin’s reporting(?) or whatever it is.


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